Captain America Assist Character Tier List.



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    If you're talking best Cap teams, I really think my team is one of the best Cap teams there is.

    Zero (b) / Cap (y) / Doom (b)

    I'm sure you guys understand how this team functions. I plan on making a video after EVO though.

    Honorable mentions -

    Zero (?) / Cap (?) / Dante (jam session)

    Functions similarly to my team, however has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage - best possible assist for Zero, allows same combo extension as missiles but better mix up and hit confirm potential. Bad news - no extended Cap combos with missiles. Trade off - more dangerous Zero, less dangerous Cap, better anchor than Doom (though not by much imo).

    Cap (a/y) / Morrigan (meter?) / Doom (b)

    You can put a ton of different characters with Cap/Doom missiles. Morrigan is an obvious choice because she clearly works very well with missiles, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Cap (a/y) / Taskmaster (a) / Doom (b)

    Taskmaster also benefits greatly from using missiles to chain multiple supers together, and I think Task (a) is one of the best assists for Cap as it can make "random" charging stars safe, can confirm off a throw into a combo using them, obvious cartwheel mixups, etc. Task DHCs from everything Cap can set him up for.

    Cap (a/y) / Spencer (up grapple) / Sentinel (a)

    I'm sure you're all more aware even than I am of the potential Cap and Spencer have together for damage and mixups in general. Add an assist that creates more combo opportunities for both Cap and Spencer? Golden. You could also probably swap Sentinel for Akuma (tatsu, good for Spencer, can confirm various ways with properly timed shields off of tatsu as well), or any beam/projectile assist, really.
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    Cap in the secondary spot? Is it more so a team catered to Zero? Sorry for my ignorance...but I really want to know. The idea of Zero and Cap being able to work together seems really intriguing... I understand if you don't want to share, of course. :)
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    Cap in the secondary spot? Is it more so a team catered to Zero? Sorry for my ignorance...but I really want to know. The idea of Zero and Cap being able to work together seems really intriguing... I understand if you don't want to share, of course. :)

    Cap with Genmu assists is actually a pretty decent combination. In theory, Genmu Hadangeki is the best projectile assist for Cap.

    Also, in case I didn't mention, I fixed the problem with the links.
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    Also, for note, my lists are heavily influenced by theory fighting.
    I have no choice but to pretend I am a soldier who knows no fear.
    PSN: ScanVisor (<--Top-tier theory fighter.)
    UMvC3: Captain America with various, often counter-picked assists.
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    *disclaimer - these next few posts are going to be a little messy while I'm making them, but I will clean it all up once I get the information down, promise.*

    Alright well, I don't know how I'm going to make a video but I'll still talk about this team for a little bit because I think it may be one of the best Cap teams (though not necessarily Cap-centric). I will be making mention of Doom as well for the sake of talking about the whole team, but I'll try to talk more about why it's a great team for Cap.

    To reiterate, the team is Zero (b - hadangeki) / Cap (y - charging star) / Doom (b - hidden missiles)

    I start Zero 95% of the time. I will start Cap in certain situations, like against Hawkeye, or other runaway-type characters that Cap can punish for free. For some reason I also like Cap vs. Nova over the Zero/Nova match-up. Either way, you start who you are more comfortable with. I actually started Cap 100% of the time before I realized that facing a good incoming mix-up and guessing wrong meant I lost the best character in the game, whereas starting Zero means I get a chance to go on a killing spree before he dies, and even if he does, I have a strong shell of Cap + Doom.

    Zero on Point

    Charging Star
    *"GTFO" assist - which can give you some breathing room - decent priority, but vulnerable to punish after the charging star comes out. Helpful when you're zoning with Hadangekis and you catch them off guard, or of course when you're under pressure.

    *Air-throw extensions - assist + Zero's :qcf::m: or :qcf::h: from the air after the throw. Have to be near the corner, but it's an option.

