Atlantic South Phone Book of Goodness (Numbers, XBL, PSN, Kaillera, etc.)



  • HyperliteHyperlite bagel Joined: Posts: 11
    I'm kinda new to SF, so I'm posting my info to see if I can find anyone near me. D:

    SN: Hyperlite
    Name:Caleb Chambers
    Loc: Canton, North Carolina
    PSN: Bagelite
    Games: SSF4, DoA:D (When it comes out.)
  • Kilometers DavisKilometers Davis Joined: Posts: 3
    Kilometers Davis
    SN: Kilometers Davis
    Loc: Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Soviet AfroSoviet Afro Dead(?) Joined: Posts: 874
    xbl s0viet afr0
    games SSF4 and MvC3
    Marvel 3 teams Magneto/Dante/Vergil Magneto/Dormammu/Dante Magneto/Doom/Vergil
  • HispanicNinjaHispanicNinja A.K.A. BDP Walmart Joined: Posts: 40
    SN: HispanicNinja
    Name: Jeffrey
    Yahoo: Hispanicninja
    Loc: Huntsville, AL
    Cell: 256-221-8147
    Games: MVC3, SSF4, KOF 2K2UM, 3S, BBCS (and any other game i can get my hands on lol)
    GT: HiSpAnIcNiNjA91
    PSN: Hispanicninja
    SSF4: Chun-Li
    BBCS: Tsubaki, Noel
    KOF 2K2 UM: Yuri, Athena, Vice, Foxy, Leona, Blue Mary
    MVC 3: Chun-li, Amaterasu, Phoenix.
  • BobSmackBobSmack BV CTO / FR Administrator Joined: Posts: 2,519 mod
    Repost from the first post. I'm not maintaining it any more, so here is everybody from the original post:

    Listings divided into State

    South Carolina

    SN: Bobsmack
    Name: Kyah Hicks
    XBL: EMSBobSmack
    Loc: Anderson, SC / Overland Park, KS
    Kaillera: bobsmack (Super Turbo, Alpha 3)

    SN: ProfessorLester
    Name: Lester J. Green
    AIM: Professor Kex
    Cell: 864-423-4673
    Loc: Simpsonville SC

    SN: Icege
    Name: Joshua D. McWhorter
    AIM: Icege
    Cell: (843) 224-8545
    ICQ: 531237
    Loc: Charleston, SC

    SN: Tak
    Name: Michael Gibson
    Cell: 864-982-5496
    Loc: Greenville / Columbia, SC

    SN: Greywolf78
    Name: Jeff Arnold
    Num: (843)-532-4328
    Loc: Summerville SC / Helena, MO

    SN: MGS(liquid)
    Name: T. Hill
    AIM: defjukie6
    YM: adaptiveone
    Cell: 347-615-5666
    Loc: Greenville, SC

    SN: Hi-Tekk
    Name: Rahjon Acey
    Cell: Email me and I'll give it to ya
    Loc: Columbia, SC
    PSN: Hi-Tekk_Saint
    Games: SSTHDR & SF IV

    SN: AwardTour
    Name: Dwaine Simmons
    aim: daonedaonly2k6
    Loc: Columbia,SC
    PSN: Great12k7
    Gamertag: Great1 2k7
    Games: SSTHDR & SF IV

    Every Fighting game in existence
    cell 843-209-2254

    North Carolina

    SN: Kingkiller12
    AIM: Xx Th3 B055 xX
    LO: Greenville, NC
    PSN: Kingkiller12
    Phone #: PM or mail me
    online games: SSF2THDR, SF4 (i play a whole lot of other games)
    GGPO: im still in the process of port fowarding

    2df/ hamachi: TruTH101
    Location: Charlotte/Greensboro, NC
    facebook: Henry Funny
    A2, A3, MvC, X vs SF, Msh vs SF, 3S,

    SN: iTCH --> El Muerte
    Name: David Mitchell
    AIM: tokennugga08
    Phone: IM or PM me.
    Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Games: All 2d fighting games, SOME 3d Fighters (Tekken, Soul Calibur 4), Halo 2 & 3, DDR, I just like games period. Like meeting new competition and <3 the competition

    SN: Coast
    Name: Coast Hall
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Cell: 704-780-5386
    Games: CVS2, SSf2, SF4, of ill save some time....all SF, Smash

    SN: Brandino
    Name: Brandon Lee
    AIM: Fuzzeslippaz | MSN:
    Cel: 419-322-1983
    Loc: Goldsboro, NC
    Games: Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, and Queen of Hearts 2k1: Party Breakers.

    SN: Knuckledust
    Name: Thomas Chadwick
    AIM: SuperTacobomb
    Location: Fayetteville, NC
    Games: 3rd Strike
    Cell: PM for #

    SN: PuppetMaster12
    Name: Julienne Mulzac
    AIM: PuppetMaster12
    Home: Washington, DC
    Location during School: Asheville, NC
    Cell: 202 329 1709
    Games: Mainly 3S and Tekken, Guilty Gear, KOF new and old, SF EX3, SSBM, CVS2, MVC2, pretty much any good fighter I'll play.

