KoF getting another shot at MLG (READ THREAD FOR TOURNEY DETAILS)

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So Carlos over at MLG is upset with the current state of KoF at MLG and is deciding to run a FREE ENTRY KoF tournament at MLG Dallas. Of course you still need to pay to get into MLG, but anyone with a spectator pass is eligible. The full run down can be read over at Dream Cancel.

MLG Carlos wrote:
Hello Everyone,

My name is Carlos, and I am the community manager at MLG for Sony PlayStation fighting games division. Due to a huge miscommunication with myself and the KOF community we had a very poor turn out for KOF 13 at MLG Anaheim. As a result we lost the game on the circuit and have been put in a position of searching for new games to replace it. I am personally not content with that so I have decided to run a side tournament at MLG Dallas on NOV, 3 2012.

I realize there is sooner MLG event in Raleigh NC in Aug but that is running at the same time as Summer Jam and Big E is a good friend of mine and I do not want to steal any possible competition from his event.
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    Hope people come out an play. KoF doesn't get nearly the amount of love it deserves.
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