    *Combo extensions, mid-screen - after S hard knockdown from an air combo, pick them up in the same way you would off an airthrow. If you're mid screen, you can release level 3 buster to connect after the charging star, and then cancel into level 3. Pretty flashy, though usually better to just do a different mid-screen combo with better corner carry.

    *Combo extensions, 1/4 screen, towards corner - pick them up the same way as above, with the buster shot after the charging star, and then dash in and launch.

    *Combo extensions, corner - well, you can pretty much do what you want. After you pick them up, can you just jump up buster, then either zip to the ground and launch, or do lightning right into the lightning loop, or lightning into a level 3...

    *Combo extensions, AFTER a level 3 - right, so if you're in the corner, you can do a tiger knee'd :qcf::m: + Cap assist, and combo. The amount of hits you can do is directly related to whether you combo'd INTO the level 3, or you just got one raw off a punish. The timing is strict on this, but it definitely works.

    *Incoming mix-ups - Zero already has some pretty scary lightning-related mix-ups. Because of that, you can hit people with silly stuff ranging from just jump in the air, :qcb::l: into c.:l:...or one of my favorite, call charging star, :qcb::l: from the ground. If you're against the wall you can barely see the side-switch, and if you are using the same colored characters, you pretty much don't see Zero with this huge charging star taking up the screen.

    *Midscreen mix-ups - obviously this simple side-switch mix-up can be used mid-screen as well, which is great to mix into a blockstring, because you can confirm off of a connected charging star into a full combo. Ground teleports, air teleports (more risky), and lightning cross-ups all work well with charging star backing them up. Especially the horizontal lightning xx buster xx downward lightning mix-up. Since you can decide whether to release the buster before OR after the charging star connects, you get a 50/50 guaranteed, since the charging star is at the very least, putting them into blockstun for you to get a left/right.

    Hidden Missiles

    *Combo extension, air throws - you can combo from airthrows with a missile pickup assuming that the missiles were called and you throw at the proper time. Not necessarily something to rely on, but a good tool to have in the bag. Also, pretty much full screen, if you just called missiles and you punish something with a level 3, you can teleport to the other side with :qcb::m: and, if properly timed, combo from the level 3, full screen.

    (the following are all assuming the opponent is in hard knockdown state)

    *Random reset opportunity - The start of the sequence is always call missiles, air :qcf::h: xx buster xx :dp::l:. For a mix-up after a long combo, I like to land after the lightning, and do s.:h: xx :qcb::l:. What happens is you do the 3-hit s:h:, and they will autoflip out of the combo with missiles coming down. You either wait and teleport, or cancel into teleport if they flip before the 3rd hit. You cross them up, they get hit by missiles, and if timed perfectly, you can jump in the air and juggle with air :h::s:xx buster xx the rest of your combo.

    *Combo extension, cornered opponent - A couple options depending what you're going for. Again, these will all start with the sequence of :a2:, air :qcf::h: xx buster xx :dp::l:. If you launch right away, you can do air :s: for flying screen that gets cancelled by the missiles, into another :s: on the way down (similar to how Zero will bounce people off of Vergil assist using Mihe's team). Alternately, you wait and launch them as late as possible, then when you super jump there are basically two halves of the finisher - before the buster and after the buster. For the first lightning, you can either do :m::m::dp::h:, or just :dp::h:, or :dp::m:, depending on the character. The first choice is better for timing, but it causes the combo to do less damage. Anyway however you led to the lightning, you wait and release the buster. After the buster, at any height you can do :qcf::h: (or :m:) for a hard knockdown, and then Rekkoha when you hit the ground. If you fall a little bit first to about normal jump height before you release the buster, you can do a :dp::l: after, and you will land on the ground, with better recover. At this point you can either do tiger knee'd :qcf::m: or :h: ( :h: does more damage obviously, but the timing is much more strict) to hard knockdown into a Rekkoha, or you can go straight into lightning loop. Keep in mind with all of these options, if you used the hidden missile assist and still haven't used the Cap assist in the combo, you can easily lead into a hard knockdown and then use your standard Cap pick-up to go into lightning loop or whatever your heart desires.

