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  • KongrosionKongrosion Geeef! Joined: Posts: 58
    I just got my dual-modded Qanba, so I'm now on PSN too! Hooray.

    XBL: x Tenkai [shared account, not always me]
    PSN: kongrosian [please note the spelling is very slightly different from my SRK tag!]
    Availability: Random, all round the clock.
    Location: London, UK
    Skill Level: Good Gief, but every single secondary character I play sucks, so... yeh.
    Preferred Characters: Zangief, and whatever random meat-shield character.
    Gems: Whatever you want.

    My connection is very good playing people in Europe and pretty good playing people in the US and Canada. If you don't like Gief then please hit me up and I can give you matchup experience! If you do like Gief then please hit me up so I can unleash dat SPD on you!
    #TeamSPD #Giefpocalypse!
  • IsshunSengekiIsshunSengeki #HAMLORD Joined: Posts: 163
    I don't play this game as much as I should, but that's generally because only about 3-4 guys in Brisbane (including myself) actually like this game in any capacity.

    XBL: IssenRH
    Availability: 4PM AEST onwards during the week, almost all the time on the weekend
    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Skill level: Intermediate - I have a decent grasp on the game, but don't expect any crazy tech.
    Preferred characters: Lars, Cody, Guy, Lili (learning)
    Gems: Either - but if you like gems, then keep it to boost gems, please.
    PSN: IsshunSengeki
    KOF XIII: Saiki/K'/Shen | BBCP: Azrael/Kagura
  • H1gg1n5H1gg1n5 Joined: Posts: 674
    edited February 2013
    XBL: higg1n5
    PSN: Number21234
    Availability: I'm all over the place because of school. Weekends more than during the week. On weekends I usually play with a partner.
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Skill level: 19.5k XBL 20k PSN ; Wanting to get better!!!
    Preferred Chars: Law/Lei; Partner plays akuma
    Gems: Boost Gems only please.
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  • VegamanVegaman Soak in your own blood! Joined: Posts: 3,571 ✭✭✭
    XBL: higg1n5
    PSN: h1gg1n5_
    Availability: I'm all over the place because of school. Weekends more than during the week. On weekends I usually play with a partner.
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Skill level: 14.8k XBL 13k PSN ; Wanting to get better!!!
    Preferred Chars: Law/Lei; Partner plays akuma
    Gems: Boost Gems only please.
    higgins? higg 1ns? higgin 5?

    i have no idea how to pronounce your ID

    anyway might as well add myself.

    PSN: VegaMan_
    XBL: V e g a M a n 2
    Availability: whenever i'm online. pretty much anytime cept school days which is mon, tues, thurs this quarter
    Location: Bay Area, Ca (Pacific North)
    Skill level: If you put all the good players in a pile, i'm last. My win ratio is about 81% on xbl and 84% on psn
    Preferred Chars: Depends on connection and opponent's skill but workhorse team is Gief/Hugo. Main team is Vega/Gief
    Gems: i dont care what gems you use or if you dont use them. I will be using my boost gems.

    I'm picky about my connections tho. Anything other than white bars make me skeptical about playing although I'll still give it an honest shot. If i leave in a hurry chances are the connection sucks and i'm in IRC cussing people out or outside taking a sledgehammer to something...... or i played till about 30 min after i needed to leave for school.
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    Makoto is about to have the best day ever.
  • The Big BossThe Big Boss Joined: Posts: 1,137 ✭✭✭
    PSN: Yung_Ice31
    Availability: In between classes. Taking a study breaks. Mostly on tough during the weekend.
    Location: Fayetteville, AR
    Skill Level: High (When I'm playing like money is on the line)
    Preferred Chars: Main Team: Bison/Sagat or Guile/Bison. Secondary(Or Entertainment Team): Law/Lei. Also play Ryu,Dudley,Akuma, and Vega.
    Gems: No gems or boost gems. Doesn't matter to me.
    AE: Bipson
    SFxT: Bison/Sagat, Law/Lei, Guile.
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  • FlyingVeFlyingVe Best Poster of All Time Joined: Posts: 13,217 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Should put myself in here...

