The "Lil B the Based God" Appreication Thread

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After JaHa blew his music up on the East Coast Throwdown stream last year, I've noticed that a lot of people in the FGC from Stream Monsters to the players actually liked his music.

I liked Lil B just a bit before the blow up in the FGC, but I have to admit that "Based Robot (Remix) BASED FREESTYLE" wasn't one of my favorites during that time, but the troll was just too good not to laugh at it. (You should seriously check out the fuckin' comments in that video)

Honestly, like the majority of the fans, at first, I did not like his music at all and even compared him to Soulja Boy after listening to "Hoes on my Dick." A week later, I heard "Im a **** Im a Lesbian BASED FREESTYLE" and I just laughed my ass off and said he was "a fucking idiot." However, I kept listening to the song every once and a while and caught myself singing it to my friend, in attempt to troll him during our Marvel matches.

It was happening. The Based God was converting my religious ways and it was working.

Then... after listening to this:

...the conversion was complete.

After that, I became a person who loves to thank Based God every morning when I wake up and will be taking Culinary Arts classes in colleges, while being 100% positive.

Anyone else have a similar story or just became straight up #Based from the very beginning?
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