    *Combo extension, after level 3 (corner) - If you have the meter and you can style on them, call missiles, air :qcf::h: xx buster xx :qcb::l: xx :dp::m::h: (level 3). The missiles will pick them up, during which time you do (grounded) S xx sjc'd :qcf::h: to get a hard knockdown again, after which you get another free OTG :qcf::h: xx buster xx :dp::l: xx lightning loop if you want, or hell you can even just Rekkoha right after you hard knockdown after the level 3. They're dead anyway, most likely.

    *Utility - Missiles help Zero by having something on the screen that will force someone to either block or be killed by a long and annoying combo. He gets free left/right and high/low mix-ups on a person who has to sit there and just block missiles. Missiles also lend a hand to Zero's underrated zoning game in a big way. Someone who has to eat the chip from cloned hadangekis, double charged busters and missiles is going to take a good chunk of damage without Zero ever getting in.

    To be continued, because I think I'm running out of room.
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    DHC Options

    Zero -> Cap
    *Rekkoha leads into Hyper Charging Star nicely. You want to time the DHC to Cap to happen as soon as you know the Rekkoha is active, if you're in the corner. If you're away from the corner, you can wait a little longer and time it so the HCS will clip them with the top of its hitbox as they rise in the pillar.
    *Rekkoha -> Hyper Stars and Stripes works as well, though I prefer HCS as it has less recovery time.
    *Rekkoha -> Final Justice works, but you want to cancel extremely early after Zero touches the ground. Also it's pretty pointless because if you have 4 bars anyway, you can DHC to Hyper Charging Star, and then into Sphere Flame and it will kill anyone in the game, assuming there was a decent Zero combo before the Rekkoha, which there should have been.
    *Clone -> HCS or HSS works well in certain punishment situations. The Hyper Stars + Stripes one is more of a shot in the dark and I wouldn't recommend it, but it can catch people offguard. Generally though if you're going to just raw clone super you should be doing it because it helps your zoning / mix-up game, because there's no reason to power him up and DHC into Cap on a gamble, especially because Cap will lose HIS safe DHC to Zero in the process. However, if you're in a situation where you need to get Zero out for Cap, and you have the opponent in a combo and you set them up for a lightning loop...if they have low enough health that they can be killed by a Hyper Charging Star, go into the clone super as if you were going to lightning loop, and then DHC into Hyper Charging Star. Kills character, gets Cap in for Zero, and powers up the Hadangeki assist to back up Cap. Pretty nice situation.

    Zero -> Doom
    *Rekkoha -> Doom Time - Pretty much same story as timing the Final Justice DHC. It works, but just isn't really worth the meter unless you're just clowning on someone. Especially since....
    *Rekkoha -> Sphere Flame / Photon Array - So, if you DHC into EITHER of these two supers early after the Rekkoha pillar starts coming out, you can follow up with another Sphere Flame. Considering Cap + missiles shenanigans, this means with this team you could theoretically do a Cap combo ending with HCS + missiles, pick up, combo into another HCS, DHC to Rekkoha at the end, then DHC to Sphere Flame, and then an additional Sphere Flame afterwards, and that would all combo. And probably do something like 1.8 million, so it's overkill, but that's what makes this team great. There's potential to do a TON of damage. Another benefit of the Sphere Flame thing is that if you're DHCing to Doom, well he's the anchor, you want him to be last. So after a Sphere Flame, you get a safe hard tag back in to Zero to cause more destruction.

