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Cheap Tricks :o

Matador VMatador V Handsome Fighters Never Lose BattlesJoined: Posts: 1
down back and kick when the opponents come near you how many have you have sticked to this cheap tactic while facing non projectile opponents


  • othartheomothartheom recovering hyou bal Joined: Posts: 116
    Downback and roundhouse is a cheater move!
  • Coth_XCoth_X G(x) = (3/(1-3x)) - 3 - 3x - 27x^2 Joined: Posts: 4,340
    Wait what?

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  • philcitophilcito The Berserker Shoto Joined: Posts: 1,178
    Cheap tricks?...

    pick boxer or claw.
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  • othartheomothartheom recovering hyou bal Joined: Posts: 116
    Seriously though nothing is really cheap in ST besides Akuma. If there is something cheap that can be done to you, avoid the situation
  • SotoSoto The un-safe jump master. ~FrankieSnow~ Joined: Posts: 244
    is this for real?
  • -TheBastard--TheBastard- FAB u LOSE! Joined: Posts: 1,276
    mashin honda
    <blitzfu> cool, and bastard is a loser, screen shot that
    <Pasky> he's always trolling, he has a macro button that troll
    <Kyouya>LoL Bastard, best post evah! But you forgot the tiger uppercut!!
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  • othartheomothartheom recovering hyou bal Joined: Posts: 116
    the cheapest thing is probably throwing the person, but then not letting them throw you back. why can't you block it???????
  • eltroubleeltrouble Joined: Posts: 5,731
    A troll post? In the ST section? That's rare...:rolleyes:
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