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Atlantic South Phone Book of Goodness (Numbers, XBL, PSN, Kaillera, etc.)



  • VicevirtuosoVicevirtuoso HE HE Joined: Posts: 211
    Update for mine.

    SN: ViceVirtuoso
    Name: Brett
    PSN: ViceVirtuoso
    Cell: (601) 818-1306
    Location: Hattiesburg, MS
    Email: vicevirtuoso@gmail.com
    Games: SF4, Blazblue, MBAA, T6BR, Brawl
  • linkbattosailinkbattosai Great Scott!!! Joined: Posts: 5
    SN: Linkbattosai
    Name: Mitch
    PSN, 2DF: linkbattosai
    Cell: E-mail me
    Location: Stuart, FL
    Email: linkbattosai@yahoo.com
    Games: SF (series) Tekken (series) BlazBlue Darkstalkers KOF 98 UM
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    ok so I guess u can add me to the list for Fl.

    SN: Gambitremy
    Name: Dominique (male)
    Cell: 863-709-3450
    E-mail: gambitddp@yahoo.com
    Location: Miami, Fl.
    Games: Brawl, Naruto, DBZ 3, and other fightin games
  • internalburninternalburn I'm a bulldozer, with a wrecking ball attached! Joined: Posts: 238
    Name: Cory Keelen
    Location: Chattanooga, TN
    Cell: 423-774-6021
    Xbox Live: internalburn
    AIM: CoryReeseKeelen
    Yahoo: Corykeelen
    Email: corykeelen@comcast.net
  • BobSmackBobSmack BV CTO / FR Administrator Joined: Posts: 2,519 mod
    Ah, if you got a system worked out where its automated and people can edit their own info then don't worry about my listing on my site. I'm converting my site over to Invision Power Board 3 so that old forum site I have right now will be gone sometime next month.

    Just continue with what you got going for now and I'll have mine ready as a backup in case something happens. Is that ok?

    I started working on a module for finalround.org to allow people to edit their own information - it might take a little while to get fully set up, but yes, it will allow people to edit their own information. So don't worry about anything for now - I appreciate the help though!
  • AceKombatAceKombat (́◕◞౪◟◕‵) ”WINNERS DON’T USE ALMIGHTY.” Joined: Posts: 2,199
    Can the OP update my cell number ?
    Cell # (228) XXX-XXXX
    With all the hope combined... there can be a chance in SFV that Ken can, one day, walk again. #TeamWheelchair
    If interested in SFEX2+ matchmaking: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SFEX2P
    CFN: AceKombat Steam: xAceKombatx
  • lxKINETIKxllxKINETIKxl Joined: Posts: 36
    SN: lxKINETIKxl
    PSN: lxKINETIKxl
    Location : Radcliff, Kentucky
    NAME: Alex Scott
    270 312 8912
    aim: drkproto
    email: ninjaalexscott@insightbb.com
    facebook: search my name
    twitter: http://twitter.com/lxKINETIKxl
    games : SSF2HDR, SF4, SFIII3S, SFA2, MVC2,SSF4(soon)
  • TNBTNB Bye. Joined: Posts: 1,180
    Location: Wilmington, NC
    Name: Taylor Batten
    XBN: Undead rookie or undead mortal with a lotta numbers or undead rookie or mortal with a 2. It'd my brother's, I dont have an XB.
    GGPO: Dogboy.
    Games: SF2 series, SF3 3s, Tekken, Soul Calibur series (Except for four, edge etc. haven't played those yet.), SF4, kof series, Garou, Marvel Vs Capcom series, CVS series, Fight night/ knock ou tkings series, RTR Boxing, lol. Please note that these are the ones i Play, and I am not a complete expert.
    Skills and attitude prove worth as a player, not the internet.
  • SonicFlash122SonicFlash122 Joined: Posts: 346
    Location: Valdosta, GA
    Name: Aaron Gibson
    XBbox Live: Kratos122
    Email: aarongibson122@gmail.com
    Games: SF4