    Cap -> Zero
    *Hyper Stars and Stripes to Rekkoha works.
    *Hyper Stars and Stripes to Genmu Zero works (have to cancel right on the last hit)
    *Hyper Charging Star causes a hard knockdown, so you can get a Rekkoha as long as you DHC with enough time for Zero to get it out.
    *Hyper Charging Star to Genmu Zero works as well, but the height of the opponent has to be right. Kind of a gamble considering you can just DHC through the team and do plenty of damage.
    *Anything to Sougenmu works, since Sougenmu is pretty safe on DHC even raw, so at the end of a combo you get a free power up, and you can usually hard tag Cap right back in, too.

    Cap -> Doom
    *Hyper Stars and Stripes to Sphere Flame works
    *Hyper Charging Star to Sphere Flame works in the corner, height dependent (though it will pick them up from lower than you would initially think)
    *Hyper Stars and Stripes to Photon Array works so long as you DHC while they are being staggered by the HSS (still on the ground)
    *Hyper Charging Star to Photon Array works in the corner, not sure if there's an advantage to using this over Sphere Flame though. More damage?
    *Hyper Stars and Stripes to Doom Time works if they were grounded when you started and you DHC while they are staggered and still on the ground
    *Hyper Charging Star to Doom Time works anywhere on the screen. Favorite DHC on this team, overall.

    Doom -> Cap
    *Sphere Flame won't DHC into anything Cap has.
    *Photon Array (ground) DHCs into everything Cap has, but chances are you're going to want to end with...
    *Photon Array (air) because it DHC's into all of Cap's Hypers, and all of Zero's, too.

    Doom -> Zero
    *Sphere Flame -> Rekkoha works just fine.
    *Photon Array (ground) ...see what was said about this super and Cap, apply to Zero
    *Photon Array (air) DHCs to level 3 and to Rekkoha. The timing is a bit strange. I'm not sure, but it MIGHT be possible to DHC into clone super and end up getting a lightning loop out of it. I might actually try that out and report back on that.

    Doom on Point

    All you need to really know is that Doom can 1 touch kill off of anything including a throw if he has the resources. Zero assist with Doom? If you still have Zero, why are you even playing with Doom right now. Put Zero in. Cap assist? Now we're talking...most of the time I'm left with a Cap/Doom pairing once Zero dies, and I like to DHC them back and forth to preserve health. I haven't found a really solid way to use Charging Star to get in, but it can be used as a combo extender with a s:h: after a hard knockdown, into some foot dives. That's about all I'm going to say about Doom on point, besides his DHC options, since most of the time Doom will be on his own anyway.

    Enough about that, let's move on to what Cap can do with this team.
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    Captain America on Point

    Assist use:


    This assist is going to be used to mix up the opponent with Cap. You're not going to be running around spamming it or anything, because you definitely don't want Zero to get tagged. However, a well-timed cartwheel + hadangeki makes for a great mix-up. You can use it on incoming characters after a shield slash (if they don't realize they can push block the shield), or even just randomly in the middle of a blockstring if you're feeling brave. This mix-up is punishable by people who can mash c:l: or whatever, as they'll hit Zero on the way in and then hit Cap out of the recovery of his cartwheel.

    You can also use the shot to approach. I like to throw a shield slash full screen just to pester, call Zero, throw another shield slash or run in and follow the shot. When you cancel your dash into a cartwheel for a huge full screen version of a cartwheel, you can get people crossed up by the Zero shot from some pretty absurd distances.

    If someone gets hit by the hadangeki, free combo. The hadangeki does good damage too. Some of the best combo starters I've found with Cap when trying to find optimal combos always have a hadangeki in there. So if you think it's safe to call the assist, it's worth having the shot out there. If you have Zero cloned, even better. It's like a mini Sent drone assist, since you can cartwheel to mix-up BETWEEN the shots being blocked.

    Mix-up opportunity - at the end of a combo when you want a reset, after you get a hard knockdown, you can call hadangeki and time it so you OTG with light shield slash and they get hit by the shot at the same time. They will air recover at a point when they might not expect it and you basically get a free air grab mix-up out of it.