    SN: JiBbo
    Name: David-Paul Mattock
    Num: PM Plz
    AIM: ABigMiniWheat
    Myspace: David-Paul Mattock (David-Paul) on Myspace
    Loc: Fayetteville/Greensboro, NC
    PSN - AutoMattock
    Games - 3s, SF4, HDR, CvS2

    SN: Yeah Dood 120%
    Name: Joshua Edwardo Mattock
    Number: PM me
    AIM: Yeah Dooooood

    PSN: YeahDood
    Loc: Fayetteville, NC
    Games: 3rd Strike

    SN: Beast of Fire
    Name: Blake Mansour
    AIM: BeastOfFire2K1
    Phone: IM or PM me.
    MySpace: Blake Mansour (Blake) on Myspace
    Location: Durham, NC
    Games: Guilty Gear

    SN: SieClayton
    Name: Lucious Clayton
    Phone: 919-452-7140
    Location: Greensboro, NC
    AIM: sieclayton
    Games: All old SFs, KOF 96/98/XI, NGBC, Real Bout: Fatal Fury (all), Versus series, CvS2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core, Samurai Showdown 1-5 special

    2df/ hamachi: TruTH101
    Location: Charlotte/Greensboro, NC
    facebook: Henry Funny

    A2, A3, MvC, X vs SF, Msh vs SF, 3S,


    SN: Gin or Drew
    Name: Drew Maffei
    Location: Marietta, GA
    AIM: Badman4275
    Cell: Ask for it on aim or email
    XBLA: Gintoki011 (friend me if you want. just include that youre an srk guy in a msg)
    Games: SF4, HD REmix, ST classic, GGXX AC, most SNK (I'm always looking to play new people too. Always wanting to get better!)

    SN: delphikiwiggin aka MPR
    Name: Juan Gramajo
    Loc: conyers, GA
    Games: HDR/vST, 3s, SFIV, pretty much all capcom games

    SN: Rounder
    Name: David Toler
    Loc: Milledgeville, GA
    Cell# PM
    XBL: Rounder EX
    Games: HDR, SF4

    SN: zalbain
    Name: Rizzo
    XBL: zalriel
    Loc: Buford, GA
    Games 3s, SF4, SC4

    SN: branh0913
    Name: Brandon Harrell
    Location: Sandy Springs/Buckhead, GA (Have ATL address):
    Yahoo: branh0913
    Live MSN: branh0913
    AIM: BrandonHrrll
    GGPO: branh0913
    2DF: branh0913
    cell: ask through PM
    Games: SFIV

    SN: Black Guile / Doc Strange
    Name: Shawn Mulgrave
    Location: Stone Mountain, Ga
    Games: Cvs2, 3s, Mvc2, St, Kof(any)
    Cell: 678-596-3304

    SN: Magnicious (I'd like to be called that so I know it's someone from the community calling.)
    Loc: Roswell, GA
    Tel: 404-518-2540

    SN: nekohime
    Name: Daniel
    location: Rossvile, GA / Chattanooga, TN
    Games: Arcana Heart
    PM for contact info.

    SN: Dogysamich
    Name: Ethan D.
    AIM: Dogysamich
    Location: Warner Robins, GA
    Games: GG:AC, CvS2, SSBM, SSBB (rarely), A3, 3S, SC3

    SN: 1hitparry
    Name: Terry Chang
    AIM: onehitparry
    Loc: Atlanta, GA
    Games: 3S, RPGs, and reading
    Note: I'm only in Atlanta during the school year.

    Location : ATLANTA ,GEORGIA
    404 503 3723
    404 503 1476
    myspace: (no fake asses please)
    games : SUPER turbo, killer instinct, third strike

    SN: Madara Itachi/Magnetic Itachi
    Name: Joel/Antonio
    email: or PM me
    cell: once you give me your contact info ill give you mine.
    Loc: Atl, GA
    Games:Almost every 2d and 3d games but mostly mvc2,3s,cvs2,MB,AC,soul calibur 2&3. and naruto4. need to play AH,tekken,ST,Alpha3,DOA,V5, and more KOF new or old

    SN: djdell82
    Name: Gamal aka DJ
    AIM, Yahoo, ICQ & MSN: djdell82
    Cell: 706-563-3710
    Loc: Albany, GA
    Games:Capcom vs series, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, 3S, SFII series, Arcana Heart, KOF series, GG series, CvS series, ST, STHD, MBAC ver.B and good dojin fighting games. Also to play alot of GGPO, 2DF and P2P FBA/MAME online alot, so hit me up anytime you want to have a couple of matches

    SN: The Epidemic
    Name: Allen
    Cell: PM me...
    AIM: The Epidemic03
    Location: ATL, GA
    Games: 3s, GGAC, Doa4, CVS2, Naruto GNT4, Bleach: BB

    SN: Shadow Ace 50
    Name: Ace Green
    Location: Lithonia,GA
    Games: Smash Bros. Brawl, Cvs2,SSF2T,
    Cell: 404-279-2982

