VF5:FS XBL/PSN Online Matchmaking Thread



  • TheRedCycloneTheRedCyclone Fear Tactics Joined: Posts: 407 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    PSN: TheRedCyclone
    Location: Ohio

    mostly Lei
    DS Friend Code: 2423-3242-6121
    TRC: proud lurker since September 2000
    Personal Site: www.chasegregoryjones.com
  • zylosf1zylosf1 Joined: Posts: 5
    PSN: gengus
    out of practice;learning new and relearning old
    Lau, Jeffrey, Lei, Kage
  • ShidoshaShidosha twitter.com/shidosha Joined: Posts: 314
    list is full - but its me if you see me:
    XBL: Ur Not Shidosha
    "Why do i always see that dude with the shirt on his head?..."
  • debsdebs lowering property value Joined: Posts: 5,033
    psn: debs_eek
    east coast
    eileen, jacky

    and occasionally for a lil bit kaze might play using my handle...
    so akira, kage
  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,391 mod
    Shidosha you live in the same state as me, lets get a vf crack session in
    Twitter: @New_Challengers | Follow for the latest news on CT tournaments and events
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  • lycanscar950lycanscar950 Joined: Posts: 69
    PSN: Psychocrusha0892
    New Jersey
  • Eternal DarknessEternal Darkness Fightan Gaems Joined: Posts: 175
    We need something like a weekly ranbats thing.
    Patch Patch Patch
  • deetdeet Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN: deetun
    Location: europe
    Skill: first 3D fighter
  • FlyMikeFlyMike Rsk Rating $$$ Joined: Posts: 3,091
    PSN: FlyMike45
    Location: Memphis, TN

    Special closed casket item winpose.
    Flown Michaels.
  • ENFP ChampionENFP Champion The Catalyst Joined: Posts: 204
    XBL: Satsujin Style
    Location: Copperas Cove, Texas

    Vanessa...obviously lol :D
  • BeastEGBeastEG One day, I'll realize I'm bad at FG's Joined: Posts: 405
    PSN: BeastyEG
    Sarah Main, but looking to pick up someone else as well
    SFV: Ryu
    VF5FS: Sarah Bryant
    GG Xrd: Ky
    Overwatch (damn there is a lot to learn): Pharrah, 76, Tracer / Bastion, Dwarf / Ape, Rein, Orisa, Russia / Lucio, Mercy, Zen, Symm
  • HadoukieHadoukie K-UGER! Joined: Posts: 427
    XBL: Volfenstein85
    Local: Los Angeles
  • fnLeXfnLeX Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: LeX_is_Fn_A

    Lei Fei ..<3

    East Coast, NY
    Always down for sets hit me up.
  • marcp20marcp20 local forum stalker Joined: Posts: 117
    Psn: marcp20
    Location: iowa
    Play with Akira and goh.I'm new to vf but 3d fighting is like home lol

    Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
    hit me up for some friendlys
  • xiceman191xiceman191 Joined: Posts: 1,326
    Psn: datdudeiceman191
    location: oklahoma
    Completely new to this series would love to play some of yall and learn this game.
    Psn: Datdudeiceman191
    Umvc3: Main team: Nova/Spencer/Mags, Secondary: Dormammu/Strange/Magneto
  • StandStrongStandStrong Joined: Posts: 6
    psn: sgtbowser
    Loc: Fl.
    Skill: completely new to Virtura Fighter and have never been a fan of 3d fighter, but I am enjoying it a lot. Long time SF player so I have fundamentals that apply to any fighting game but I am really thinking about staying with VF long term. Looking for any level of competition really. I've only tried and play Pai so far.
  • VoiceWpgVoiceWpg Joined: Posts: 19
    PSN: FishermansBuster
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

    /whiffs throw attempt, loses
  • chazzy_chefchazzy_chef Joined: Posts: 26
    XBL: Chazzy Chef
    Location: UK
    Kage/Wolf/I love everyone
    Empty XBL is making me sad...
  • SaitoKojimaSaitoKojima Joined: Posts: 176
    Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada (right across the border from Detroit, Michigan)
    PSN: SaitoKojima

    Juunen hayain dayo!!
    USFIV: Evil Ryu - UMvC3: Felicia/Spencer/Strider - TvC: Rock/Batsu - DOA5U: Akira
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  • robert.mackenn05robert.mackenn05 Joined: Posts: 11
    PSN: ImUsuallyHigh
    Local: Florida
  • SolWarriorSolWarrior Joined: Posts: 26
    PSN: SolWarrior
    Location: Puerto Rico
    Skill level: Sentinel Brad right now. Ranked 1004 worldwide.
  • The Invincible SwordsmanThe Invincible Swordsman Only built for SRK Joined: Posts: 3,412 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    XBL: TheHolyVagabond
    Location: North Carolina
    I'll be running Sarah a lot until I get her down to a level I feel comfortable with. This will probably take a while. Then I'll go to Aoi and then Goh.
  • ZarukaZaruka the Fool Joined: Posts: 856
    XBL: Zaruka
    Location: Oklahoma
    I am learning Jean right now. Maybe i learn Shun, but right now i want to focus on learning the basics with Jean. also if you guys see me on live give me some advice i am getting stomp on. :)
    http://www.youtube.com/user/ZarukaFu?feature=mhee my youtube account for all your scrub viewing needs. now you can watch me live with http://www.twitch.tv/zaruka.
  • Docp78Docp78 Joined: Posts: 5
    XBL: Docp78
    Location: CO
    Just started today. Looking for people to help me level up and of course some friendly competition.
  • washowwashow Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: Washow_
    Location: CA
    Playing Akira. Not very good at VF but I play tekken so it's familiar
  • CosmicCrackerCosmicCracker Joined: Posts: 180
    PSN: Looper2000
    Location: BC, Canada
    VF5 FS is all i play nowadays. Over 800 games, add me for some fun matches.
    PSN - Looper2000
  • sonnywortziksonnywortzik relax Joined: Posts: 362
    PSN: sonnywortzik
    Loc: Northern Nevada
    Lucha is the life for me.
  • SpaceOutNightmareSpaceOutNightmare Stays Sandbaggin' Joined: Posts: 2,351
    Loc:South Carolina.
    Thinking about redoing BOB tournament for the patch, anyone game?
  • bpack1bpack1 Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: bpack2
    XBL: bpack12
    Loc: Oklahoma City, OK
    I'm also looking for some offline games so if you are in or around the OKC metro area hit me up.
  • PointBreak91PointBreak91 Custom costumes for SFV please Cap Joined: Posts: 666
    Live: PointBreak91
    Loc: EU
    Plays: Pai, Aoi, Eileen and will probably try and lean Vanessa a bit in this one as well.

