ARC EYE 3: LEDs made easy!

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Yes, I did say I wasn't going to make LEDs anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't work with one of the premier fightstick modders on the scene to bring you:


Quick Facts:
  • Yes, Toodles is my partner on this project!
  • New LED design to make it even easier to install
  • New LED controller to go with the LEDs (handles 8 buttons only)
  • Designed for 30mm SANWA (snap in semitsus and rollies are also compatible)
  • Arceye2 is not obsolete. It remains vaild for semitsu screw ins and can work with the new LED controller with slight modification to the controller
  • Yes, the new design is scalable to other button sizes / types in the future (but no plans currently)
  • Install / demo videos will be made shortly after EVO
  • Availability is tentative for late July

Q: What kind of joystick will this work on?
A: Any common ground controller including any of Toodles' products, PS360+, Hori, Madcatz, Paewang, DualStrike. Some versions of Qanba/Eightarc sticks are not compatible because they're not common ground.

Q: So how do i tell if my stick common ground ?
A: Please search the forums / google

Q: Is this plug and play?
A: If you have a 360 TE/TE-S Madcatz, you only need to solder one wire for power. Everything else is plug and play. If you have any other type of common ground controller, you will need to handle connection from Remora to the controller board. I will provide diagrams and pics in post #3 and offer advice where I can, but NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED for these types of setups. If you read through this post and still have no idea what to do, i recommend hiring someone to do the mod for you (it'll probably be a bit too advanced for a novice).

If you have a PS3 Madcatz stick, the header pinout is different than the 360 TE (for connecting remora to the controller). With a screwdriver you should be able to re-position the pins inside the header. Toodles is looking into an alternative solution in the meantime.

Q: Will you mod my stick for me?
A: Neither of us have the time I'm afraid, but you can hire someone like Gummo or JDM714

Q: Where do I find JST cables?
A: This should work
My custom stick, table, install vids, other fun stuff:
Arc-Eye 3 LEDs:


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