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XBL KOF XIII Players who are on on a daily basis.

ComboCrafterComboCrafter Just a guy...Joined: Posts: 71
Guys, every single day i get on KOF XIII, training mode is where i go, BECAUSE there is no one on XBL with a good connection to me or just no one on at all. So my plight is probably the same as the plight of the east coast player, there is no one to play and discuss weaknesses in your and their playstyles, no one to talk except the SRK people, who although they are extremely kind and generously give out info, take sometimes take forever to reply to your comments or concerns.
So if any body on here is an east coast player who is on XBL and KOF XIII more than three times a week and is willing to teach some basics add me and we can start from there.
My Gamertag is ComboCrafter btw.
|Juri/Evil Ryu|


  • GirugaMarcGirugaMarc Joined: Posts: 353
    Sr Lopez here. For the most part I'm on every day. I'll be traveling out of state a couple times for sports related reasons so there may be days I'm not on. We seem to have a decent connection so I'll be glad to train with you.
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