    SN: kimjongph1r aka krazykorean456 (on dustloop)
    Name: Phil
    Location: Middle TN / Lawrenceville, GA
    Games: GGXXAC, 3s, Marvel, KOF, T6, and soon to be Blazblue, Tatsunoko vs Capcom
    Cell: 678-687-3608

    SN: Cool-Breeze/Lord-Iceman
    Name: Trayveon "L.O.D." Maxwell III
    AIM: icemancoolbreeze
    Location: ImpactPlayers Dojo#1/Marietta,Ga
    Games: MVC2-SF4-SC4-Madden-Civilization-Garou-SNK's (Plural)Fight Night and Much much more

    SN: Pimpjuice
    Name: Charles Hinton
    Home: 404-344-7767
    Loc: Atlanta, GA

    SN: kombatfreak
    Name: Michael Young
    Home: 404-251-6176
    Cell: 713-259-2926
    Loc: Atlanta, GA

    SN: monkee77
    Name: Scott Burford
    Cell: 090.7727.8617
    Loc: Atlanta, GA / Tokyo, Japan

    SN: Eric J / Hao Gui
    Name: Eric Jeffries
    Home: 404-292-8380
    Cell: 678-575-2270
    Loc: Atlanta, GA

    SN: slayerX4
    Name: Brandon Simmons
    Cell: (770)-364-4789
    AIM: ahnonimous
    Loc: Atlanta, GA

    SN: Syn_187
    Name: Franco Clarke
    Num: 770-799-5758
    Loc: Atlanta, GA

    SN: fatherbrain
    Name: Robert Rivers
    PS3: fatherbrainSRK
    Loc: Hinesville, GA

    SN: Omega Battlecat
    Name: Justin Gray
    Cell: 08050392840
    Loc: Atlanta GA / Tokyo, Japan

    SN: The Purple Bunny
    Name: Chris Dopp
    Num: 229-300-1167
    AIM: Bum4Life19822000
    Loc: Valdosta, GA

    SN: kageindustries
    Name: Ty "Pink" Gunningham
    Cell: 706-402-2899
    AIM: Windmill4tehland
    Loc: LaGrange, Ga

    SN: LiquiTed
    Name: Ted King
    Send PM
    Loc: Lavonia, GA
    XBL- LiquiTed2008

    SN: ZERO Shift
    Name: Johnny Gibbs
    Num: 229-220-5694
    Loc: Decatur, GA

    SN: zugzug
    Name: Andy Phaiboun
    Cell: 678-644-0306
    AIM: snowboarder1019
    Loc: Marietta, Ga

    SN: Lastblade
    Name: Daniel Lower
    AIM: hibiki_lb02
    Cell: 404-626-0063
    Loc: Alpharetta, Ga

    SN: ace_uno
    Loc: Atlanta, Ga
    Kaillera: ace_uno (Mark of the Wolves)

    SN: WantonX
    Name: Mike Wood
    Cell: 4048381936
    XBL: RoflHawse
    Loc: Duluth.GA

    Sn: JDash247
    Name: Joel Siler
    Loc: Stone Mountain, GA
    Aim: JDash247
    XBL: JDashATL
    Kaillera: JDash (On KOF '98)
    Phone: 678-977-5410

    SN: Bananas8462
    Name: Eddie Mu
    AIM: OMGu8myRice8462
    Num: (404) - 909 - 1688
    Loc: Suwanee, GA
    Game(s): MvC2

    SN: eddygordo4
    Name: Joseph Kimball
    Num: 404-788-5345
    YM: eddygordo_1
    AIM: eddygordo4
    Myspace: Joe on Myspace
    Loc: Covington, GA

    SN: richardwad1
    Name: Richard Wade
    AIM: richardwad2
    Phone: 706 845 9443
    MySpace: Richard Wade (Richard Paul Wade ^_^) on Myspace
    Location: LaGrange, GA
    Games: 3S, Alpha 2/3, CVS1/2, any 2d fighter....I prefer Street Fighter.
    My Band:

    SN: SatsuiNoHadouu
    Name: Charles Thompson
    Loc: Ft. Stewart, GA (Hinesville)
    Cell: 912-271-4407

    XBL: TGD009
    MSN: xerocat (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Loc: Valdosta, Ga
    Games: Street Fighter IV

    SN: kaioshade
    Name: Kevin Deane
    Location: Snellville, GA
    PSN: tenchisozou
    AIM: kaioshade
    Games: SF4, GGAC, Melty Blood


    SN: OperationFilth
    Name: Kaycee
    XBL: KilltheLightsX
    PSN: OperationFilth [play SFIV on PSN]
    AIM: coldwater xx
    Loc: Jacksonville, FL
    Games: SFIV, SF II HD Remix are my mains

    SN: Rick Fn Stalvey
    Name: Rick Stalvey
    Mail: PM only
    XBL: Rick Fn Stalvey
    Loc: Fort Myers, FL
    Games: SF4 and STHDR