    Hidden Missiles

    Obviously the best use of this assist is going to be to extend combos. If you have to end the combo midscreen, say with something like OTG shield slash xx :qcb::h: xx Hyper Charging Star, you'll want to call Doom right before the :qcb::h:. If you're in the corner, all you have to do is call Doom before you OTG xx Hyper Charging Star.

    *quick pointer* - You want to give Doom enough time for the missiles to actually come out, or the opponent will roll. So when you OTG with your shield slash, take notice that before they will ever flip, they are stuck in hitstun for about half a second, from the shield hit. If you delay your Hyper Charging Star activation, milking that hitstun time, you'll be much more likely to connect the missiles.

    Another way to time this, is when you land from an air chain into a knockdown, you can press :h:+:a2:, OTG as late as possible with the shield slash, and then delay your charging star super, as written above. It's a nice way to style a little bit too, whiffing a s:h: right on top of them.

    Speaking of styling, let's talk about what to do AFTER the missiles pick them up. You have a few options. All of them start with a light charging star, but the STYLISH version involves doing a cartwheel after you recover from your first super. You'll do a full cartwheel while the missiles pick them up, and it really helps to time the :qcb::l: to juggle them after. You really need to get a feel for juggling after the missiles pick up...I've seen people just immediately super while the missiles pick them up, and that's just not acceptable, when you can ALWAYS get more damage and meter out of the combo.

    Light Charging Star (juggled after missiles)....options afterwards
    1) team super (yep. It's a link, not a cancel)
    2) snapback (again, a link)
    3)Heavy Charging Star xx whatever super you feel like, but usually another Hyper Charging Star.
    3b) XFC the Heavy Charging star, and do another :qcb::l:, at which point go right back to the start of this list because you can do any of the above options.

    I should talk a little about mix-ups. Really the best thing missiles does for both Zero AND for Cap, is to serve as something that people have to respect and block, that doubles as a combo breaker, and that GREATLY enhances the damage you get from a Zero or Cap combo. When someone knows missiles are coming, they have to be defensive, which allows for free mix-ups. While it's funny to call missiles and repeatedly teleport with Zero while someone waits, it's even more fun to spam cartwheels that may or may not cross up as they sit there helplessly waiting to block the missiles. You can also do some fuzzy guard stuff on taller characters using the missile guardstun to help. Another option I really like while someone blocks missiles is deep j:m: dj 2:h::s:. The double jump is very sneaky and happens fast enough to catch someone blocking low after the apparent jump-in. If you don't do the double jump you can mix this up with just landing and doing a c.:l: for your standard high/low. You can also get something like 5 overheads in by doing j:m::m:dj:m::m: or some other variation, though that's just silly to really use in a match. If you land the hit you don't want to be putting a ton of :m:s in there hurting the hitstun when Cap can do so much damage. Anyway, I digress.

    I know this started a bit structured and it all looks a bit messy but I'm tired, I'm going to leave this alone for now. I'll come back tomorrow and make it look more professional and clean, and less like the incoherent ramblings of a madman.

    I'll also add anything I didn't think of off the top of my head. Maybe some bread and butters (for the team of course), if anyone's interested. Like the Zero combo that does 993,700 for 1 meter (not using lightning loop). That's the kind of stuff this team does. Hope you guys get something useful out of this.
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    I was just wondering about the lack of Taskmaster arrows on the projectile side of the tier list. I know its been a while since anyone posted in this thread but I feel that task arrows are great for the projectile game with cap. I also use skrull stone smite which can lead to easy re-launches and some good incoming character mix ups
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    Delayed projectiles are good with Cap, but I think beam assists, namely Unibeam and Plasma Beam are the best fit for Cap. They are highly durable and practically offer complete invulnerability for CS's (L and M's), and can snipe out any assist calls that aren't projectile invincible. Plus those two can't be ducked under like bolts and Thor's beam that I've forgotten the name of.