    XBL: FlyingVe
    Availability: evenings and weekends
    Location: Southern IL
    Skill level: *shrug* that's for others to determine
    Preferred characters: Julia/Hwo, and semi random combinations of, Juri, Asuka, Nina, Bryan, Abel, Alisa, Hugo, Rolento, Lili.
    Gems: w/e
    UMvC3: Viper/Dante/Strider, Jill/Dante/Wesker, Nova/Spencer/Sentinel
    Killer Instinct: Thunder, Spinal
    BB: Tager, Bullet, Ragna, Mu, Terumi
  • SF-Zero2SF-Zero2 Pronounced AlphaZero Joined: Posts: 1,373
    XBL: AlphaZero
    Availability: Usually running Endless Battle lobbies around 9PM MST if I'm on
    Location: Colorado
    Skill Level: Depends who I'm playing with ATM.
    Characters: Lots of teams, with Guy being most frequent.
    Gems: Sure

    I host alot because I'm running a wired connection straight to my 360.
    4 and 3 bars welcome.
    2 bars I'm willing to try.
    1 bar you'll probably get kicked.
    Preferably looking for players trying to learn the cast beyond World Warrior and Kazuya, but as long as it's interesting, anyone's welcome.
  • Sonic_MuffinSonic_Muffin Joined: Posts: 10
    XBL: Sonic_muffin343
    Availability: Evenings and weekends
    Location: South Carolina
    Skill Level: idk, let's play and find out
    Characters: Mainly Guile/Hwoarang with a basic Jin
    Gems: Yeppers
  • b2j135b2j135 Is 128-bit...lawl Joined: Posts: 8
    Network: PSN
    SRK: b2j135
    Handle: b2j135, b2j1990
    Availability: Week Days (8am-about 2:30pm) Week Nights (11:30PM onward), Weekends (Any Time)
    Location/Region: Northeast (Ohio)
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Preferred Characters: Kazuya, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Juri, Akuma, Dudley, Blanka, Cole
    Nintendo 3DS FC (SSF4 3D): 3222-5569-3062

    TvC UAS: 1419-8107 -9272
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,729 ✭✭
    Network: PSN
    SRK: X_Sword
    Handle: Xephyer_Sword
    Availability: Week Nights, Weekends (It's Random)
    Location/Region: Northeast (Massachusetts)
    Skill Level: Beginner (3000bp)
    Preferred Characters: Ryu, Guile, Cammy, Lars. Still Learning
  • GemakaiGemakai Making this look cool! Joined: Posts: 1,077 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2013
    Network: PSN
    SRK: Gemakai
    Gamertag: Gemakai
    Availability: It varies, but usually Mon-Wen, Some Fridays, And usually am open on weekends unless I have obligations
    Region: US East
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Gems: No Auto Gems preferred, but can play both with and without Gems
    Preferred Characters: Vega, Julia, Law, Elena, Guy, Dudley, Asuka
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    BBCP: Kokonoe, Bullet | GGXrd: Slayer, Elphelt, Ky | Skullgirls: Cerebella, Filia, Beowulf,
    SFxT: Elena, Dudley, Vega, Asuka, Julia, Paul | USF4: Vega, Makoto, Elena, Decapre, Dudley

  • TheMajestikOneTheMajestikOne Joined: Posts: 34
    Network: XBL
    SRK: TheMajestikOne
    Handle: TheMajestikOne
    Availability: Random
    Location/Region: Northeast (NJ)
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Gems: Doesn't matter
    Preferred Characters: Abel/Christie
  • cdylanSHcdylanSH Joined: Posts: 29
    XBL: cdylanSH
    Availability: Back from break right now, don't have any particular times either way. Typically in the evening.
    Location: Richmond or Harrisonburg, VA
    Skill level: 5K/Intermediate, willing to play any level around me or better than me, I keep up with 20K+ players consistently even in losses. I would say my skill level is slightly above my BP mark, but I make stupid mistakes and fuck around too much. Also still learning difficult matchups (Ryu, Rolento and Heihachi own me on the reg).
    Characters: Nina/Juri, learning a Cody/Lars team as a backup. Nina is my go-to.
    Gems: I use Meter/Power, I like them but I'll take them off if need be.
  • Intuitive2011Intuitive2011 Cr.Mk XX Hadoken Joined: Posts: 3,106 ✭✭✭✭✭
    XBL: YouSmellEWGF

