Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread



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    Compared to other "Smash style" games, the concept of having to K.O with supers might be interesting to see - in the way at how it lets players find what supers would work in each situation, the combos and specials which can achieve the most meter and in the best possible way. The stage hazards being optional to the players to choose or not is pretty cool - though it won't do much in the way of causing KOs (it'll just drop or let you lose meter).

    From what's seen of the cast so far, playstyles are diverse and even if you're not into the Playstation library of characters, it's how the character plays and how he/she works in the system is what should be a player's #1 objective and they seem to do a good job at that.
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    Honestly, I am most looking forward to sitting on the couch and playing this game with my best bud. This game looks to bring back the competitive spark in playing a game in the same room as a friend. It's hard to find that same feeling in online shooters anymore. Besides this game looks to blend all the things I loved about Smash Brothers and Powerstone and combine them into it's own unique gameplay and vision. If the online is smooth and I can play as Nathan Drake then this is already a dream game. A true fan service with the gameplay and unique levels to match.
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    It'll be fun trying to break this game in it's infancy
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    I don't even care who's going to be in the game anymore. I just want it now because the gameplay is going to be awesome and I look forward to seeing the movesets of characters that I don't even know so that I may be inspired to get into their series or maybe just replay various series from my childhood. Plus, I enjoy seeing other people learn about characters that I'm a fan of and seeing them learn to appreciate those characters.
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    You got washed up muhfakas like clackwerk seth kallean
    what more do you need?
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    I just want to see how well it compares to Smash Bros. and I actually think It can I mean well known member of the FGC are working on it and they know how to handle a game like this so I really want to play it plus having a Big Daddy as a character is so damn awesome :D
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    I'm a fighting game fan, I always try to play all the fighters I can, I'm really interested in trying out PSAS:BR, since its a new take on the 4 player fighting system and I want to experience how the system works. But I want to try the beta to give my feedback too, if I can help make the game better, then that will be a benefit for all who buys the game and the fighting game community.
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    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
    What do you love about the game so far?
    I am most looking foward to the game entirely just the fact that Sony is finally making there own version
    of playstation fighter is amazing I am also looking foward to the character roster people love to help choose
    their favorite characters for fighting games that's one of the reasons I'm a fighting game fan
    What I like so far about the game is the supers every fighting game deserves to have super moves and this
    game just promotes it a ton I definitely wana try this game hope I get a beta code
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    What I'm looking forward to the most is probably really simple: Fun with my friends and family.

    I know Smash is a very controversial game on these forums, but I am not ashamed to admit I love the series---because of how much fun I can have with others.

    Fighting games are probably the only real video game genre that still to this day has player to player, face to face interaction at the core. Smash brought the fun and flavor of the fighting genre, and let you invite up to 3 friends to work together to help and take each other down. :) Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is shaping up to bring a similar experience to the current gen for the Playstation fans all around the world. As if the game needed any more reason to want, amazing members of the community itself have been revealed to have a hand in the work involved on PASBR (Clockwork, Killian).

    Getting to play this game will finally give my brother (Whom does play traditional fighters with me aside from SFII, but he loves them) and I that amazing gaming experience again, today, but with an all new and long awaited cast.
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    1994-2012: I'm looking forward to fight with all icons of a big epoch of videogames. I love this game for the big fun that can gift to me and my friends! an historical and legendary fun!!!!!!!!!
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    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
    The tournament scene and community growth around the game.

    What do you love about the game so far?
    1. Fat Princess.
    2. Heihachi Mishima.
    3. Ed Ma, Clockwork, and Seth Killian are on the team.
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    PaRappa The Rapper's a boss and Master Onion is THE OG. If Master Onion's Rap isn't present somewhere in the game then I shall weep a thousand tears.

    Despite the fact that the game has been getting a mixed reception so far I'm looking forward to it because it looks like fun plus how many times in your life are you going to see Nathan Drake take on Fat Princess?

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    I can't wait to play Heihachi and then punch dudes in the face. Repeatedly. With electricity.
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    I'm gonna like this game , i already pre ordered it.

    This is why i pre ordered it.

    I like the super smash bros series.

    I have them all , i still play the N64 one , and play super smash bros brawl online.
    My decision to pre order playstation all stars battle royal : it's really a other game than brawl.
    You need to defeat a enemy to using a special move , in super smash bros you need to defeat a enemy to punch him out of the stage.

    I'm gonna like this game, Superbot entertainment are hopefully listening to the people, which characters they will in-game.

    They giving us hope!

    They make stage's that can change in different positions.

    It's not a really copy of Super smash bros.

    It's on playstation , they using first party chars and third party chars to make the game powerfull, and enjoyable.
    I hope Rachet, Raiden, Nariko , Dante are coming in this game.