    SN: pskelly
    Name: Patrick Skelly
    XBL: P Skelly
    PSN: PSkelly
    AIM: pskelly86
    Y!: patrickskelly
    Location: Orlando, Florida
    Games SF4(PS3), SF4(360)

    SN: UberBob25
    Name: Bob / Eric , (Twin Bros) Both play on live
    Tags: XBlive: x626x Bob, PSN: Uberbob25
    Location: Tampa, Fl (Brandon)
    AIM: Raynoran
    cell: ask through PM
    Games: all SF games, Soul Cal 4, and any other skilled fighter no crap like MK vs DC

    SN: I$AAC
    AIM= TheOnlyOne1337
    360 GT= ISAAC SRK
    PSN= TheOnlyOne1980
    and now time for a shameless plug of the myspace page I'm trying to get off the ground...

    SN: bigboriqua
    Name: Albert P
    Cell: 352-702-8267
    XBL: Albert7x
    Loc: Mount Dora, FL
    Kaillera: Albert7x, or Trebla Zerep
    GGPO: Albert7x
    Games: ST, STHDR, HF, 3S, Vampire Saviour 2, KOF97/98

    SN: kifmzk
    Name: Aakif A.
    Location: Bradenton, Fl
    Games: Cvs2, 3s, Mvc2, GG
    Cell: 954-559-8170

    sn: jin kogunai
    name: james timberlake
    cell: 754-423-8503
    Loc: Miramar, FL

    SN: Ae86miami
    Name: Carlos
    Cell: (786) 419-5957
    Loc: Miami, FL

    SN: Vercette
    Name: Michael Decker
    Cell: 407-620-9194
    Home: 407-897-6052
    Loc: Orlando, FL

    SN: Guardian / MasterAgaton
    Name: Adonis McQueen
    Cell: 314-807-2129
    Loc: Tallahassee, FL / St.Louis, MO

    SN: Heidern98
    Name: Jeffrey Tessar
    AIM: Heidern98
    Num: 954-296-6337
    Loc: Pompano, FL

    SN: nothingxs
    Name: Andres Velasco y Coll
    Cell: (305)542-5344
    AIM: nothingxs
    YM: nothingxs
    ICQ: 21796025
    Loc: Miami, FL
    Kaillera: nothingxs (Super Turbo)

    SN: Gluehuffer136
    Name: Gabriel Negron
    Num: (954)288-9544
    AIM: Gluehuffer136
    Loc: Orlando / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    SN: GuileMike
    Cell: 850-591-7471
    AIM: GuileMikeFSU
    Loc: Tallahassee, FL

    SN: Oyo
    Name: Michael Smith
    Num: 352-514-3419
    Loc: Gainesville, FL

    SN: Talbain666
    Name: Rob Trueba
    AIM: Sacanache
    Loc: Miami, FL

    SN: Gozulin
    Name: Mehdi
    Loc: Coral Springs / Broward County, Fl

    SN: Spicules
    Name: Chris Melendez
    Num: (850) 575 7861
    AIM: MB2Kforever
    Loc: Tallahassee, FL

    SN: KingRey
    Name: Rey Escanio
    Cell: 9048915102
    Loc: Jacksonville, FL

    SN: Humcast
    Name: Roger Hughes
    Num: (786) 797-1325
    AIM: humcast2003
    Loc: Miami, FL

    SN: sudash
    Name: Jeewan Dabideen
    Loc: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    SN: final_cut
    Name: Norm Stovall
    Loc: Jacksonville, FL (Riverside Area)
    Kaillera: final_cut (Mark of the Wolves, Alpha 3)

    SN: evillee
    Name: Luc
    Cell: 786-269-7897
    AIM: haitianhomey1012
    Loc: Kissimmee, FL/ Miami, FL

    SN: doujinshi_2001
    Loc: Orlando, FL
    Kaillera: jinomen (Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Super Turbo)

    SN: Dangief
    Name: Dan Davies
    AIM: Kamquatzero
    Cell: 570-898-4271
    Loc: Orlando, FL

    SN: 1stKlas
    Name: Ralph Clotaire
    AIM: F1ghtingDream3rs
    Cell: 407-913-9379
    Loc: Ft. Myers/ Orlando, Fl

    SN: Rickism
    Name: Ric
    Cell: 954-588-2030
    Loc: Fort Lauderdale, FL

    SN: ize(colombia)
    Name: Camilo Diaz
    MSN: KOFrulez
    Myspace: fAbian on Myspace
    Kaillera: ize(colombia) - king of fighters 98/97
    Loc: Orlando, FL

    SN: Sentinels Force
    Name: Ozzie
    Num: 786-525-9830
    AIM: Sentinelsforce75
    MySpace: Myspace
    Loc: Miami, Fl

    SN: Lord Jas
    Name: Jose Santiago
    Num: 786-389-0628
    YM: lordjas99
    AIM: lordjas99
    MySpace: Jose Santiago (Lord Jas) on Myspace
    Loc: Miami, Fl