    Happy to play Ranked, Player or Room, whatever, game looks and feels amazing in HDMI with a Sanwa stick, so just wanna play it! I'm on a wired and prioritised 10meg down, 1mb up line, so if it's two full green bars and there's lag or delay, the issue is probably at your end. People with the orange or red disconnect face icons will be put on avoid, cheers.
  • Phishstrangler75Phishstrangler75 Joined: Posts: 5
    XBL: Phish75
    Location: La Grande, Oregon
    Skill level: Competitive but not necessarily good.
  • SchiffSchiff Joined: Posts: 623
    XBL: ylyon
    Location: Italy
    Characters: Pai, Lau

    I'm still learning (or I should say re-learning) the game :( but I love it
    I want Shenmue III.

    SSFIVAE: Gen
    VF5FS: Pai
  • ParrotProphetParrotProphet I love movies Joined: Posts: 156
    It's a shame. I can't find a single person playing this right now. :(

    Location: South California
    XBL: ParrotMan01.
    Characters: Jacky, Sarah, and Lei Fei for fun.
    I love this game! Come play me! I'm really bad, but I'm trying to learn! :)
    HDR: Fei Long, Ken / GGAC+: Sol, Johnny
    VFFS: Jacky, Sarah, Lei(for fun)
    P4A, 3rd Strike, and KOF XIII are all TBA.
  • leakeyleakey It's about the RESPECT. Joined: Posts: 89
    3S:OE, HD Remix, and VF5: FS are all half off on XBL this week for Gold members. Looks like a good opportunity for people to pick these games up! Here's the link for proof: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Promotion/dealoftheweek

    Also, XBL: Leakey88
    "Don't count the days, make the days count" -Muhammad Ali
  • BuffaloBuffalo The Totally Fab Bison Joined: Posts: 138
    Snagged it from the sale, brand new to VF, lookin for some people to help me get in the swing of things.

    XBL: Buffalabr0
    Playing Eileen.
    If you come at me on some disrespectful shit and you're within arm's reach, anyone can get slapped.

    SG - Filia/Parasoul | TTT2 - Jun/Ling | MK9 - Sonya, Jade, Kitana
  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,391 mod
    xbl: new challengers

    add me im trying to get back into the swing of things
    Twitter: @New_Challengers | Follow for the latest news on CT tournaments and events
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newchallengersct
  • JSmithJSmith Still Training Joined: Posts: 15
    XBL: ProChristus107
    Location: NOLA
    Learning Eileen

    I'm usually on evenings roughly 7-10pm CST. Prefer Ranked
  • G}{0§TG}{0§T Joined: Posts: 112
    PSN: TheBeast52
    Loc: SoCal
    Chars: Kage, Jean, Lion
  • kjeino901tnkjeino901tn cant stick to one game :-P Joined: Posts: 91
    Psn: kjay62
    xbl: kjeino901tn
    loc. Tennessee
    chars. Vanessa, sarah, akira, Brad

    Doesn't matter what type of match... just want games
    tt1 michele/julia, t6 ling/leo/baek, tt2 michele/ling, umvc3 cviper/shehulk/felicia, bb makoto/noel, VF vanessa/sarah, kof leona/iori/kim, doa 5 mila/hitomi, guiltgear jam/millia/baiken, ssfiv cammy/sakura/cviper
  • TizTozBriBruTizTozBriBru Joined: Posts: 253
    Feel free to add me, crunky404 on PSN, for VF5:FA play.
    I try to keep my skills OK at this game so I play regularly.
  • Dohma916Dohma916 Im Lost for words. Joined: Posts: 23
    I just started :( average player.
    Jacky player btw.
    tag is in my sig.
    XtremeCastle Est. 2005.
    XBL: HazukiXL64
    PSN: Fury7493
    Main SFV: Guile, Nash, Necali, Ryu, Ken, Bison
  • JackTenrac!JackTenrac! Dollar Yen - Level 304 Joined: Posts: 2,808
    - Dollar Yen SRK on XBL. Need to practice for Toryuken. :db: I main Pai. GET IT!
    Brett at T7- "Bearrama?!"
    ओये! सौभाग्य!
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