    I hope a lot of people gonna buy this game , and i can enjoy the online gameplay.

    And do some tournaments

    My friends are enjoying the beta, and i hope i can get one to from this give away.

    Everyone have a chance! Ty for the give away
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    I started interest in this game because of my admiration of Daniel "clockw0rk" Maniago, however, as the scope and scale of this game grew, the more and more I found myself becoming excited over bits and pieces of news in regards to this game's development. I know many others say that they love the Super Smash Bros. feel to the game, but I'm the opposite, I like how much it doesn't feel like Smash. Smash is all about pokes, errant hits, and space control, this game is all about meter management and zoning, a style that I pick in the fighting games that I play (keepaway, until opportune times to use meter).

    With that said, a few of the particulars that I like about the game are the design of the levels, they are all very pretty and faithful to the games they're taking their source from, as well as the list of characters that they have already revealed. In the end, I'm just another one of the masses that has grown in their enthusiasm as this game approaches its debut, and look forward to playing the Beta!
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    I'm really curious to see how it plays. The recent little combo videos gave me hope for this game.

    Always thought smash bros lucks fun with the multi tiered stages and 4 players but never got the chance to play because I haven't bought a nintendo system since snes.
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    Hello Look at the comments, now back to mine. Now look back at the other comments. Now look back at mine. Sadly these comments are not mine but if they parodied one of the manliest commercials ever made to get into this beta they could be like mine. Look down, back up. Where are you? You're getting your ass handed to you by Sweet Tooth in Sandover Village. Look down, look back up. What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, an RPG from the Uncharted series that will knock loads of AP out of whoever entails my wrath. Look again the RPG is now a hedgehog grenade. Anything is possible when you go out of your way to win a beta code. Now I'm in a mech.
    Now that I've gotten your attention what makes me want to get into this beta is because I've been a die hard playstation fan since I was a kid. My childhood was marked by characters like Sly Cooper Spike from Ape Escape (< Spoiler) and Sweet Tooth (I know a very sick childhood). And with Playstation's newer IPs such as InFamous and Uncharted I'm more into it then ever. The emphasis of 3rd parties is interesting, it's great seeing the legendary Heihachi Mishima and the brute Big Daddy get in. I'm also very interested in the idea of crossover within the stage to me that brings a whole new dynamic to the game. To get the chance to play this beta would make my year!!! (until October 23rd 2012 that is)
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    I am looking forward to this game, because I love fighting games and the cool thing about ssbb were the arenas and that it is very fun to play.But it does not have a good online mode, there are no combos and you can only do your strongest attack with an item.PS All-Stars Battle Royale combines arenas with super attacks and combos.These arenas are bigger then in ssbb and have more space to fight.That are the reasons why I can not wait for these game to release.The balance also seems to be better.This will be so awesome.
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    I'm really looking forward to just playing the game. Seeing how well all these iconic Playstation characters fair in a fighting game. It looks pretty fun to play in itself so just playing it is something to look forward to.
    I'm loving the roster so far. Even though it's missing some of the characters I do want in it, the roster seems big and varied enough currently for it to still be pretty fun. And how each of the roster looks like they've just been dragged from their world and them retaining their art style and look. It makes the whole cast lovely to look at.
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    i really want this code because of sly. i grew up playing sly 2 and 3 nearly everyday and have beaten the third game probably about 100 of times.

    probably around a year ago i started falling in love whit fighting games. i have bought every single new Capcom fighting game (from street fighter 4 to SFxT). also i have bought lots of older fighters like third strike and mvc2.
    so wen i heard about playstaition all stars and that sly cooper would be in it made me shit my pants. i tried to search up for some more focusing gameplay on sly but failed. i really really REALLY want to learn him as fast as i can and this beta code can give me it. so please PLEASE!!! give me your beta code.

    /from an old sly cooper fan
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    Gonna keep this straight to the point. Lets all be honest instead of these long posts begging for a code...

    I just want to mash some buttons and smash some bros.
    Can not wait for this game!
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    Wow, a whole bunch of people signed up to the site (again?) just for the chance to play in the beta. Interesting. :lol:

