VF5 vs SC5

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Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown or Soul Caliber 5....which is the better game in your opinion, and which game gives you better value for the money?
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    VF5 is definitely the more fine tuned game.
    As far as bang for your buck well that really just depends on what you are looking for in the game.
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    very different games, they're just both 3d, otherwise it'd be a bit like comparing Street Fighter and Tekken. You can try the demo of VF5FS for free, so give it a try!
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    In 3D VF is probably as good as you are going to get. The only thing its lacking is flashy visuals compared to the other games.
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    VF5 FTW!
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    I like how people making versus threads these days mask it well. They are both great games but of course I am gonna say VF5FS because I'm a fan but TBH you should always buy the game you love to play more. Price shouldn't really persuade you unless something is a blatant rip off and SC5 is worth the money you pay for.

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    just because they are both in 3d and have a block button doesn't mean they are anything close. especially since SCV is such a huge departure from the previous entries.

    Get what ever you think you would like more, or here is a random thought.. get both. 75 bucks for both games is a damned good steal.
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    So lemme get this straight? You came to a VF5 forum to ask whether or not u should get SC5 over it?


    Well if u want an answer.. VF5 offers u more in relation to the price of the game.
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    No. Just stop.

    There is no need for this question. Play what you enjoy more.
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    We are limited in space in this sub forum until we get character sub sections. No room for silly vs threads or things of this nature
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