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Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread

MrWizardMrWizard Supreme CommanderJoined: Posts: 22,140 admin
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What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
What do you love about the game so far?
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  • ExoudeousExoudeous Ora Ora Ora Joined: Posts: 2
    Really interested in the game as its looking to be like smash bros but designed for competitive play. Cast looks nice so far cant wait to see who else gets added.
  • MetuulGuitarist7MetuulGuitarist7 Feng for DLC! Joined: Posts: 201
    i love the stages and some of the characters (i love Big Daddy). Im looking forward the most for is how the game would be played in a competitive level, and how it plays online.
  • SexyLaserShowSexyLaserShow I wumbo, you wumbo.. Joined: Posts: 67
    I'm excited to play some of those PS2 reps they are putting into the game. The PS2 was my favorite system back in the day.

    I do like the amount of game modes they plan to add.
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  • Isuka-EternalIsuka-Eternal Joined: Posts: 30
    Loving the blend of nostalgia (Parapa), modern (Nathan Drake), hardcore (Kratos), and so much more, this is shaping up to be a wonderful love letter to 15+ years of Playstation history and I'm eager to celebrate my love in a game that aims for so much more than "Sony Smash".
  • God-is-my-RockGod-is-my-Rock AKA GimR Joined: Posts: 278
    Parappa the Rappa, Code Now
  • Sp33dking89Sp33dking89 Joined: Posts: 791
    I really look forward to gaining meter to kill.
  • MEAxOmni192MEAxOmni192 Joined: Posts: 3
    toro's in this game too? Japanese kittyyyy takeover!!! yeeeeeaaaaaa
  • RampageRampage Lurkin' Joined: Posts: 4,999
    Nostalgia! Parappa the Rapper was probably enough to sell me on this game, truthfully.
    Looking forward to seeing more in regards to level interactions/hazards, and maybe items?
    (In before "No weapons, Fox only, Final Destination")

    edit: and of course, playing as Fat Princess has me pretty hyped too. One of my favorite PSN games (sooo underappreciated). It will be pretty cool to have old-school characters versus the new guys.

    Here's to hoping we break it enough before launch that they get to fix any potential game-breaking bugs and make it as good as it can possibly be. :lol: This is definitely going to be the party game of choice between my friends and I, so I'll be putting in tons of time if we get into the Beta.
  • AzarianAzarian Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm super excited for this game. I find it to be such a amazing amalgamation of sony characters in a well through out party fighter but has some deepness to it. Also I will main the HELL out of Ratchet if he's in it. Ratchet and Clank was the reason why I even BOUGHT a Ps3 so yeah, I'm getting this game day 1 more then likely especially if he's in it.
  • lonelygonerlonelygoner Joined: Posts: 1
    looking forward to see how well the characters play out and to see if Sony got a winner on their hands
  • OdiIonOdiIon Joined: Posts: 6
    I'd like a code please. Looking forward to this very much.

    Playing as Heihachi, and doing more electrics than necessary in a single combo.

    I do like how the game looks in general, the fact it is in HD makes it a cut above Smash.
  • DogysamichDogysamich Designated Hype Man Joined: Posts: 296
    What am I looking forward to the most? The fact that I can actually shoot Parappa the Rappa for those horrible lines he had. I've been wanting to do that since I was a kid and now seems like a pretty good chance for that.

