well,I plan to train spidey after I watch the match Mame Spider vs Clockwork at the EVO 12

DevilTrigger92DevilTrigger92 Joined: Posts: 29
but im a pad user and is it possible to pull off spidey's combo on pad??
I need your help


  • IngenuityIngenuity Joined: Posts: 22
    Yes. Practice.
  • AceyAcey Joined: Posts: 4
    It's very possible. Spider-man will take hours of practice though so don't blame the controller if it's not all coming together right away, just don't give up
  • DevilTrigger92DevilTrigger92 Joined: Posts: 29
    alright,thanks for the advice dood
  • neutralfaceneutralface Joined: Posts: 5
    hey everyone, relatively new player to umvc3 and mvc in general, talking about mame spider, does anyone knows how to do the combo in the corner where he finishes with a vertical web throw after an S launch, as I know his standing S is not cancelable but seems like it becomes  one calling a striker, anyways  I so far always miss the throw it passes a little bit behind them -_-
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