Help buying Skullgirls using US PSN (From EU)



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    Ahh... See this is what it did with me. You should get an email with them asking for you to give them more details. I guess do it although as I said earlier (...again) it didn't really matter with me :P
    I also got my code about this time yesterday so it's not going to be that.
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  • puconovpuconov Joined: Posts: 20
    I'm trying with maximus cards. Give me good luck, i will say how i went

    edit#1: problem after checking payment infos. I emailed them :/
    edit#2: DONE! Just gave them few more info and i had the code. sbav
    if someone wants to play, add me: puconov
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  • tJevtJev Joined: Posts: 19
    puconov, just follow the instructions in the mail you get after the "failed" process. Been playing for a few hours now :)
  • YinYin fun fun fun Joined: Posts: 3,396
    Grah, tried BestBuy, everything seemed fine. But I've been waiting for the code for hours now... Ordet status just says "Order in process of being fulfilled."
    No idea if something went wrong or if I just have to wait. Did I miss the work hours due to timezones?
    Tempting to attempt one of the other sites instead, but BestBuy seemed the most legit...
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  • PurpleRainPurpleRain 4 life Joined: Posts: 145 bought the psn card from here after I completed the standard form name card number etc it then it said there was an error in the transaction got told to send them more info: psn id email for that psn id and home phone and they sent an email saying they would call in 10mins then 10mins later they sent the code
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  • YinYin fun fun fun Joined: Posts: 3,396
    BestBuy came through, I got my code (at long last, took like a day)! NOW TO PLAY SKULLGIRLS :rock:
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  • HecatomHecatom Aka Black Gorilla (・Д・)ノ Joined: Posts: 23,815
    i can say that maximuscards its the best one to buy your psn cards, so anyone doubting about it shouldnt hesitate
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  • ElvenShadowElvenShadow Bozac Joined: Posts: 1,147
    i tried to buy a card from they wanted me to send a picture of my drivers license and a picture of my credit card to confirm that I am the card holder. WTF... I told them to cancel the order. They already charged my card. I really hope they reverse the charge or I need to call my bank... which is a huge pain the ass from Japan

    So this maximuscards site is legit? I guess I will try that one later.
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  • schischschisch Joined: Posts: 50
    hey guys, u can get those us psn cards from aswell site is well known because they sell WoW gold, bought a lot of games there already and never had any problems, i dont know if u have to verify something, when i registered a few years ago i had to open the support chat and then a girl called me and asked me some things on the phone :D


    just bought the 20$ card, got it 2mins later, now im downloading skullgirls!
  • SygSyg Joined: Posts: 64
    Meh, I got a $20 card off play-asia just fine, but when I try and add the funds to my US PSN account I get the notorious "The funds could not be added to your wallet" message.
  • Drizzle BubbleDrizzle Bubble FADC TAUNT Joined: Posts: 492
    Is there still not a release date for this in the EU PSN?

    I've been waiting for this game long enough.
  • terenteterente Joined: Posts: 1
    i use for credit. Thei send my cont on email instant
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