Petition for KoFXIII on PC

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Whats up SRK? I was wondering if you guys could help me out here.

KoFXIII is a blast to play, but if you've only got a PC, there's no way to get in depth with the game besides playing the outdated arcade rip, so I started a petition to hopefully get Atlus and SNKP to port the game to PCs. I feel that since the game already runs on the TTX2 board, the game should take considerably less effort to port than the average console game, and with the market out there of new FG fans coming in with SFIV/AE and the fans who play KoF on GGPO, it should be easy to turn a profit for them.

Normally, I wouldnt think petitions would hold much clout, however, Dark Souls was recently announced for PC and its very hard to say that the petition didnt influence that decision at all. Hopefully we can make Atlus/SNKP aware of the benefits of porting XIII to the PC. Im sure there are many PC players who would love to play this awesome game. Please leave a signature and maybe we can get something going. Much love.

*note: Posting this in general fighting game discussion in the hopes of reaching more people. I hope nobody minds.


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