    If you in the area hit me up!!!!
  • bloodabeastbloodabeast Da Best Protoss Joined: Posts: 2,916
    Name:William Reese "Byrd"
    Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
    Games:Just about every 2D and 3D fighting games except for some of the newer ones.
    Number:(910) 772 2534 Hit me up anytime yall wanna get it in on some SF Marvel Tekken or what have you.
    I have so much game knowledge but nothing counters morrigan... Wtf do we all do?
    UMVC3: Magneto into touch of death.
  • DietDiet Garbage Day Joined: Posts: 1,287
    Name: Danny Garcia
    Location: West Palm, FL
    Games: SF4, SF3:3rd strike
  • blinky77blinky77 *sip* Joined: Posts: 1,367
    SN: blinky77
    Name: R.J. O'Connell
    Location: Florence, AL
    XBL: BLiNKy78
    PSN: blinky77
    GGPO: blinky
    Cell: (256) 483-7648
    I mostly play SF4, but play a bit of the following as well: 3S, ST, CVS2, MVC2, Garou MOTW, KOF'98UM, T6, GGXXAC, BBCT.
  • tarzanbigcitytarzanbigcity Joined: Posts: 26
    edited December 2017
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  • Halcyone3Halcyone3 Joined: Posts: 9
    SN: halcyone3
    PSN: Halcione3
    Tampa, FL

    i can be contacted through pms here or on psn =x
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SN: XxC-DubbxX
    Name: Charles CDubb Withers
    Call: 706 589 2690
    Loc: Augusta GA

    SF4, SSF4, MvC2
  • endlesssendlesss Sobat Carnival Joined: Posts: 244
    SN: endless
    Email: smk7r335@gmail.com
    GGPO: endlesss

    I only play ST on GGPO at the moment (unless I go somewhere to play offline), currently shaking off multiple years of rust.
    avatar courtesy of snk
  • Prepare Yourself!Prepare Yourself! PP Joined: Posts: 5
    SN: Prepare Yourself!
    Name: Matthew La Sala
    Cell: PM me
    Weaponz: Chun Li,Juri,Gouki(SSFIV) Marth,Young Link(SSBM)Guile/Rogue/Sentinel;Wolverine,Psylok(MvC2)Ken,Chun Li,Makoto(Third Strike)Iron Tager(BadBlue),and last but not least Ky(Guilty Gear)
  • Prepare Yourself!Prepare Yourself! PP Joined: Posts: 5
    SN: Prepare Yourself!
    Name: Matthew La Sala
    Cell: PM me
    SSf4 mostly but all the beat em' ups i play are in my sig
    Weaponz: Chun Li,Juri,Gouki(SSFIV) Marth,Young Link(SSBM)Guile/Rogue/Sentinel;Wolverine,Psylok(MvC2)Ken,Chun Li,Makoto(Third Strike)Iron Tager(BadBlue),and last but not least Ky(Guilty Gear)
  • KhaosdragonKhaosdragon IronSent Joined: Posts: 1,655
    PSN: Khaosdragon
    Location: Clarkston/Decatur,GA
    MARVEL, BB, GG, SC lets do IT!!!
    Name:Antonio A.K.A. KD
    "I'd say penis vs vagina is a 10-7 matchup.....penis usually wins, but vagina has pregnancy sneak attack for lockdown...guardbreaking and unblockable on wakeup" Quote by: Nickguy
  • Cool-BreezeCool-Breeze ATL Home to 3D Gaming's Finest Joined: Posts: 2,834
    Latest Information regarding Ga and it's Gaming Scene contact Magnicious Pokchop & Me Lordiceman/Cool-Breeze via
    Email:GaGamingscene@gmail or GamGamingelite@gmail