    What do I love about it so far? Oh, I dunno... the fact that you can walk around and not worry about tripping.
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    I'm loving the graphics n i honestly can't wait to see how it plays . I'm looking forward to see how it fairs in a competition for GAME OF THE YEAR at the next GAME AWARDS and how it plays online.
  • IKARI263IKARI263 Joined: Posts: 51
    Really looking forward to wrecking shop with Col. Radec and Drake, Love my Guns man. Also Hoping to see either Spike or Nathan Hale make the cut. I love the fact that there is a legit combo system with damage scaling and the care put into the stages. This is basically Sony's love letter to its fans and i love it right back -swoon- XD
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  • MisakMisak I want to grab you, stop holding up. Joined: Posts: 17
    I'm really interested in the combo system, and the number of normals that each character has. Those aspects of the game, along with the unique meter system, really set this game apart from any others in the genre. And I love who they've added to the cast so far, I never thought I'd get to play as Sly Cooper in a fighting game!
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  • AfroLongAfroLong Joined: Posts: 5
    To finally try out a BALANCED free for all fighter, To find out what characters is seth killian is using on the game!! And most likely to try out Parappa the way they kept his desing and made it so it fit on the game, Its amazing!
  • NotosNotos Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm looking foward to see the gameplay and the fun which the game will bring me with some character like Kratos or Sly Cooper. I can't wait it and I really want to try it !
  • onichrisonichris Joined: Posts: 11
    It's not mahvel baby.
  • AlexTwoAlexTwo Joined: Posts: 20
    Right now I'm loving the characters that they've been introducing(Parappa) and what they've done as far as the combo system goes. What I'm most looking forward to is proving to people that these Smash-style games can be played seriously and competitively and should be taken seriously as well.
  • HyubushuHyubushu Joined: Posts: 2
    i'm looking forward to the items like in SSB, like special summons IE like pokeballs.
  • Legion!Legion! There's far too much trash in the universe Joined: Posts: 649
    I think the game looks really fun to play and looks to be a lot more competitive than SSB is. The characters look unique and the stages look awesome! If only Serge from Chrono Cross was in the game ;)
  • jaiwhite205jaiwhite205 Skullgirls PC :D Joined: Posts: 1,125
    Really looking forward to the sick combo system. Not to mention all of the names behind this game. Really excited that Mag is working on this.
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  • EvilDeathsythEvilDeathsyth Joined: Posts: 2
    I am really curious how this game compares and surpasses other fighting games of this style. I like that Sony has now tossed a game in the ring to compete with some other great titles. I love the use of Sony history and the uniqueness of the level designs. I find the combat style interesting and I am curious to play the beta and find out all the different combo styles and character mash ups. I think sly cooper will be a sleeper top tier character.
  • blackmambablackmamba Joined: Posts: 10
    I always loved fighting games so of course i would love to try this game out. I also want to know how it compares to Smash Bros. I can't wait till they announce the rest of the cast( Spyro please!) and it looks like it will be really fun but i want to try the game mechanics first and see if they hold up. And so far i'm really digging the variety in stages and cast.
  • DudeINeedSleepDudeINeedSleep Beltron Joined: Posts: 49
    I'm interested in how the stage gimmicks can be disabled and what kind of rulesets there will be in competitive play. I'm looking forward to using characters like Parapa the Rappa and Jak and Daxter. It is good to see those characters in a new game.
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  • aznmonk06aznmonk06 Joined: Posts: 16
    i'm extremely excited to see the variety and variation between the characters. Even though this game is widely compared to SMASH, I think it's really about to be it's own game. I love that the characters are from much more serious games as well as seeing the combos some of them have. It's just overall looks insanely fun!
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  • Blood HawkBlood Hawk Joined: Posts: 16
    I want to see how Sony's take on a Smash Bros.-esque free-for-all fighter shapes. Oh, and I want to mash heads with Heihachi.
  • Mr. BabbitMr. Babbit Joined: Posts: 1
    A new form of fighter with new things to be discovered
    I love all the characters but mostly Parappa the Rappa lol
  • mikey2174mikey2174 Joined: Posts: 22
    I'm interested in seeing what they do with an idea from smash bros. and try to evolve on it. Smash bros. was made for fun, but All-Stars is made for competitive game-play. It's pretty solid so far! The roster should be VERY interesting, considering the colossal universe Sony has at it's disposal.
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  • MegaIsaac XMegaIsaac X I am off this like psn was for 2 weeks Joined: Posts: 392
    Looking forward to see if this game could be balanced and actually be tournament worthy
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  • Ben KungBen Kung Joined: Posts: 2
    I'm looking forward to how they can improvise off of the widely-recognized Super Smash Bros. dynamic of having four characters on the same screen duking it out. Definitely want to see how they can break off of "a Super Smash Bros. ripoff" and create their own name for themselves of a new genre of fighting. Let alone, bringing together all of Sony's iconic faces together in a gigantic fan-serviceish game (suck it, FF7).
  • Perfect_SinPerfect_Sin '09er!! Joined: Posts: 201
    I love that Sony wants to take a style of game that has a big following and make something of their own with hopes that it will be well received by the professional/tournament players.

    I can't wait to play characters like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Cloud Strife (just sayin), that chick from the cover of Everquest, Hitman, anyone from Dynasty Warriors, and do I even need to say anymore? Plus Kratos and Parappa are pretty sweet
  • GearjockGearjock Don't Judge Me Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to more Nathan Drake one-liners when he is laying the smackdown on everyone else. But what I love the most is that I can either play the game casual with one group of friends and competitive with another group. However the prospect of just being able to play a fighter with three other friends, no matter their skill level, excites me the most.
  • UntitledprjectUntitledprject Nani? Joined: Posts: 114
    As a Marvel player I've been limited to only very few games to actually competitively play that actually do interest me. I'm honestly really really excited to try this game and see what it has to offer, as well as Heihachi seeming the most interesting out of the bunch. I hope I can receive a beta key to play this :)
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  • trickytricky Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to playing Parappa and doing combos and supers. So far, I love the look of the game and the fact that people like Seth, Clockwork, and Ed Ma are working with the game.
  • CitizenCIACitizenCIA Flipping tables since 96' Joined: Posts: 1,139
    A. Seth Killian as a secret character.
    B. Kazuma Kir- ....where's Kazuma Kiryu?! DRAGON OF DOJIMA!
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    Been waiting for the moment that playstation brought together there resources from all of there back in the day titles along wit new ones coming up and are making a fantastic game I'm really looking forward to playing it looks interesting, great characters choices that are included in the game and it looks like something the whole family can really come together and enjoy.
  • Zalgo_ComethZalgo_Cometh Joined: Posts: 51
    The thing i am looking forward to the most is seeing the vast character selection. to me a defining trait of a good fighting game is the character roster. so far im liking the mix of vintage and modern sony franchise characters. Crash Bandicoot better be in there. This game has the potential to bring Mahvel like hype to competitive play so im really pumped for this.
  • Ratio 4 CerebellaRatio 4 Cerebella this again Joined: Posts: 90
    I like the mechanics design but dislike the UI a lot (IMO The UX design is pretty mediocre but it's definitely not SFxT bad.)

    Looking forward to how they implement most of the new characters, what kind of gameplay hooks they give them and such.
  • j13901j13901 PSN: CrossRhythm Joined: Posts: 422
    I'm looking forward to rocking out with Big Daddy.
    Also looking forward to turning Battle Royale into a drinking game!
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