    SN: Kyori Kusagami
    Name: Bruno
    AIM: brasilianpimpin
    Kaillera: Kyori Kusagami - 3S, ST, KoF98, anything else
    XBL: Kyori Kusagami
    Loc: Ft. Lauderdale, FL


    SN: SSJ George Bush
    Name: Raph
    AIM: Crazychickenchef
    Loc: Montgomery, AL
    Cell: 334-354-2019
    Games: 3S, GGXX, A3, Arcana Heart, ST, Soul Calibur 3/4, ST, Samurai Showdown Tenka

    SN: Drizzt Do'urden
    Name: TJ Oh
    Cell: 334 797 1337
    Loc: Dothan Al

    SN: C-Deezy
    Name: Colin Patterson
    Cell: 334-549-4625
    Loc: Montgomery, AL

    SN: Silent Shinobi
    Name: Ben Robinson
    Cell: (205) 253-9028
    Loc: Birmingham, Al

    SN: Phoenyx
    Name: Cordarius Perry
    Num: 205-424-7086
    Loc: Birmingham, AL

    SN: Fang007
    Name: Rashad Freeman
    Home: 334 724-3295
    Cell: 334 430-4594
    AIM: Fang0083
    Loc: Montgomery, AL

    SN: halcyonryu
    Name: Colin Caldwell
    xbl: BlueGuile
    phone: 256-405-1601
    location: Anniston, AL(directly in between ATL and Bham)

    SN: ...~*jase*~...
    Loc: Montgomery, AL
    Kaillera: jase (XvSF, MvC, Alpha 3)

    SN: SethEK9
    Loc: Huntsville, AL
    Kaillera: [|-SethEK9-|] (XvSF, MSHvSF, A3, ST, UMK3, MvC (a little bit), MOTW)

    SN: Sk1llzthatk1llz
    Loc: AL
    Kaillera: (XvSF, MvC, ST, Alpha 3)

    SN: Barky
    Name: Marcus Todd
    AIM: MTOL65 (not on often)
    Number: Pm me
    Location: Auburn, AL
    Games: 3s, MVC2, some guilty gear

    SN: Hideki-Motosuwa (aka: Soma Atlasia X)
    Name: Michael Anderson
    phone: (334) 244-9321
    Cell: (334) 652-3206
    Games: Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, SF:3S, Arcana Heart, TvC, Any Doujin Game
    Loc: Montgomery, Al

    SN: Spud
    Name: Just call me Spud
    Loc: Bama (but you can find me at GA pretty often too)
    Telephone & Cell: Ask me for it if you want it
    Yahoo: It's but I never use it, so don't bother
    Games: Street Fighter IV. Add me and play me, I need the experience.


    SN: lycan_901
    Name: Orel Paez
    LOC: Memphis, TN
    PSN: btlycan
    Cell: (901) 644-3967
    Games: SF4 and many others!

    SN: Samurai Lincoln
    Name: Ron
    City: Nashville, TN
    Cell: 615-753-7641 (Call, Text)
    Available: Weekends
    Games: 3S, GGXX (AC), BB, Brawl, Melee. Pretty much all 2-D, and 3-D fighters.

    SN: thecarnalcorpse
    Name: Billy Foss
    AIM: thecarnalcorpse / MSN:
    PSN: hardboiledzombie
    Loc: Knoxville, TN
    Games: ST, SFA3, SF3:3S, SF4, SC4, T5:DR, T6

    SN: krayzeej
    Name: Jason
    XBL: KrayzeeJL
    AIM: krayzeejl
    Cell: 865-323-0021
    Loc: Knoxville, TN
    Games: Tekken, SC, CvS2, SF4, GG

    SN: Tanner
    Name: Tanner Stone
    Number: PM me
    Yahoo: xTSTONEx
    Myspace: Tanner Stone (tl/fwi) on Myspace
    Loc: Chattanooga, TN
    Games: 3rd Strike, SF Alpha 2 & 3, MvC, KoF 2002, MvSF

    SN: Sdouble
    Name: Scott Gaines
    AIM: ScottGainesUFS
    YM: SdoubleSFwarrior
    XBL: SdoubleG
    Cell: 931 205 7953
    Loc: Shelbyville, TN

    SN: lilzizzay814816
    Name: Zay
    Yahoo: lilzizzay814816
    Cell: 9014139097
    Status: MVC2
    Loc: Memphis,TN

    SN: R7Nite
    Name: Brandon Robello
    AIM: R7Nite
    Status: 3S, GGAC, SFA2, SSBM (Need to play more 2D Fighters, lol)
    Loc: Memphis,TN

    SN: AzurePhoenix
    Name: Melvin Berry Jr.
    Yahoo: theazurephoenix
    AIM: azurephoenix1986
    Location: Memphis, TN
    MySpace : Shinigami Substitute on Myspace (Rarely on now)
    Games: 3S, GG, KoF, HNK, MB, SSBM, (gasp!) basically any 2D game I get my hands on lol

    SN: Grale
    Name: Billy Chen
    AIM: Tabrelial
    Skype: Tabrelial
    Cell: PM me
    Loc: Nashville, TN


    SN: ViceVirtuoso
    Name: Brett Jordan
    Loc: Hattiesburg, MS
    Cell# PM
    Games: F/UC, MBAC, GGAC, Brawl (lololol), up for anything else too.

