Team Combinations Thread (what's your team?)

SinekyreSinekyre Joined: Posts: 124
I'm playing Ken + M.Bison.

As soon as a tatsu lands with ken I'll do an easy-as-dirt 400+ dmg combo with one bar. Rinse and repeat. If in doubt, switch to Bison and bait and punish. Awesome team.
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  • daddygerplexdaddygerplex Prop3r Badman Joined: Posts: 52
    Rolento and Poison.

    No special tactics. I just like em! Also they are a themed team.
  • TigerishTigerish ishishishishish Joined: Posts: 144
    I'm using Sagat/Ryu at the moment. Not sure if I'll stick with them though. I like Ryu's Cross Rush into Sagat's HP cancelled to EX Tiger Knee, High Step Kick, EX Tiger Uppercut. It's been working pretty well so far.
  • GM DakGM Dak Joined: Posts: 49
    Kuma Akuma. Picked them for their names now I have to figure them out. My Kuma BnB is 425 damage meterless, then Akuma can come in and waste bars. Fastest and slowest walker, least health and 2nd to most health...
  • RedVegaRedVega Joined: Posts: 863
    Primary team: Vega/Hwoarang
    Secondary: Vega/Hugo
  • StarzkynHutchStarzkynHutch Iron Monkey Joined: Posts: 31
    and eventually
    SFxT: Main: Akuma/Asuka Secondary: Zangief/Kuma
    Sakura/Asuka Toro/Kuro
  • Hol HorseHol Horse a.k.a. Fugo ~ イタリアの強大なユリアン Joined: Posts: 2,094 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    The team I wish to play is team Tricky Trap (Poison-Yoshimitsu) but so far I think they have bad team Synergy :/
    gooby plz
  • entenfettentenfett WasiKaBooM Joined: Posts: 215
    Mostly playing with a friend right now, i play Guile, he plays Paul. Team Hairspray !
  • ghostiesghosties spooked ya Joined: Posts: 356
    Kazuya/Rolento atm. Messing with Hugo, Law, Ibuki and Xiaoyu too.

    Also Rolento is cheap.
  • VoxerilVoxeril GOTTA GO FAST Joined: Posts: 382

    Because why the fuck not?
    SF4AE2012: Cody/Hakan
    Sf X T: Ogre/Hugo
    Sonic Battle: Knuckles

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  • berahtberaht Joined: Posts: 121
    Akuma/Kazuya with a pocket xiaoyu (still needs to be trained up)

    but my main team is a nice balance of Zoner and RTSD
  • onoitsbrokoonoitsbroko Joined: Posts: 193
    Primary team: Vega/Hwoarang
    Secondary: Vega/Hugo
    LMAO! We have the same exact team and secondary team!
    SFV Mains: Vega, Chun-Li
    Side Mains: Laura
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  • LosLos Joined: Posts: 923
    Yoshi/King or Yoshi/Jin. I'm still thinking about it though
  • DaigoDaigo The Beast Joined: Posts: 3
  • echelonNYKechelonNYK Sleepwalking in the minefield Joined: Posts: 3,355
    Law/Guile...i've never been a fan of Guile, but he complements Law very well. Another team i like is Raven/Balrog.
    SFV: Bison, Ken
    USF4 : Bison
    GUILTY GEAR XRD: Axl, Potemkin
    BLAZBLUE CPE: Ragna, Kokonoe
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late: Akatsuki
    DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Kasumi

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  • entenfettentenfett WasiKaBooM Joined: Posts: 215
    Law/Guile...i've never been a fan of Guile, but he complements Law very well. Another team i like is Raven/Balrog.

    You start with Law?
  • WootmanWootman Do'h Joined: Posts: 122

    I call it the R team
    UMVC3 Main Team: Tron/Frank/Dante
    UMVC3 2nd Team: Wright/Tron/Vergil
    SFxT: Rolento/Rufus
  • ScarzFXScarzFX Joined: Posts: 29
    My main team is Kazuya/Cammy
    Gamertag: TheScarzEffect
  • Sp33dking89Sp33dking89 Joined: Posts: 791
    Cammy & Asuka.

    And my Side crew Toro/Kuro.
  • echelonNYKechelonNYK Sleepwalking in the minefield Joined: Posts: 3,355
    You start with Law?

    Yeah, i feel more comfortable with him at the moment

    My strategy : Do as much damaging combos with Law, then bring in Guile to be defensive against desperate players looking to make a comeback.
    SFV: Bison, Ken
    USF4 : Bison
    GUILTY GEAR XRD: Axl, Potemkin
    BLAZBLUE CPE: Ragna, Kokonoe
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late: Akatsuki
    DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Kasumi

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  • Yungval3Yungval3 Joined: Posts: 79
    I'm using Team NAACP Raven|Balrog and they actually do have good chemistry
  • BrandXBrandX Spark for the future Joined: Posts: 679

    Main Team: Juri/Asuka
    Sub Team: Juri/Poison, Juri/Lili

    Been working on my Asuka and Juri since they have good team synergy (Thank god for that Asuka/Juri combo and synergy video lol), and I feel I've gotten better, but I seem to keep dropping my Asuka links online ;(. Decided that since Juri is so good, I wanted to put her on a team with Poison, because she is awesome, to help poison out a bit. Also with Lili because I actually love her gameplay and they could be a killer team :)
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  • Karin_KanzukiKarin_Kanzuki *Pure Perfection* Joined: Posts: 228
    Right now: Xiaoyu/Lili
    Second team: Rolento/Ibuki or Ibuki/Lili
  • AuruAuru Joined: Posts: 56
    I was originally play Akuma/Asuka.. if you can connect something you can get some great damage, and Asuka is quite good up close when the opponent is trying to wake up.. problem is though they are both quite low stamina, I got blown up one too many times :|