    X-Box Live:Lordiceman826
    Cell:(404)399-1920 (Text First please, Identify yourself by Screenname first please)
    Atlanta,Ga (Out of marietta for now)
    Interested in Keeping up with Ga's Gaming Scene
    youtube.com/LordIceman justin.tv/lordiceman826 twitter.com/lordiceman
    Skype:lordiceman826 GaGamingscene@gmail.com
  • DTA ShinobiDTA Shinobi SSFIV Cody Player Joined: Posts: 2
    SN: DTA Shinobi
    Name: Earl a.k.a Lil E
    email: shinobiIII@hotmail.com
    Loc: Austell,Ga move out of ATL last year
  • Alternate275Alternate275 ★TOURNEY HOST★ Joined: Posts: 1,036
    Quick update now that I have XBL

    SN: Alternate275
    Name: AJ aka Korean Panda
    XBL: Alternate275
    Kaillera: Alternate275
    GGPO: Alternate275
    Youtube: Alternate275 & CrewRound2
    Number: N/A
    Location: Columbus, GA
    "Proud representative & overseer of Crew Round 2" :D
    PSN: CR2_Alternate | XBL: DRS Alternate | Skype: Alternate275
    King of Fighter XIII | Guilty Gear Xrd | BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma | Ultra Street Fighter 4
  • ClydeClashClydeClash Soul Drive Joined: Posts: 21
    SN: ClydeClash
    Name: Adrian
    PSN: ClydeClash
    GGPO: ClydeClash
    Number: This only goes out if we're cool.
    Location: Jacksonville, FL.
    SSFIV: AE - Sakura
    In the lab doing work.
  • Aftermath1349Aftermath1349 God's Drippy Crevice Joined: Posts: 211
    SN: Aftermath1349
    Name: Dan
    XBL: Aftermath1349
    Location: Atlanta, Ga
    Games: SSFIV, BlazBlue, 3s
    3S: Oro, Q, Dudley
    Skullgirls: Peacock/Double
  • XriiXrii Its pronounced Krii Joined: Posts: 142
    SN: Xrii
    Name: Miguel torres
    Mail: Matorre2048@gmail.com
    PSN: Xrii
    Loc: Greensboro, NC
    AIM: Malaffxi
  • shinjay4shinjay4 Legendary Panamanian Joined: Posts: 35
    Name: Jesse R White
    PSN ShinJay4
    Loc: Orlando,Fl
    AIM ShinJay4
    Number: 407-486-5481
  • ArgatrophArgatroph Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Chris Queener
    Mail: j_plok@yahoo.com
    PSN: Argatroph
    Loc: Knoxville, TN
    Number: 423-494-6499
  • Tiffany M.Tiffany M. DBL DWN ON 11's Joined: Posts: 59
    Hey guys wsup! I just wanted to let everybody know about this big Tournament in Bloomington, Minnesota. Aug. 14th This is my girl's 1st time on camera! so be nice!

    We want to get as many ppl to come out and support our event!
    If you dont/cant travel plz spread the word to those who do...Thx.
  • Undying GotunksUndying Gotunks Servant of Oni Joined: Posts: 71
    SN: Undying Gotunks(XBL Gamertag as well)
    Name: Dewayne
    E-mail: vizardshiro@yahoo.com
    AIM: looweexiii
    Home: Monticello, Ga
    Location during School: Atlanta, Ga
    Cell: 706 819 0397 (not on atm)
    Games: SSFIV, DOA4, SSF2THDRMX. SCIV, Blazblue(Hopefully soon)
    Gamertag: Undying Gotunks
    USFIV: Oni
    BB: Jin| Hakumen | Makoto
    P4AU: Minzauki | Sho | Chie
    KOFXIII: K', Terry, King | Mr.Karate, Saiki, Kyo
    SFXTK: Juri x Akuma, Hworang x Vega
    Location: Covington, Ga
  • dododonpachidododonpachi andamiro vs capcom? o.0 Joined: Posts: 187
    Name:Tom W.
    Location:Bradenton, FL
    Tom W. aka charlienash87/nash87 dannabbit
    XBLA: h8erfisternator
  • ebzero89ebzero89 Joined: Posts: 22
    Name: Courtney Hardin
    Location: Roswell, GA
    Games: SSFIV, BBCS(scrubby as hell), Pretty much any other 2d fighters
    Email: ebzero89@gmail.com
    PM me here or send me an email if you want to play some
  • Soul of IgnoranceSoul of Ignorance BlAcK MAGIK Joined: Posts: 1,016
    Name: Christopher Austin
    Mail: soulofignorance@gmail.com
    XBL: BlckMGCK
    PSN: BlckMGCK
    Loc: Tallahassee, FL
    Number: (850) 321-7160
    Games: SSFIV

