Street Fighter x Tekken Guide mobile app - iOS and Android

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EDIT - 03/29/2012

So I just uploaded the update to the Android market with frame and move data. So it should be live as soon as it propogates. Look for the update on Android, not sure how it notifies you of updates since I don't have an Android phone.

The iOS version is also finished and is waiting for review, so look in the app store in about a week for the update.

If you find bugs, please let me know in this thread, it's hard for me to test out all bugs myself and I miss stuff too, cause I'm only human!

EDIT - 03/28/2012

So the iOS version just went live finally, after some issues getting it approved. Sorry it took so long.

Additionally, I'm about 1/2 done with the Frame Data being ready to put into the application. I should finish it either tonight or tomorrow.

It will go live on Android instantly, and it will once again have to go through the review process and take probably a week to go live.

Additionally, if you know of any bugs please post them here so I can fix them. I already know of a couple myself.


As some of you may know I've been making "guide" apps for both iOS and Android since SSF4 days. The mods have told me it's okay to make these threads prior, so mods, if you don't like this this time around, please let me know or just lock the thread.

Well tonight I finished porting my SFxT mobile app over to Android after finishing the iOS one last night.

As with my other apps, this one is also $.99.

Right now, for all 43 characters, it basically is a moves list of all the special moves, as well as combos, which are currently the combos from Trial mode for all 43 characters. There is also a section you can keep notes, on a character by character basis, that is just free text that saves.

As with my other apps, I am going to be adding both Frame Data and Move Data in my next update, as well as adding in more combos once the game has evolved more and the combos have been explored and found out by everyone. I'm going on vacation this Saturday for a week to Aruba and I wanted to get this up before I left, so I didn't have time to add the Frame and Move data. However, as with my other Capcom game apps, I will be adding it in the not too distant future. For now there is a place holder icon for both of those in the app, telling you they will be available in v1.1

Additionally, it is currently in review for iOS and I submitted it yesterday, so it SHOULD be approved within a week or so. Sometimes it is shorter, there really is no telling. However the Android app is already on the market. Below are the respected links to the items in their stores:


If you find any bugs, please post them in here. I am only human and it's just me working on the development portion, so I could have missed some stuff. Shout outs to Aval0n for making the custom user created graphics that are 100% user made with no official artwork being used at all.

If you enjoy it please give me a good rating to help me out! All of my other apps are at 4.5 stars right now so I'd like to try and keep them pretty high rated. Below are some screen shots from both versions. Enjoy!








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