Fighting tournament payout

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I hope this is the right place to post this.

I am planning a SS4 AE tourney and wanted to know what type of prize payout everyone prefers.

Do you prefer a set prize amount for 1st-3rd ( Example - $150,$100, and $25 ) or a UPS type prize pool where the pot is split something like 60/30/10?



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    Best bet is to ask people in your area/region.................since they'll most likely be the ones coming to your event if you have one.
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    Thanks Geese.
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    Note that if you specify a pot of 200$ and only 5 players show up, you're going to work yourself into debt.
    Especially for first tournaments, I would go with the 60/30/10 split. Atleast then you know you only need to worry about what the place where the tournament will be held will cost you.
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