    Taskmaster's arrow assists are good, but I feel that people people would only choose Task over Doom or IM if they prefer him as a character over them. If a person generally wanted a good projectile/beam assist, I would recommend the other 2 (but Doom first as he's a better character).
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    Ah I see now, I think the difference is just that, I prefer Task over those characters. I feel it comes down to a difference in team ideology, a team with Cap as a member vs. a team built around Cap. I totally see how a team around Cap would better with those assists. I want my team to function as one unit so now I see the difference and why arrows aren't on the list
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    What would be the best placing for a Cap IM Spencer team.
  • MyNameIsEMyNameIsE Just call me E Joined: Posts: 130
    Cap IM Spencer
    Cap Spencer IM

    Depends on what you're after and how well you can use Spencer or IM if it comes down to them being the last characters.
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    Trying to find the best anchor for Cap(CS)/Doom(missile)

    was currently doing task(H) , but i feel I need something else here. I keep losing to run away zoners like Dorm and Trish that can zone while jumping. Options i have considered are either assists meant to pin quickly to get in and maintain pressure once blocked or anti air. Considerations:

    RR (pendulum)
    Strider (vajra)
    Akuma (tatsu)
    Dante (weasel)

    Any other ideas or some validation on these options? I just can't seem to find the perfect assist that also serves as a good anchor and I'm really against Doom anchor (really never saw the point of it beyond chip out zoning and backing another character with an anchor he has match up issues.....Dorm)
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    So after some testing I've determined only 3 characters, outside of time and distance specific Doom (missiles) and Sentinel (Charge), can make :qcb:+:h: safe on block:
    • Dante (weasel shot) - Whiffs on :qcb:+:h: hit at midscreen. Very deceptive though as a block string
    • Taskmaster (h arrow) - Must use :qcb:+:m: when in corner. At some distance if :qcb:+:h: hits them into a a corner not far away, arrows has a chance to hit and allow for combo (strict distance and timing to do). Sometimes a frame or two is left open where you can be thrown if not perfectly timed at the right distance.
    • Vergil (rapidslash) - This assist is stupid good with :qcb:+:atk:. fully comboable if Cap hits, +tons of frames on block, huge push back on midscreen block to push opponent into corner, very easy to set up a dirty XFC roll after block before Vergil hits.
    Right now I'm using Cap/RR(log)/Vergil(rapidslash) and I'm finding Vergil's assist is amazing with Cap. I really didn't expect it to be this good, but after testing I think it's easily A-S tier assist for Cap. You can use it as an anti air by calling Vergil early then rolling as they land on the swords. The block strings you can do with CS are very abusable and let you just push your opponent anywhere. Vergil's delay creates a very awkward moment where you can roll and if they block the push back can really throw them off as to what side they're on after the fact.
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    How does Zero assist work? I cant see it being a top assist for cap, can anyone convince me?
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    edited February 2013
    How does Zero assist work? I cant see it being a top assist for cap, can anyone convince me?

    On a basic level his Shipuuga can be used for carthweel/assist mix-ups, as well as combo extensions, as can hadangeki.

    But the brilliance of Zero as an assist, more importantly his Shipuuga assist (Y) is the fact that he can get a full combo of it when used from a cross-over counter (though I could not find a list to show Zero's particular Cross-over counter in practice, I found a video of how cross-over counters generally work-  ).

    If you're opponent is close enough, when you counter your opponent, you'll be able to cancel  the shipuuga into your usual bnbs with Zero as moves retain there properties when used as cross-over counters. 

    ( I should note that I'm not saying Zero has the best assists for Cap, but you can certainly make use of the games mechanics with him.)

    EDIT: I found another video with Cross-Over counters in Ultimate: 

    This being said, you don't have to croossover counter into Zero, you can into your other character. Of course, it's meter dependent, but if anything just make sure your other assist is good lol.
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