    High level troll who likes to mash SRK on wake up.
    "Often times, a loss will strengthen and benefit the player more than a win, so I would say don't be afraid of losing and keeping competing." ~Infiltration
  • Rc_ONRc_ON All these flavors and you choose to be salty. Joined: Posts: 1,865 ✭✭✭✭✭
    XBL: Rcion
    SRK: Rc_ON
    Availability: It varies a lot. Usually in the evening at around 6 pm (GMT +1). During the weekends at random times.
    Location/Region: Germany
    Skill Level: Intermediate B+
    Preferred Characters: Akuma, Lars, Balrog, Kuma, Abel (just started using him)
    Gems: Everything is fine for me.

    Prefering players in Europe for optimal connection.
    TTT2: Heihachi/Anna, learning Leo/Jin
    SFxT: Main team Lars/Akuma
    USF4: Dudley
    xbl: rcion
    YT: V Arcee
  • The_DestroyerThe_Destroyer Joined: Posts: 682
    PSN: Cheesedoodles408
    Availability: Usually Weekends
    Location/Region: NorCal
    Skill Level: Just getting back into it. I played a lot of other fighting games before such as street fighter and umvc3
    Preferred Characters: Juri, Law, Raven, Balrog
    Gems: Everything is fine for me.
  • JuniorMintsJuniorMints Gravity Squeeze! Joined: Posts: 280
    Network: XBL
    SRK: JuniorMints
    GT: min7y fr3sh
    Availability: Week Nights (very random), Weekends (Any Time)
    Location/Region: Pac South West (SoCal)
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Preferred Characters: Ken x Juri

    I would love to run some FT5 sets or even extended sets online! :] If you can't contact me here, I am always on twitter: @min7yfr3sh
    SSF4: Juri
    3S: Makoto/Chun Li/Ken
    SFxT: Ken x Juri
    UMvC3: Wesker, Magneto, Doom |Team BAMF|
  • nsreedernsreeder I run tournaments in Camp Hill, PA. Check us out on Facebook: Rushdown Gaming or send me a message. Joined: Posts: 154
    Network: XBL
    SRK: nsreeder
    Handle: LordFlopyRoostr
    Availability: not much during the week except Friday and weekends
    Location/Region: Northeast (York, PA)
    Skill Level: mid to low B (6500 pts)
    Gems: i dont care
    Preferred Characters: i main Hugo/Zangief sometimes ogre. learning cody, akuma, and jack-x i try to stay away from the typical people use a lot. i love my hugo def. my best.

    this is my first fighting game in a long time, so i still have a lot to learn. last fighting game was sfII on genesis lol wife uses my account for netflix so if i dont respond on there thats why. i play a lot though. im always looking to learn new things. need to learn new characters since hugo and cody r getting nerfed pretty hard.
    XBL: LordFlopyRoostr

    SFXT: Hugo x Zangief main team. Also Ogre and Ryu
  • JDM98FerioJDM98Ferio ****MANIAK**** Joined: Posts: 520
    edited March 2013
    Network: PSN, XBL
    SRK: JDM98Ferio
    XBL: xoxMANIAKxox
    Availability: Not very often. Some evenings and some weekends.
    Region: US (Texas)
    Skill Level: Intermediate (I don't get to play very often)
    Preferred Characters: Guy and Law, also play Cody, Asuka, Rolento, Ibuki, a little Jin.
    Gems: whatever you want!!!
    !!!!!!!!ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!
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    TWITTER: @maniakbuilt
  • Itsonlyone_STEVOItsonlyone_STEVO Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Handsome313
    SRK: Itsonlyone_stevo
    Availability: weeknights/weekend nights.
    Location/Region: US
    Skill Level: Playing like my life is on the line
    Preferred Characters: Julia Rufus Kaz Hei Cammy
    Gems or no Gems, don't matter to me
  • ViridianViridian Joined: Posts: 77
    I'm looking for more people to play with, though it's a little hard for me to find other green connections, and yellow connections aren't usually very playable...

