Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited: The hype thread!!!



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    Hey, im new to tekken. Im playing on ps3 and the game won't let me perform motion inputs using the analog stick, only the d pad. Is this standard and is there a way to change it? I don't think i can wavedash using the damn d pad on the six axis.

    having the same problem man, can't play on my fightstick.
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    having the same problem man, can't play on my fightstick.

    ok so if solved my problem, i just had to go to controller options, select button config then left analog and scroll to movement.

    its kind of weird how they make you set your buttons, you have to hover over button config, press the button you want to set and then scroll over to the option you want...i don't know why they had the movement on the left analog disabled by default in the first place but whatever

    vothsair, try setting your analog to movement in button config and see if your fightstick will work.
  • VothsairVothsair Joined: Posts: 174
    Thanks man I just said fudge it and used the controller.
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    Is it wrong that the first thing I thought was "I wonder if they're gonna put Leo in one"
    Maaaaaan this game.

    Still wondering if Leo gets a bathing suit, lol.

    Well then.

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    Yup, found out last night. :rock:

    Me and Don Wulong ended up playing until like 3am (didn't start actually playing matches until midnight). I'm at my desk right now and I'm... gonna' need a shitload of coffee this morning. X__X

    ...but it was so totally worth it. It's like I'm back home playing this game, I've felt "displaced" ever since T6 came out and I moved fully into the 2D fighting realm. I have always enjoyed all fighting games, but Tekken's my home dammit.

    Now to continue to knock off the rust, and start doing some actual tag combos and optimizing damage.

    My two main teams are working out well, though I'm really surprised that I absolutely LOVE the Leo/Feng team more. :lovin:
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