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Hi I'm new to the FGC, and recently started playing street fighter. I was watching Evo and Infiltration and his Akuma, and he was just going nuts with he raging demons. I also noticed that when he does it you don't see akuma throw out a jab in the beginning...however when I do it akuma always throws a jab before going into the animation (this makes the move more obvious when i play)... this may be a stupid question but how do i do it without throwing out a jab?


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    He buffers the input, also there are a lot of shortcuts to getting it out.
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    ah what do you mean by buffer? sorry not used to all this terminology yet.
    the only shortcut i know so far is just pressing Lkick and Hpunch at the end instead of pressing them one after the other
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    Remember, that the Raging Demon has to cancel move animations due to how it's inputted (LP,LP,LK,HP). Normally, when you input the demon at a medium speed, you'll see two light punches, followed by a LK that gets cancelled by the Demon activation animation. The thing is, you don't have to wait for the normals to recover. The game simply needs the inputs in order, then Akuma will go into the Demon, provided he's not in hitstun/blockstun, air-born, teleporting or in the recovery frames of a special move.

    This means you can stick out something like a cr.MK, input the entirety of the Demon during the cr.MK, and have the Demon cancel the cr.MK mid-animation, effectively hiding the entirety of the LP,LP,f,LK,HP.

    You'll see that Infiltration does the cr.MK canceled into Demon to sneak under Gamerbee's Jaguar Kick on reaction as a huge punish. The cr.MK whiffs completely, but it puts Akuma low enough to the ground and out of the way of the Jaguar Kick to give him more time to input the Ultra.
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    By buffering, I mean you can do cr.mk and then do the inputs while the cr.mk is out. You can do it while you dash too.

    one way that I like to do it is:
    cr.throw x2, back-throw+HP
    I consistently anti air people with raging demon and its easy to do, because you're essentially not moving much at all. You get one hand position and essentially press three times(aside from making your pinky press down on the third one) with a quarter circle.
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    this is so revolutionizing to me hahaha thanks guys! i hope these techniques improve me gameplay!
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    Wow thank you Necrotropic with this technique I can do any button of higher priority and still get raging demon consistently. I have always wondered how to do it. Thanks again!!
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    I also wondered about this a lot. Thanks guys!
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