Who is winning ToL?

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Only a few days away! Who's taking it all?
Shhh... ST in da house!

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  • -TheBastard--TheBastard- FAB u LOSE! Joined: Posts: 1,276
    another option is needed:
    ° not Japan...

    At least order the options in alphabetical order
    <blitzfu> cool, and bastard is a loser, screen shot that
    <Pasky> he's always trolling, he has a macro button that troll
    <Kyouya>LoL Bastard, best post evah! But you forgot the tiger uppercut!!
    Imagine a snail being able to play fgs, and being a noob in it, it would sure be a salty snail, oh the tragedy of a snail!
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    DarksidePh..................oh wait.
    The Prince of Masturbation.........

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    My money is on Laugh.
    <Pasky> so you can go extra fast by just holding it?
    <bookah> turbo handjob
    <baklakiller> sure if had a penis
    <baklakiller> im a beginner gief
  • oldschool_BRoldschool_BR Projectile spammer Joined: Posts: 2,442
    MAO was already the one I thought would take it. With Nuki not coming, he is now clearly the top dog there. Kusumondo would be a big threat to him, but he will have to get past the legions of shotos/O.Sagat, Dhalsims and a couple of Dee Jays such as Afro's.
    I'm going to have to take them all for a ride through the DNGR zone. I'm going to pick them up, and take them for a spin.

    Ah shit..    
  • DevilJin 01DevilJin 01 Get some shill in yo system Joined: Posts: 57,976 mod
    Komoda Blanka.

    Ain't nothin, Capcom's ruthless still producin.  Cut em a check or find yoself toothless.  Keep it shill with no confusin.  Niggas say I'm shill...they ain't hard I can prove it YEEEAH

  • orochizoolanderorochizoolander 2LANDER! Joined: Posts: 15,636
    I like Daigo for $10.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
  • philcitophilcito The Berserker Shoto Joined: Posts: 1,178
    Daigo could take it, MAO is another strong player... too many good players.

    But i really wish/want that Dgnr's Papercut or Damdai take this..
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  • Born2SPDBorn2SPD SPD Fanatic Joined: Posts: 276
    I have no idea, but players like MAO or Daigo have bigger chances... I would like to see a Hawk, Dictator or kusumondo winning it though.
    I keep reading stuff about ST revival, about bringing this game back to life...
    Its nice to see big tourneys happening and old top players giving this game a chance again...
    But what we really need is new players... And having a strong scene obviously helps...
    But in my opinion what will really bring new players to our community is good tutorials/character guides so they can learn easily and have something to start... So, actually good players, stop being selfish and write stuff about the chars you know! The wiki is lacking so much basic content... Stop being lazy and do something about it.
  • CronopioCronopio ST Joined: Posts: 2,164
    MAO most likely. Afro is USA's best chance IMO.
  • MachoRhombusMachoRhombus Joined: Posts: 2,919
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  • deadfrogdeadfrog Joined: Joined: Posts: 6,787
    This evening I asked my neighbour's cats who they think is going to win ToL,
  • rcaidorcaido Dynamic Bayside Duo Joined: Posts: 8,440
    This evening I asked my neighbour's cats who they think is going to win ToL,

    Does that cat do lotto numbers?
  • deadfrogdeadfrog Joined: Joined: Posts: 6,787
    Does that cat do lotto numbers?
    yes, and also bar mitzvahs
  • rcaidorcaido Dynamic Bayside Duo Joined: Posts: 8,440
    Did the cat pick afro or damdai?
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