    SN: E C
    Name: Preston
    XBL: Pending
    Cell: PM
    YM: estoico_cinismo
    Loc: Jackson, MS
    Games: SF4, HDR, SC4

    SN: AceKombat
    Name: Michael P
    Loc: Gautier, MS

    SN: K yoji24
    Name: Narada Pollard
    Cell (601) 951-4229
    Loc: Jackson, Mississippi

    sn: RWK311
    name: Randall Kendrick
    cell (228)229-9400
    loc: Biloxi MS
  • DanDanNoodlesDanDanNoodles Joined: Posts: 45
    SN: DanDanNoodles/ReisenDan
    Name: Dan Wade
    AIM: ShinjinKeikun
    Cell (call or text): 336-442-0273
    Games: SSFIV, MvC3, SSBM, some Guilty Gear and KoF, AH
  • integraleqintegraleq Joined: Posts: 4
    SN: IntegralEquation
    Name: Justin T. Simms
    Google Talk: same as email
    Cell : 404-903-2091
    Games: SSFIV, MVC2, BBCS , MK9 (soon..... verrrrry soon.) and other stuff.
  • omicydeomicyde Joined: Posts: 23
    Name: Omar (omi)
    cell: 7875663350 (txt first pl)

    i wanna get my game on, (SSF4, MvC3)
    im currently in johns creek, GA
    im the merc with a mouth.
  • G0F0RBR0KEG0F0RBR0KE Shun Goku Satsu Joined: Posts: 2,710 mod
    Name: Alex
    cell: (404) 946-3560
    Games: Marvel vs Capcom 2. Marvel vs Capcom 3 (A little), MK9, SSFIV, 3rd Strike, XvsSF, Alpha series.
    Screenname: G0F0RBR0KE
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia (Gwinnett/Fulton/Dekalb/ County; I literally live near them.)
    Shun Goku Satsu :) [Website is up and running]
  • Samuel McCravySamuel McCravy redemption99 Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Samuel McCravy
    PSN: PenultimatePain
    XBL: PenultimatePain
    Games: MVC3(PSN), SSF4(XBL), SFIII:ThirdStrike(PS2), Soul Caliber 2 & 4(GameCube and XBL), Assorted other fighting games.
    Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia (Gwinnett County)

    E-mail me if you want more information, thanks!
  • kokocipherkokocipher Butt Scratcher Joined: Posts: 75
    Kaillera: Koko
    GGPO: Koko
    Gtalk: PM
    AIM: PM

    Games: MVC(PS), SFIII:ThirdStrike(PS2)
    Norcross (Gwinnett), GA

    I'm on AIM and Gtalk most often.
  • King Busa JZA80King Busa JZA80 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hear ye, Hear ye, Come one, Come all ! King Busa JZA80 HAS ARRIVED lol.
    Name: Deonté
    E-mail: PM me
    PSN: Hayabusa_2JZ
    Games: Games im loving right now, SSFIV AE, MORTAL KOMBAT 9 , THIRD STRIKE,TEKKEN 6,MVC2, SSF2T. MVC 3 can go jump off a cliff and die in a fire . Also every racing game .
    Location: Gastonia/Charlotte area.
    Dying to find folks in gastonia that actually take fighting games serious , just finished college in greensboro and there were alot up there.
  • PunishIgnorancePunishIgnorance Joined: Posts: 11
    PSN: Punishignorance
    Fighting games: MvC3

    Orlando, Fl
    Feel free to PM on SRK as well. Seeking skilled players on PSN or Orlando area players offline. Pl refer to this thread when sending friend request- Thx!
  • ManondorfManondorf Punchin' fools to dust. Joined: Posts: 2
    Name: Frank
    XBL: PPManondorf
    Games: MvC3(XB), SSF4 (XB) , BB: CS (XB), Willing to try other fighters
    Location: Spartanburg, SC
    Looking for casual but skilled online/offline play in the upstate. For reals or for play, it don't matter, all about the laughs.
  • KhaosdragonKhaosdragon IronSent Joined: Posts: 1,655
    Time to update.

    XBL: KhaosdragonPSN
    PSN: Khaosdragon
    Games: MVC2(ofcourse), BBCS & CT, SC2&3&4, GG series, FF series, Star Ocean series, DMC series, AH series, and I'm willing to travel for games. Racing games also. Currently also playing Magic 2012 online. But I play Magic The Gathering in RL.