    So i'm playing Ryu/Julia now.. it feels so damn solid, connect anything with Ryu and drop them right on the ground infront of Julia.. no matter if they roll forward or back it's a horrible mix up to escape :) good fun
    PC player, Valuelessfall66
  • TheLivingBraTheLivingBra The Dread Joined: Posts: 30
    Playing Ogre/Akuma ang I must say the combination of the two bosses is WICKED! I'm loving it so much!
    TT2:Miguel/Paul | UMvC3: Deadpool/Dormammu/Hawkeye | SSF4: Dhalsim | SFxT:Ogre/Akuma
  • IONION Team AirTag Joined: Posts: 319
    My Team is Hwoarang x Yoshimitsu: I picked Hwoarang cause I like his look and normals and Yoshi cause his Alternate costume looks SICK and I like his Windmill for switch cancel mixups.

    I just play footsies with Hwoa and until I land a hit or overhead combo then switch cancel into Yoshi ... if I have a lot of meter I delay Windmill on their wake up cause people love pressing buttons and then switch cancel into another combo.

    I Use 1x Meter Gem, 1x Atk Gem, and 1x Defense gem... on both characters, I was thinking about taking out the Defense Gem for another Atk Gem on Hwoa and taking out a Defense gem for another meter Gem on Yoshi... I will look at them more later.

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  • ChronoJoeChronoJoe Joined: Posts: 57
    Hwo and Akuma right now. But that's mostly cause' Akuma isn't that much of a stretch to learn, so I can use him whilst I focus on learning Hwo. I'll perhaps switch Akuma out later.
  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird I am thou...thou art I Joined: Posts: 27,146
    Main team: Poison/Lili
    Secondary: Kuma/King

    No team synergy yet. Just playing characters I like
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  • KamTxKamTx Unblockable Arts Joined: Posts: 244
    Nina. Not sure who I want to experiment with yet: SO far I like using a Shoto, Jin, King, Steve, but I might settle with Hugo.
    PSN: TXImperial
  • OMG its a duckOMG its a duck Bruh I'm in down bad bruh Joined: Posts: 1,920
    Main: Rolento/Ryu, because they're both really good and Rolento builds bar for Ryu.

    Secondary: Rufus/Dhalsim, because Dhalsim should be able to cover some of Rufus' less fun match-ups if he's good in this game.
  • MoonlkMoonlk Joined: Posts: 25
    Trying out Jin and Hwoarang. Love their styles, just a bit hard to compliment each other.
  • USfUSf Joined: Posts: 261
    My only character that I will definitely be rocking is Nina. Got no 2nd yet. I've been playing a lot of Chun, Ibuki and King though. We'll see.
    SFV: Ibuki.
    SSFIV: Chun Li, Ibuki.
  • MuttonmanMuttonman Joined: Posts: 2,885
    The Team of Kings: Sagat/King
    Sagat does standard zoning, footsies, and meter building. Then King comes in and eats everything alive with massive combos
  • TheRealJudgeDTheRealJudgeD Cannibal Box Joined: Posts: 152
    Chun/Paul - my mains from both games. Chun has got speed and pokes, Paul adds some damage into the equation.
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  • XDubzXXDubzX Joined: Posts: 114
    Ryu + Law all day.
  • Private EyeballPrivate Eyeball Not a frog Joined: Posts: 1,447
    I'm already having a character crisis. It'll probably last until I learn what the real fundamentals of the game are.

    But for now, I'm using Asuka/Rolento.
    Something something Hulkamania run something on something.
  • TsukoTsuko you can call me The Worst Joined: Posts: 52
    I still can't come up with a team, but it's going to involve Asuka, second slot. For the moment, Ryu/Asuka until I find another Capcom character I like that works well with her.
  • Kyle AndersonKyle Anderson Joined: Posts: 53
    Bison -- SF4 Main.
    Poison -- Nice DP, also good for Reversals; Her projecitle can be charged, and so can be used either for baiting or pressure, and all in all, she's just all around good for mid-range pressure.

    Still, I've only tried 9 of the cast so far, and most of them have been SF characters. As I go further into the cast, my set of mains may well change.
  • echelonNYKechelonNYK Sleepwalking in the minefield Joined: Posts: 3,355
    I see a lot of you are going with strictly SF characters. You won't go far in this game playing as those guys only. I would advise everyone to have a SF and Tekken based team to make some of these matchups more even.
    SFV: Bison, Ken
    USF4 : Bison
    GUILTY GEAR XRD: Axl, Potemkin
    BLAZBLUE CPE: Ragna, Kokonoe
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late: Akatsuki
    DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Kasumi

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  • Ketsueki_WolfKetsueki_Wolf Casual Gaymer Joined: Posts: 224
    Main Team: Vega/King
    Still waiting to see people using the team of Bob Sagat.
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  • SesshaZLSesshaZL 春麗 豪鬼 Joined: Posts: 1,028
    Xiaoyu and King.

    Tried to run chun with xiao, but to no avail, I dont like her in this game.

    xiao and king were my favorite tekken chars

    Edit this shit: ibuki is taking kings place. She feels fairly similiar to her 3s version aside from being alot slower.
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