West Coast vs East Coast at NEC?

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I know we're all waiting on the patch to drop and I'm assuming everyone will be into it once it does (you will) so I thought why not try and get something going in the future? Is anyone up for crafting a 5 v 5 at NEC this year? NEC happens in Philadelphia every year in December. This would give enough time for people to save up $$$ to come (hotel is right next to the air port) and to request days off and the like. We can start coming up with ideas of team captains or how to choose the people for the 5 v 5 and all of that.

And Mike Z is 100% allowed to be part of this as a competitor. Anyone up for it? Possibly have ideas on where to hold it instead? I know Big E would promote the hell out of this.

Let's get something going!
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