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    Hi guys

    I moved from U.A.E to Germany/Munich recently, i m staying here in Műnchen landwehr street 52, so i m wondering if there is any Street fighter Community or any gatherings locally around Munich, i hate playing online but if I had no choice then I will play it for fun :)
    anyways, i will be more than glad to play with local top players or casual players

    I play other games casually as well , like SFXT , SF2T , Soul Caliber v and kof 13 ;)

    I play on xbox360 and My GT is Shadowloo JFH add me please

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    Is anyone from that Kaiserslautern group still around? I started forming my own in squadron with a few friends, but I think we'd all benefit from finding a bigger group to play with.
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    As I mentioned before: We have rented an appartment for fighting game weeklies in Solingen very near to Duesseldorf.
    The Insert Game dojo is opened from friday at 5 pm till after midnight and one sunday a month is Ranking Battles starting early at about 10 am till 10 pm.
    We play all kinds of fighting games, I did a little walkthrough video so that you get the idea:
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    we gonna have a big evo party starting from saturday till monday.
    Come visit us and join the fun!
    Check out insertgame.de it's gonna be mad hype!
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    Is that one arcade in Munich still there?
    "The few prosper, while the rest suffer." - OGSF
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    I would once again like to remind everyone in the North Rhein Westfalia Area to check out our Dojo in Solingen.
    We've been running our weeklies for more than one year now and it has been a huge success so far.
    New Faces show up regularly doesnt matter how good you are, you will always find someone to play with.
    We play USF4, GG XRD, BB, KOF13 and pretty much any other oldschool fighting games you can think of.
    So if you are around our area, definitely make sure to stop by.
    We even run multi-day events from time to time with players from all around germany.
    If you love fighting games like we do there is no reason not to come.
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    You don't happen to have some dedicated 3S players?
    I'm trying to learn the game and I suck hard at it, so I'm looking for people to destroy me and give me some constructive criticism afterwards.
    Add me for some Tekken 7 if you're from Europe.
    I'm not playing anything else these days:
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    No unfortunately the top 3rd strike players in that area do not play anymore. Some of us play zörd as a subgame though. I like the game very much and would dfinitely play with you all night long. At our latest tournament we also played it and it will also be a tournament game for the ongoint season.
    We even have it on an original cps3 in a sega blast cab, trust me: it is so beautiful.
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    Is the Las Vegas arcade stil in Munich?
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,521
    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    Is the Las Vegas arcade stil in Munich?

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    Dunno about the arcade but you should enter one of the arcade dreams sessions in munich and visit their upcoming event in Dachau.
    Just google for arcade dreams munich.
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