Which Character do you just hate fighting against?



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    As Taokaka, I just can't stand fighting Bullet. It's like she can snatch me out of anything I do ;_; I can't do any mixup shenanigans against Bullet because what ends up happening usually involves 3000+ damage Drive counters. The moment you're forced to let up and play more cautiously is the moment Bullet seems to win.

    In *GENERAL,* Tager, Nu, and Amane are my worst nightmares come to life.
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    Ragna, he is the absolute vain of my blazblue existence. For a "close range" character his normals have absolutely obnoxious range, i could be half way across the screen so i feel safe, but he just tosses out a jesus kick and some how it manages to reach me. And dont even get me started on his corner work. I keep thinking his string is done, so i go for a counter or an escape, oh...no, he hits me with ANYTHING and im back in the corner till im dead. Im a rachel main so ive tried zoning him, but he still manages to get close, and ivd tried to use my wind to beat him to the punch.. but it never works. He is the absolute worse...
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    I don't know that a Rachel player has any right to complain about someone trapping them in the corner forever. Holy crap her corner pressure is impossible to get out of.
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    oh trust me, rachel corner gameplay is extremely hard to do, if we cant get you before we're out of wind we're basically screwed, with ragna he can consistenly keep you on the corner, we really cant do much inless we get enough meter for a counter assault or they try to go too big and use a risky move, all in all, im basically stuck in the corner for a majory of a match against ragna
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    I don't really think "If we can't somehow hit you with one of the four instant overheads we get before we run out of wind, and also don't lock you down with a frog to let wind regen, then our mixup is nooo good." is a good basis for complaint. =/

    If you think Ragna can consistently keep you in the corner, you don't know enough about Ragna. There are so many places in his pressure where you don't even need a reversal because you can just fly out with a winded jump.
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