    XBL: ViridianBlues
    Availability: Afternoons and evenings on most days, occasionally on weekends
    Location: US (Arkansas)
    Skill level: I've been playing for a few weeks, so pretty basic
    Preferred characters: Nina, Law, Guile for now
    Gems: Either way
  • GLKGLK Misfortune surrounds you Joined: Posts: 76
    PSN: GoodLuckKammy
    Availability: Random, I'm always in irc so just ask me there
    Location/Region: NorCal
    Skill Level: Pretty free
    Preferred Characters: Saw&Claw, Beauty&Grace
    Gems: Do your absolute worst
    R.I.P Emilie De Rochefort #PandoraHouse @GreatLordK
  • Sublime88Sublime88 Joined: Posts: 50
    PSN: Subes88
    Availability: All around the clock.. once u see me online, hit away
    Location/Region: EU (Finland)
    Skill Level: C (barely hanging there.. AE taken too mutch time so im rusty..)
    Preferred Characters: Rolento/Balrog atm
    Gems: All good.. BUT i dislike auto gems but feel free use them.. >_>
  • The_Lonely_NerdThe_Lonely_Nerd Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: The_Lonely_Nerd
    Availability: Almost every other day
    Location/Region: Louisiana
    Skill Level:High and I don't hold back
    Preferred Characters: Mainly Akuma,Law,Rufus and Cole
    Gems:Gems are fine
  • HammeredWookieeHammeredWookiee Joined: Posts: 9
    Network: Xbox Live
    SRK: HammeredWookiee
    Handle: HammeredWookiee
    Availability: on during most days
    Location/Region: Southeast (South Carolina)
    Skill Level: C
    Preferred Characters: Ryu and King

    Long time MK player that recently discovered how fun capcom fighters are. though coming from mk these games are on a whole new level so its literally like starting from scratch again. Im a bit scrubby at the moment but im taking the game serious and am improving. Would love to have some people to play with seeing as there isnt much of a local scene around here.
  • themightyikarithemightyikari Joined: Posts: 44
    Im getting tons of laggy matches on ranked looking for some new people in my area

    Network: PSN
    SRK: themightyikari
    Handle: themightyikari
    Availability: nights / weekends
    Skill Level: beginner / Intermediate (I only use meter gain gems and dont have a pref about the other player really)
    Region: USA Southern-Atlantic (South Carolina)
    I play Ken Alisa and Nina so far I just got the DLC
    UMVC3: Firebrand / Sent / Akuma
  • mega_bustermega_buster Joined: Posts: 836 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2013
    PSN: ichigo334 getting the xbl version soon!
    Availability: Everyday except Monday's and Wednesdays because of school
    Location/Region: U.S Midwest (Michigan)
    Skill Level: I am ok I think I have a solid Ken but I am Working on Alisa which will takes some time
    Preferred Characters: Ken/Alisa,Chun also working on asuka
    Gems:doesnt matter
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    SF5 Mains:Karin/Chun
    GGXrd Mains:May
  • idWaltzidWaltz Joined: Posts: 6
    Network: XBL
    Gamertag: Waltz1103
    Availability: kinda random, but usually around the afternoon
    Region: Australia
    Skill Level: Intermediate (6k BP)
    Preferred Characters: Ryu/Nina/Asuka
    XBL: Waltz1103
    UMvC3: Deadpool/Hulk/Ryu
    SFxT: Ryu/Nina
  • LPNLPN シャドルー Shadoloo Joined: Posts: 705
    Network: PSN
    Gamertag: Vi3t_drag0n_lpn
    Region: USA ( norcal )
    Skill Level: gotta play me to find out : p
    Preferred Characters: hwoarang/juri , sagat/gief , cammy/lars ,  guy/elena, and many more

    hope to play ppl with minumal lag! 
  • bonafidebonafide Joined: Posts: 19
    Network: XBL
    Gamertag: Omoba Akeem
    Availability: Random
    Region: Southeast (Atlanta)
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Preferred Characters: Sagat/Raven

