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Miles TeelMiles Teel Meow-cenary.Joined: Posts: 14
I main either a solo Ms. Fortune or a Ms. Fortune/Valentine/Peacock team. The online, sadly, seems as skitty as rat in a cattery. So, my question to y'all is as follows: PSN name? Mines is Miles_Teel.

EDIT: Cuss hit enter out of habit...
Ms. Fortune [MAIN], Peacock [TRAINING]


  • Jet Set DizzyJet Set Dizzy Night of the Defender Joined: Posts: 2,270
    As this is a team game you need to add the option for multiple choices. Also there is already a PSN matchmaking thread.
    "No, that's the extent of my knowledge. I just smash the keyboard with my elbows for a few hours a day and somehow this game happened."- Mike Z
  • Miles TeelMiles Teel Meow-cenary. Joined: Posts: 14
    Yeeeaaah... in my defense, I found out after the fact. Would have deleted this, just dont quite know how.
    Ms. Fortune [MAIN], Peacock [TRAINING]
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