Skullgirls at MLG Raleigh?

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Alan: Soul Calibur 2? Dead or Tecmo? Laughin – nevermind. That’s a good point, there have been mentions of those games on the forums. Strange days eh, who’d have thought people play more than one genre of game… Ok, so what else in general has been planned for the next MLG event? Any other fighting games?

Carlos: We have a lot of great things coming down the pipeline for MLG Raleigh. Obviously we touched on a few of the changes we are making to the broadcast for fans, casual setups, and exhibitions. In the way of games I have been actively been pursuing as many developers as possible. I was lucky enough to get to speak with the guys over at Tecmo for DOA5 and I hope we can come to an agreement with them. I recently began bothering Hector Sanchez over at Netherrealm studios about trying to get preview builds of Injustice, and we still have a strong relationship with Namco Bandai and they are preparing to release what I think will be the best game of this console generation with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Currently we have 2 exhibitions lined up that will be at Raleigh that being Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, and Skullgirls. My personal goal right now is to get Persona 4: Arena on our circuit but who knows ;-P Obviously all these things are subject to change but I think it’s fair to try give an accurate idea of exactly what we are trying to provide at our events for the fighting game monsters.
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