    Shoot me a text or PM if you want to play.
    Welcome to Tally, where we do Ultras through block strings and call them hot reads.
  • Shintei SatsuiShintei Satsui Shun Goku Satsu=Dead Joined: Posts: 87
    SN: Shintei Satsui
    Name: Fahad
    GGPO: "Getting it soon"
    Location: Orlando, FL.
    Ware koso keno ki wa me shimono!
    SFIV: Akuma
    SSFIV: Akuma,Guy,Juri,Gen,Bison,DJ, Dudley!
  • TelyonTelyon Joined: Posts: 1
    SN: Telyon
    Name: Travon Wilmore
    Mail: travonwilmore1@gmail.com
    XBL: Telyon
    Loc: Macon, GA
    Cell: PM Me
    Games: SSFIV, BBCS, MVC2(currently learning BBCS and MVC2)
  • Token686Token686 Joined: Posts: 198
    SN: token686
    Name: Herbie Gore
    Mail: gunshot686@gmail.com
    PSN: token717
    Cell: send a PM
    Loc: Forest Park, GA
    Games: SSFIV
    KoF XIII main: Athena, Mai, Yuri
    Secondary: Kula, Mature, Yuri
  • thec0re3thec0re3 Joined: Posts: 178
    Xbl:same as SN
    Games:KOF XII, SSIV, mvsc2 ,cpvssnk 2, sshdwn IV(kailera),Rbff2(kailera),Tekken 6
  • ValkerionValkerion Joined: Posts: 340
    SN: Valkerion
    Name: Brion
    Mail: valkerion7@gmail.com
    PSN: Valkerion7
    XBL: Valkerionseven
    Cell: Have to personally ask for that.
    Loc: Savannah, GA
    Games: SSFIV, BB:CS, GG:(all versions) Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior w/e you want to call it , CvS2, Alpha 2/3, SF:3S, Samurai Showdown 4, Last Blade 2, Along with random classics like Star Gladiator, Rival Schools, Bloody Roar ect.
    Blazblue/Street Fighter 4/HD Remix/MvC2/GG:AC+
  • KazujiroKazujiro PSN ID: Kazujiro XBLive: Kazujiro SRK Joined: Posts: 1,632
    SN: Kazujiro
    Number: PM me
    Email: PM me
    XBL*: Kazujiro SRK
    PSN ID*: Kazujiro
    *Don't add me if you don't have or use a mic
    Loc: Chattanooga, TN
    Games: SSFIV, MVC3
  • GreentGreent Joined: Posts: 38
    SN: Greent
    Name: Trent
    Number: PM me
    Email: greent44@gmail.com
    XBL: greent4
    Loc: Charlotte,NC
    Games: SSf4,BB:cs,Vf5,Tekken 6,hd remix, UMK3
    Fuudo = #1 VF player, Now #1 SF player
  • .death.VIA.avatar..death.VIA.avatar. Joined: Posts: 35
    SN: deathVIAavatar
    Name: Shawn
    email: haywoodls@gmail.com
    GGPO: deathVIAavatar; Play all titles on GGPO
    XBL: deathVIAavatar; Play BlazBlue
    Wii: Shaywood; Play Tatsunoko Vs Capcom - Friend Code is 1678-0149-9974
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