    Looking for people to play sets with and hopefully get better. Ranked is getting kinda old. Be warned, I play really defensive and lame. If that makes you salty, look somewhere else.
  • LinksLinks No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me! Joined: Posts: 956 ✭✭✭
    Network: GFWL, XBL
    SRK: Links
    Gamertag: TheFalcon8r
    Availability:Weeknights after 7 or weekend afternoons, not Friday though
    Region: West North Central
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Preferred Characters: Ogre, Poison, Bryan, Asuka, Dudley
    Steam Profile: GottaGoFaaaaast
    Mains: Ultra SF4 - Cody, Evil Ryu, Dudley, Poison SFXT - Poison, Ogre, Elena, Dudley, Cody, Kazuya, Bryan, Ken, Asuka UMVC3 - Firebrand, Frank West, Super-Skrull and Wolverine, Taskmaster, Akuma
    SSBB - King Dedede, Zero Suit Samus, Luigi, DS3 - Talbain, Morrigan
  • Scrub SaibotScrub Saibot IT'S ME AUSTIN! Joined: Posts: 1,582 ✭✭✭
    Network: XBL
    SRK: Scrub Saibot
    Gamertag: Scrub Saibot
    Availability: Anytime
    Region: Western Canada
    Preferred Characters: Ryu, Alisa
  • YayForYuffieYayForYuffie What's a male character? Joined: Posts: 308 ✭✭✭
    Network: PSN, Steam
    SRK: YayForYuffie
    Handle: Pesara (PSN), YayForYuffie (Steam)
    Availability: Most weekdays after 9pm (GMT)
    Location/Region: Europe (Specifically, Ireland)
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Preferred Characters: Mainly Julia, Xiao and Lili
    Playstyle: I'm rather rushdown oriented! 
    Gem Preference: No auto block/tech please. (With cherries!)
    Super Street Fighter 4 AE: Sakura, Juri, Chun-Li, Dudley and Rose
    Mortal Kombat: Mileena, Sonya, Stryker, Jade and Kitana.
    Street Fighter X Tekken: Alisa x Lili, Lili x Xiao, Julia x Xiao, Julia x Lili and Boison x Christie.
    PSN: Pesara
  • Shooting Star RockmanShooting Star Rockman Jaded Joined: Posts: 1,242 ✭✭✭
    Just a re-entry since I can no longer access my old account and also due to a few changes:

    Network: GFWL
    SRK: Shooting Star Rockman
    Gamertag: HunterMaverickX
    Availability: Whenever GFWL is not screwing me in the arse
    Region: Southeast Asia
    Skill Level: Not that bad, but not that good either
    Preferred Characters: Ryu and Juri

  • KefKef Joined: Posts: 3,164
    edited February 2013
    PSN: KefPringlez
    SRK: Kef
    Availability: Anytime you want to play except mornings in school days.
    Region: East Coast (Miami)
    Skill Level: Just started playing this game. Need the practice.
    Preferred Characters: Steve/x

    If you are going to add me, send me a message on PSN saying that you add me seeing this from SRK.
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    If you wanna play some MVC2/Xrd/SFV: PSN: I-kef-I SFV ID: I-kef-I
    From Miami, if you are in the area, don't be afraid to PM me for some locals.

