VF5:FS XBL/PSN Online Matchmaking Thread

BacardiBacardi steal this avatarJoined: Posts: 5,392 mod
Just one thread so people can match up to play whether it be Xbl/PSN

Name: Bacardi
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  • d0c_zaiusd0c_zaius tobal 2 missionary Joined: Posts: 394
    West LA
    PSN: d0c_zaius
    tobal 2 best game ever
  • BullDancerBullDancer Mentos, The Freshmaker Joined: Posts: 9,457
    XBL: BullDancer

    East Coast........

    Hit me up......
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    XBL mortonsBiGnAsTy
    location south texas
    Where's your curly mustache at?:{D
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    XBL Sage18
    Montreal, Canada
  • frostycykefrostycyke Optic..wha? Joined: Posts: 735
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    Location: Europe
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    XBL: Sutter Pain
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    Toronto, Canada
  • Jin MastersJin Masters All them shenanigans Joined: Posts: 40
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    USA New York
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    Shreveport Louisiana
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    Location: California
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  • Spooty WhiteboySpooty Whiteboy I must break you! Joined: Posts: 2,774
    PSN: SPTwhte
    Live: Spootz
    Location: East Coast

    Skill Level: trash tier

    If you send a FR, then let me know that you are from SRK. I don't add randoms.
    Live Tag: Spootz
    PSN: SPTwhte

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  • deadaciddeadacid I feel like someone threw me away. Joined: Posts: 745
    Location: California, USA

    I'm just getting into the game, so please excuse my scrubitude. I play El Blaze.
    PSN: DEADACID #killthescene
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    You did not go back in time, this is how the forums look.
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    PSN: Hawkingbird
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  • Hatred EdgeHatred Edge Mad Hatred Beyond the Haterdome Joined: Posts: 16,433
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    Location: Pembroke Pines, FL.

    I'll be online in a couple of days.
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  • Chipp Zanuff v5Chipp Zanuff v5 Tell me where it hurts.... Joined: Posts: 917
    xbl:bus orez

    XBL: Bus Orez

    Guilty gear xrd: ky
    USF4: Zangief
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    XBL: Goddamn56kmodem
    PSN: soakrates

    Location: NorCal
  • themightyikarithemightyikari Joined: Posts: 44
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    Location: South Carolina
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  • Sol-ShadowSol-Shadow Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN: shadow9794
    Location: West coast soon to be Mid-west
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  • $hAoLIn$hAoLIn Joined: Posts: 127
    XBL: Pho King iLLL
    Location: Seattle, WA. West Coast

    Just a Goh with a little experience in VF5 ver.c trying to adapt to the new strike/throw heavy rendition.
    Clockw0rk, X/V-Rolento, Kain, Gato, Denjin, Aegis, Guile

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  • KnapstarKnapstar Joined: Posts: 150
    XBL: Shadoolord1979


    Northern VA

    I have been playing VF5 vanilla for a while and never stopped playing it and now I am playing FS and loving it. Hit me up if you want some fun matches.
    VF5- Pai,Vanessa, Lion
    SFxT- Chun/ Julia (main) Juri, Asuka, Jin (potential subs)
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  • DoctorForHireDoctorForHire Cpt. Troy Handsome Joined: Posts: 87
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    Location: Las Vegas
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  • K3lloggzK3lloggz Joined: Posts: 668
    XBL: brook01
    Location: NY, USA

    Still new but im improvin pretty quick :)
  • PiccoroPiccoro Joined: Posts: 75
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    Location: Portugal, Europe

    Playing Jacky since VF4: EVO
    PSN: PiccoroDaimaoh
  • Branh0913Branh0913 Keep away king Joined: Posts: 3,644
    XBL: Tightest Titan
    PSN: branh0913 *

    Location: Atlanta, GA (East Coast)

    Will be moving to

    Seattle, Washington (West Coast) next month

    PS3 is currently in storage in anticipation for my move to Seattle. So if you send me a request in the next 2 months, I will more than likely ignore it because I can't accept it.

    I play Aoi, haven't played against another human being in VF in over 7 years. Having a hard time adjusting. Go easy on me.
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  • AbbachioAbbachio NOBLEST BRAIN Joined: Posts: 1,789
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    Loc: UK

    I play Goh...badly
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  • ShariShari Overestimated. Joined: Posts: 2,626
    XBL: Sharizord
    Loc: Sweden

    Beginner Lei.
    Haunts: Is it lag or just impeccable footsies and spacing, I don't know.
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  • urkangijordiurkangijordi Spelled UrkAngiJordi Joined: Posts: 90
    PSN or XBL UrkAngiJordi
    Loc: B'more Maryland
    Level: Noob
    Main Character: Pai or Lau
    My username is actually spelled UrkAngiJordi (Pronounced Urk-Angee-Jordee)
    Ken and Mai are my favorite characters.
    Favorite fighting game franchises. Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Capcom VS SNK 2
  • BarayasBarayas Joined: Posts: 10
    XBL Gt:Barayas
    Location: Colorado

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  • Dracula_XDracula_X unblockable Joined: Posts: 918
    Psn Dracula-X-
    Location: Iowa
    I play Sarah mostly but trying to learn Akira. Don't expect to much.
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  • CrownicornCrownicorn Joined: Posts: 8
    PSN: Crownicorn
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Skill Level: Fresh meat.
  • complexzcomplexz not so fresh Joined: Posts: 2,561
    PSN: mistercomplexz
    location: Vancouver, Canada
    Skill level: wack
    I play Aoi and only aoi, have a long way to go with her and the engine in general before I diversify, But I've been playing super hard the last few days and I don't fear good players. Slowly getting a handle on this beast of a game.
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    team wack
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  • creeprcreepr IcKY Joined: Posts: 10
    US Southern Califronia


    looking to fight strong wolf and kage players,
  • FuziunFuziun Fuzzy Onion Joined: Posts: 1,080
    PSN: Fuziun
    Location: Kansas
    Skill level: New guy
    I play Eileen.
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  • dbostickdbostick probed in hadouken Joined: Posts: 1,014
    PSN ID: dbostick
    location: Southern California
    characters: Sarah, Jacky, Brad
    time available: late night
  • Eternal DarknessEternal Darkness Fightan Gaems Joined: Posts: 175
    PSN: E_Darkness
    Location: UK

    Newbie to 3D as a whole, currently using Brad and Jean.
    Patch Patch Patch
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