WTS/WTT: Unopened GBA Micro Famicon Edition and NGPC Bundle

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GBA MICRO - $500 shipped in the USA, OBO


NeoGeo Pocket Color with games - $275 shipped in USA, Great condition, clear screen, OBO


list of games -
  1. neo turf masters
  2. samurai showdown 2 NGP color
  3. nero tur masters NGP color
  4. gal fighters NGP color
  5. king of fighters r2 NGP color
  6. king of fighters r2 NGP color
  7. fatal fury contact NGP color
  8. fatal fury contact 8.50
  9. faseleii ***rare US version*** http://www.ign.com/articles/2000/07/01/faselei
  10. puzzle link 2
  11. dive alert matts version
  12. pacman
  13. metal slug first mission NGP color
  14. pocket tennis color
  15. sonic the hedgehog pocket adventure
  16. puzzle link NGP color

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