    "Don't be nice, it's Marvel son, the origin of hatred. The game ain't about being nice. If you want to be nice play Tea Party Adventures. They go that shit on DS I heard." - Romneto
  • Dex_SamaDex_Sama Joined: Posts: 1,376 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2013
    Network: GFWL
    Gamertag: Dex Pyromaniac
    Availability: Depends, im usually online in the afternoons and evenings GMT (from around 6 til around 11-12pm usually)
    Region: Europe (Hungary)
    Skill Level: I'll make you ragequit (srs)
    Mains: Law, Hwoarang, Bryan, Nina, but Ill use other characters too

    If anyone wants to play they can add me
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    SFxT Mains - Half the cast
    SF4 Mains - Half the cast
    KoF13 Mains - Hwa (Yes I can't play anyone else properly yet :(()
    GFWL - Dex Pyromaniac
  • YariX0083YariX0083 @RaasuX Joined: Posts: 139
    edited February 2013
    Network: PSN
    SRK: YariX0083
    Handle: YariX0083
    Availability: Mornings and most of the day Tuesdays/Wednesdays.
    Location/Region: West (Colorado)
    Skill Level: Beginner/Intermidate Somedays I'm on point, others I'm not.
    Preferred Characters: Kazuya.  Currently soul searching for another character.  Lei, Law, Lars, Guile, Jin, Hwoarang are my current candidates.
    Gems:  I just the 2013 presets since that's what my local tournaments will allow.  If you do the same great, if not be creative XP.  I'd prefer not to go against Auto Assist gems.  XD

    If I'm online and playing a game(most likely be Metal Gear or Okami), it's means I'm available to play.  If I'm online, but not playing anything or on Netflix it's my wife or kid watching something.  
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  • togetoge SMBF Joined: Posts: 222
  • narsnars Your local Gunta Hunta. Joined: Posts: 289
    edited March 2013
    Action Narson
    I'm not sure yet. Used to be hei/kaz
    Gems don't bother me. Sometimes I won't use them either. How do you get your presets back anyhow?

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  • CrimsonChildCrimsonChild Son of Odin Joined: Posts: 91
    edited March 2013

    Figured I should update my info. 

    Network: PSN, XBL, Steam
    SRK: CrimsonChild
    PSN: CrimChild, ChriimaeraTV (only when I'm with my partner)
    XBL & Steam: CrimChild
    GFWL (PC): CrimsonChild13
    Availability: Evenings and weekends
    Location/Region: Europe (Norway)
    Skill Level: Intermediate (currently A/A+ on all accounts)
    Characters: Nina/Zangief, Juri/Nina, Juri/Hugo

    I'm mostly on PSN. I might stream endless lobbies from time to time.

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    European player
    SFxT: Zangief/Nina, Juri/Hugo, Law, Julia, Asuka
    PSN: CrimChild, ChriimaeraTV | XBL: CrimChild | GFWL (PC): CrimsonChild13
    www.youtube.com/crimchild | www.twitch.tv/crimsonchild
  • TwoFramesTwoFrames Joined: Posts: 2

    Steam: ヘ(・_| Rugid Ninja #13 |_・)
    GFWL: GanjaPrince Dao
    Availability: Varies
    Location/Region: USA Washington DC
    Skill Level: Fail to Moderate
    Gems:Doesn't really matter.
  • GenUser!GenUser! Joined: Posts: 2,436 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Network: PSN
    Handle: davmen05
    Availability: Week Nights (after 5:00 pm Est not always), Weekends(anytime I'm playing lol)
    Location/Region: South East (Miami, FL_
    Skill Level: Beginner low BP, but I been practicing more than playing ranked.
    Preferred Characters: Jin/Sagat/Hwo/Steve/Yoshi/Hei/Lars sometimes Kaz Most teams revolve around Steve as anchor.
    CFN: Dmen05
    PSN: davmen05
  • webweaverwebweaver That Felt Good, Didn't It? Joined: Posts: 231
    I am looking for someone to have has a constant training partner. I would like to get someone roughly my skill level or slightly better than myself. But since that is hard to determine with out playing the game I would like to extend invitations to people who would like to get some xbl training. I am working on learning the cast so i can give match up exp to the local crew and anyone who wants it so im not extremely good with any one character.

