PC Players: Enhancing Training Mode using macro programs



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    Good to ear you got it working. Next step is make videos of it to show people how cool this method is :)
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    I updated all the scripts and the common file. They all work as intended. Added a script to train safe jump with OS on wake up.
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    I realised maybe some of you don't know what to do with these script after the installation. Just open the script with a text editor to read the description inside. Just as simple. Be careful not to change something and save by mistake ^^
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    Shabrout said:
    If I had time and was better at coding, I would probably make a "Script maker" that record inputs and create the corresponding .ahk file with timing and all.
    It's possible but would take a long time to cover all possibilities. Maybe I'll give it a try later.
    I stumbled upon this Autohotkey recorder (which is supposed to replace the older, legacy AutoScriptWriter from pre-L AHK): http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/21866-macro-recorder/

    Basically just add your joystick buttons (1joy3, etc.) to the 'keys' variable and it should pick it up as an input.

    The only problem is that the timing is obviously not very precise, but I think the code is simple enough to understand (just don't have time atm), and there's likely a setting for that somewhere in there.
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    I read about this some weeks ago, but couldn't find anything working in all the different threads they made about different recorders scripts or apps.
    Nice find I'll give it a try !
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    edited February 2013
    I downloaded the file and updated it with the last Recorder release in page 3.
    But can't find the way to add joystick recognition yet.
    I can tweak the app to add the checkbox for it using a copy of the clicks or keyboard definition lines, but that's it.
    Though the Op claim that it can register joystick buttons natively, I wonder how after reading the script.

    The code is on another level for me to understand how I can add XjoyY buttons support. The key variable doesn't exist really it seems to use a dll or a windows native function to listen to any activity and store it in the "v" var using "logkey(v)".
    That's all I could get after 2 hours :)

    Edit : Just realised that the older version use that "key" var that is easy to update with Joy hotkeys... So ok now I can make a log file with joy button up and down, but with primitive commands, I'll try to see if this can be played directly or need a kind of translation.

    Edit2 : I don't find the name of the vars to register stick movements. But there must be something to use on the Stick_test.ahk script that shows buttons and axis coords of a stick in real time. But the hotkeys used in one file seem not to work in the other unfortunately.
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    Updated the name of the Ryu footsies training file. So now can be downloaded properly.
    I got a message on the site from someone who didn't give his mail so I'll answer here.
    The rar file have to be uncompressed using you "zip" or "rar" own program. And they all have been tested and working. Everyone should be able to uncompress these files.
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    Shabrout wrote: »
    this is fucking brilliant mate.

    Summary and files here : bit.ly/ssfivtool

    Shabrout, can you upload again? your link not working
    sorry for my english

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