    Email is:
    Number is : (404)734-1973

    Hit me up for games or get togethers. Mainly MVC2 if fighting game though. If you do me like my friend mystic up there and make me play some Toy Story Marvel I'm gonna punch you in the throat LMAO
    "I'd say penis vs vagina is a 10-7 matchup.....penis usually wins, but vagina has pregnancy sneak attack for lockdown...guardbreaking and unblockable on wakeup" Quote by: Nickguy
  • guitalex2007guitalex2007 Joined: Posts: 3,025
    PSN: guitalex2007
    Games: MK9, MvC3, 3S, AE (in exact order of preference)

    Live Gamertag: guitalex2010
    Games: MK9

    Location: Graniteville, SC
    Ms. Fortune is great. Everybody likes a little head action every now and then.
    Stream here! Follow @guitalex on Twitter for stream updates!
  • Soviet AfroSoviet Afro Dead(?) Joined: Posts: 874
    My turn.
    XBL: s0viet afr0
    Games: MvC3, SSF4 AE
    I'm probibly the only person on here who actually likes MvC3, but I do find the game to be a blast to play, Looking for good players on that game to improve
    Marvel 3 teams Magneto/Dante/Vergil Magneto/Dormammu/Dante Magneto/Doom/Vergil
  • Mr. Good BearMr. Good Bear Joined: Posts: 2
    Name: Sterling Thomas
    Location: Orlando, Florida
    XBL: Rastaking Usopp
    Games: SSF4 AE & 3rd Strike

    Whenever I scrounge up some money I'll start playing MVC3 again
  • Pande IIPande II Joined: Posts: 55
    XBL: Pande ii
    Location: Marietta, GA
    "Press a button I fucking dare you"
  • paymentplanpaymentplan Joined: Posts: 8
    Name: Victor
    Location: Conyers, GA
    XBL: Payment Plan
    Games: MvC3, 3SO, SF4

    I'm really new and would like a group of folks that play pretty regularly to help me get into the scene.
  • dlm16a2dlm16a2 Joined: Posts: 9
    SN: DLM16A2
    Name: Dominick McGhee
    PSN: DLM16A2
    Games: MVC3, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, MK(not that great yet, but getting there)
  • ArkChainerArkChainer Joined: Posts: 5
    Name: (Chris)topher Cameron
    Location: (currently) Lake City, SC
    gamertag: ArkChainer
    Games: SSF4 AE (main), UMVC3 (soon), Blazblu CS2 (soon/no exp whatsoever)........Dark Souls...?

    Looking for competent/ego-less/easy going players to train and play casuals with. I don't play online matches as much now but will gladly play if anyone is on (connection isn't best at all times).
    SSF4 AE 2012 Main: Rufus
  • ValexandValexand Joined: Posts: 53
    psn starret
    name alex
    email avoulgarellis@gmail
    playing umvc
    sarasota/bradenton fl
  • aceofspades321aceofspades321 Sure you can. Joined: Posts: 19
    Name: Corey
    PSN: Aceofspades321
    Games: AE, UMVC3, MK (really bad), Blazblue (for shiggels)
    Online most everyday but not always fighting games
  • Chaos242Chaos242 Sakura Lover Joined: Posts: 32
    Name: Taylor
    PSN: Chaos242
    Games: SSF4 (EVERY DAY), Tekken 6 (not lately), MK9 (occasionally)
    Location: Woodstock/Marietta, GA

    I am online every day, as I use it to "decompress" after a long day at work. Add me and let me know you saw me at SRK!
  • TNBTNB Bye. Joined: Posts: 1,180
    I'm not giving a whole lot of personal information.
    I'm in southeast NC.
    My PSN tag is dogboy_TNB.
    GGPO: Dogboy
    Supercade: I am rarely on there due to the main comp not downloading xp sp3 correctly and being old. I'm TNB or something.

    I currently have ae 2012, UMVC3, 3s oe, Tekken 6, and HDR.

    I'm best at HDR with Chun, beating Voltech's Chun in a match after failed attempts with other characters against him and others. I'd say I'm worst at the new marvel and Tekken 6, and not having people that are significantly better and generously helpful to play against is not beneficial to me. I'm kinda bad at sf4 as it's so odd and there are SO. MANY. Matchups.

    I'm not a furry. I grew up with having a dog or 4 in the house. And with whichever dog during whichever time, I was their boy. Not a reference to liquid television's dogboy either. I use TNB because those are my initials. I also entered that into arcade machines, and it's a sort of homage to NKI, who was beastly and disappeared.
    Skills and attitude prove worth as a player, not the internet.
  • EvilPikachuEvilPikachu Joined: Posts: 11
    XBL: x0EvilPikachu0x
    PSN: RPGJunky
    Name: Tim
    Games: SSFIV:AE(both systems), KOF13(ps3), Third Strike(360)

    Seeking new friends/players who can enjoy a good fight. Also seeking players to give me pointers and constructive criticism. I'm not great, but getting better
    UMvC3: Amaterasu/Dante/Akuma
    SSFIVAE: Akuma
  • PrinceMurphyPrinceMurphy Joined: Posts: 322
    SN: Princemurphy
    Name: Bershad Murphy
    XBL: Princemurphy
    Location: Albany, Ga
    Games: AE 2012, MK 9, KOF, SFXT, P4A, TTT2, GGPO
  • QTOONQTOON GA ROG Joined: Posts: 103
    Name:Quinton Bruner
    Email:Pm for that
    Number: 912 654 4637
    Location: Hinesville/Glennville G.A
    Games: SSF4,K.o.F,(meh)UMVC3,SFxTK,S.G,3rd Strike
    SF5 - Bison / F.A.N.G
    USF4 - Balrog / Rolento / Evil Ryu