    please feel free to pm me for my tag and or information

    A good conversation is like a skirt, short enough to keep your interest, yet long enough to cover the subject. - Zelos Wilder, Tales of Symphonia
  • ShadowbreakerShadowbreaker Ebeneezer Goode Joined: Posts: 18
    PSN: oil_moon
    SRK: Shadowbreaker
    Availability: Usually 6 PM onwards
    Location/Region: Portsmouth, UK
    Skill Level: Average, recently hit B rank
    Preferred Characters: Heihachi x Ogre

    I'm looking to get involved with people and maybe make a friend or two in the process who I can chat about the game with (nobody I know IRL is remotely interested)

    So if you want, add my skype: shadowbreaker9001 and we can chat there too.
  • DuDDuD Joined: Posts: 8
    Network: PSN
    PSN: I-Z-O-N
    Availability: Evenings and weekends
    Location/Region: Europe (UK)
    Skill Level: Beginner
    Characters: Balrog, Paul, Rolento. Looking to learn others though.. to help me learn match ups.

    Looking for someone to play regular so that I can actually improve my game.
  • ShiraShira I need this. Joined: Posts: 122
    Network: XBL
    SRK: Shira
    Handle: Shiranui, Shira
    Availability: 2AM-3PM any day GMT-08
    Location/Region: West (Vegas)
    Skill Level: Advanced
    Preferred Characters: Zangief, Kuma, Akuma, Jack X, King
    I miss Jack-X. SFxT was a good game (mostly).
  • LinksLinks No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me! Joined: Posts: 956 ✭✭✭
    I'm updating my info.

    Network: XBL, GFWL
    SRK: Links
    Gamertag: AKA Links
    Availability: Weekdays in the evenings after 7 PM Central, weekends in the afternoon as well
    Region: West North Central (Kansas City, MO)
    Skill Level: Intermediate, I guess
    Preferred Characters: Elena, Bryan, Poison, Ogre, Dudley
    Steam Profile: GottaGoFaaaaast
    Mains: Ultra SF4 - Cody, Evil Ryu, Dudley, Poison SFXT - Poison, Ogre, Elena, Dudley, Cody, Kazuya, Bryan, Ken, Asuka UMVC3 - Firebrand, Frank West, Super-Skrull and Wolverine, Taskmaster, Akuma
    SSBB - King Dedede, Zero Suit Samus, Luigi, DS3 - Talbain, Morrigan
  • MollyFighterMollyFighter Barkley Fightan Dev Joined: Posts: 630
    edited April 2013
    Network: XBL
    SRK: MollyFighter
    Gamertag: RoshieTheMecha
    Availibility: Whenever around 3 - 4pm EST
    Region: South East (South Carolina)
    Skill Level: Beginner (1000BP)
    Preferred: Bob/Cammy, Raven/Guy, Ken/Lili

    I'm looking for someone to play a lot with so I can level up my game.
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  • HeavyweightHeavyweight Joined: Posts: 186
    Network: XBL
    SRK: Heavyweight
    tag: Heavyweight 706
    Availability:variable but frequent
    Region:South (Georgia)
    Skill: Mid High
    Preffered: Blanka/Bob Nina/Marduk Ken/Kuma
  • Cee DizzyCee Dizzy The shit I don't like Joined: Posts: 3,408 ✭✭✭
    Network: XBL
    SRK: Cee Dizzy
    Handle: Cee Dizzy
    Availability: Mornings (10 am-2pm); some nights (10pm - 12am); some weekends (all day Saturday. Most of Sunday)
    Location/Region: Midwest (Detroit, Michigan)
    Skill Level: Intermediate I guess
    Preferred Characters: Ken (most used), Nina (most used), Paul, learning Julia, Zangief and Rolento.

    I come from a Marvel background with some Street Fighter when I was really little, so my street fighter fundamentals come and go. I will like to get better in this game. Please feel free to add me so you guys can help me get better and hopefully I can do the same for you.
    https://www.facebook.com/FGCCoble <--- Friend me https://twitter.com/CeeDizzy313 <---- Follow UMVC3: Wolverine/Doom/Vergil, Team Nemo SF4: Fei Long, Rolento Injustice: Aquamane, TTT2: AK/Heihachi, Alex/Kuma

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