Common problem that I have with King of Fighters combos.

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I have a problem doing combos in King of Fighters for one main reason that I cannot seem to get over.
It has to do with a certain part of combos. I'll use an example:

A part of a combo that I have been trying to do with most of Elizabeth's trials is the following:
DP+LP into QCF+LP+HP. The problem that I continue to have just about every time I try to do the following is that it will instead input, DP+LP and then her Super Special Move. I can't seem to get a specific timing for this. I can't get a certain normal move to cancel into another one without them doing their special moves (depending on what it is).

I'm not quite sure how to improve on the situation at hand, or what i'm doing wrong. If there are any tips that you know of, they would be greatly appreciated.


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