  • Panda-ZPanda-Z Joined: Posts: 7
    SN: pandazmafia
    Name: Gina
    Location:Fort Myers/Cape Coral FL
    Games:MvC3, SFxT, Blazblue, Skullgirls

    Since I transferred from NJ to college down here I have been having a hard time finding ppl to play with. Everyone is in Tampa/Orlando/Miami T___T
  • furyXTfuryXT alrightalrightalrighttt! Joined: Posts: 28
    edited May 2013
    SN: furyXT
    Name: Gordon
    psn: furyXT
    Live: ProtonFury
    Location: Valdosta, GA (Moody AFB)
    Games: umvc3, kof13, sf4ae. plus several others that are outside the fighting game genre.
    looking to get better with fighting games. Not the greatest, but can hold my own in a fight.
    Willing to drive to meet up too.
    Post edited by furyXT on
    YOU'RE SAGAT. NEVER JUMP. You're slow and half blind.
    xbl: ProtonFury
    psn: furyXT
  • ninjun90ninjun90 Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Trey Young
    YM: ninjakid86
    Email: and
    Location: Lilburn, GA
    Games: Any Fighting Game
    YT Channel: TreyYoung17
  • NeWoRlDGaMeRNeWoRlDGaMeR Joined: Posts: 12
    Name:Ezekiel Stewart
    PSN: DemonWolf34 Games i Currently Have:AE2012,Virtua Fighter 5(fs),3SO(Third Strike Online),and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
    Location:Clarksdale,MS &
    Youtube Channel:TheGamerMachine914
    Hit Me Up Guys! I'll be Training 24/7 now!
  • Philosophy123Philosophy123 Joined: Posts: 55
    Name: Phill
    XBX Gamer tag: Philosophy123
    Location: Sharpsburg, GA
    Games: Umvc3, AE 2012, 3rd Strike (currently learning)
    Just looking for some people to play with. I am pretty laid back and I don't get mad salty when I lose :)
  • RugalitarianRugalitarian B-tier for Beautiful Joined: Posts: 3,950
    Name: ???
    PSN: Rugalitarian
    Location: ???
    Games: AE, SFxT
    E-mail: ???
    all chun liz moevs go thru vegz
  • weirdthumbsweirdthumbs Joined: Posts: 2

    XBL: weird thumbs
    Location: TN
    Games: TTT2 and SSFIV AE

    Scrub but sodium-free and looking for friendly matches and people to grow with. FWM.
  • themightyikarithemightyikari Joined: Posts: 44
    PSN = themightyikari
    Location = Charleston SC
    Games = UMVC3, Skullgirls, VF5FS a little bit of 3rd strike
    UMVC3: Firebrand / Sent / Akuma
  • Jimmyboii305Jimmyboii305 Joined: Posts: 2
    Name: Jimmy
    XB0X Gamer tag: spinalslimjim
    Location: Florida City, FL
    Games: mvc3, SSF4, AE, SFxT, Injustice, MK, MK vs DC
    Add me and lets Fight!
  • djdell82djdell82 Joined: Posts: 10
    Back activly playing with my fellow Southern FGC, after I had to deal with some life issues. Here's a update

    XBL = djdell82(main) M1dL0w(for fighting games only)
    PSN = djdell82(main) M1dL0w(for fighting games only)
    Location = Albany,GA
    Games = PSN/XBL(3OE, MvC 1/2, Injustice, MK, MK vs DC, SFxT, UMvC3, SNK games(all of them on both XBL/PSN) etc. Will to travel and if live near Albany, I have a place big enough to host a few for some in house casuals.

    Also still get on GGPO/Supercade/ArcLive and other PC based fighters. But I play more on PC than on console, weekends usually my console days
    KOF 98 UM: Ryo/Clark/Blue Mary - KOF 2k2 UM: Ryo/Terry/Clark - 3S: Alex, Ryu, Dudley - CvS2: PMS ver.2 - Cammy/Hibiki/Morrigan(N-Groove) - SFIV: Sagat, Cammy, Dan - TvC: Ryu/Batsu, Alex/Ken - GGPO/2DF
  • drwill439drwill439 I'll never understand. Joined: Posts: 2,963
    Name: Will Anderson
    SRK: drwill439
    My Steam and Xbox names are in my signature.
    I'm currently in the Columbia, SC area, but I'll be back in Atlanta in November.

    Games: 3S (360), SSFIVAE (PC and 360), Injustice: UE (PC), SFXT (PC, but I dislike it), KOFXIII (PC, looking to get a 360 copy soon)
    Steam: [PCFL]Dr. Will Xbox 360/One: DrW1ll439
    PSN: drwill439 CFN:WKA439 (PS4) or drwill439(Steam)
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