    edit: Wow, I've never seen a single article bring in so many new members. :O
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    Really looking forward to trying out a character that is unable to block, Sly Cooper. Hoping he has the ability to steal held weapons.
    I really like the stage designs. Mixxing 2 Worlds together is a pretty appealing design
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    All of the characters are my favorite, Sly Cooper FTW, and I feel that this game giving me a chance to become the greatest brawler among all. Therefore, I have this feeling where I will own lots of people when I get my hands in this game
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    I love everything about the game the stages the most, as it seems like a lot is going on in the backround.
    I think my fav character will be Sackboy even though he has not revealed yet, I really want to see how his fighting style will play out.
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    What I'm liking about SPAS is the fact that its bringing all its iconic characters into one playing field, I have a PS3 now but I grew up on Nintendo so I missed out on characters like Sly, Jak, PaRappa. Slowly the collections come out and I get acquainted with those characters but I think seeing these characters in action will then interest me to go and find the game their originally in. Kinda like how Jump Ultimate Stars on DS got me into some mangas I never heard about. I don't know how many others think this way as well but it could be a nice way to almost reintroduce the Sony gaming brand to the public.
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    Refreshing. This game is refreshing. Isn't anyone one else tired of first person shooters and zombie related games being released constantly throughout the year. This is something new by Sony and this "new" looks phenomenal. Bringing together iconic characters mixed with gameplay similar to Super Smash Bros, cross platform play and Seth is on board now too? Where can you go wrong? This looks like a promising title and I'm so anxious to try it out and attempt to master it, but that's the beauty of it. You see, it might appear to be challenging, but it welcomes everyone to play. Everyone could get a chance to master this game and a specific character and have fun while doing so. This game will be a refreshing breeze in my video game library and all video game outlets.
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    This game will suck, that's what I'm looking forward to.

    Aight gimme me my code.
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    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?

    There are two signature aspects in fighting games: Combos and hitboxes.

    So look for combos and better HITBOXES. Let me explain:

    COMBOS: As the signature of fighting games, I look forward to see good combos. Specially long enough combos with variations, where the victim should not be able to escape it.
    HITBOXES: In Mugens or Smash Bros, sometime the bodies crosses. I don't like to cross the bodies of it other when they are in the same horizontal plane. In a REAL fighting game, the signature of them is, if you are left, and the other are right, when they both walk forward, they touches their bodies AND STOP. Unless you start to fight and somehow create a floating or knock down state, you cannot cross a body. In the contrary, it makes the models look to has no mass. In general, these "party games" don't look to much to fighting games and don't please this crowd, in my humble opinion, because of this.

    But you asked for what I'm looking forward most, as as I'm talking about SIGNATURES, I'll talk about characters. There are MANY MANY OPTIONS, lets pick some of the best:

    I look forward to have some more beloved characters from fighting games, like Heihachi. I expect he is not the only one "fighters". I would like to see two or more beloved characters that could fit in the game, regardless license matters, as I'm just entitled to dream freely:
    -Solid Snake, from Metal Gear. He have all kind of gadgets that, resembling the game, you can use in a variety of situations, where since you recognize the time to hit and run, stay calm and wait, or attack, and if you play smart, you can take advantage of gadgets.
    - Ryu is one of the most beloved characters of all time. If I'm talking about a face for a fighting game, the name is Ryu and so are his moves. He could make a counter-part of Heihachi. He fits well in the game with his fireballs, air tatsus, tatsus, Shinku Hadouken (LVL1 or 2) that could cover all the screen as a super move, and combos. He could also turn to Evil Ryu in Level 3 for a limited time and do a shungokusatsu since he hits (just like Shuma Gorath's chaos dimension), it could work and could be cool to see he running towards enemies for the touch of death, as others run away from him desperately.
    - A "SKULLGIRLS" character, because... why not? I'm sure reverge labs and Mike Zaimont would allow it and would appreciate. I believe players would appreciate to. With some move sets as things that drop from sky, shots, Saws and sharp chopper blades, or even heads that explodes, the girls could fit and give a lot of fun.

    -Scorpion or Sub-zero, because they are all badass, fits in the game, and we have infinite possibilities to think of them there. However, they are, as always, M for Mature. If Kratos is there, I don't see better counterparts to him.

    What do you love about the game so far?

    I love the BALANCE aspect. Even though a character can do well in combat and can be better than others, the ability to balance this with METER GAIN and SUPER FINISHERS lvl 1, 2 and 3, AS THIS IS THE ASPECT THAT MAKE SOMEONE SCORE A POINT, so, the most important aspect, it can serve well to balance everyone. From the stronger thug to the quicker ninja, from the keep away sniper turtling to the heavy armored character who cant reach him, the score aspect and balance of meter gain WILL MAKE SOMEONE PICK HIS FAVORITE CHARACTER. Is it Kratos? Is it Fat Princess? Ok, pick one of them and you have a chance, otherwise, Kratos could just smash Fat Princess forever, BUT YOU DO FIND A WAY TO MAKE THIS WORK. Congrats to the developer team. You are geniuses!
    I also love the fact that you can already do combos. I didn't like how short some are.

    Well, that is it from now, I like many things and have many ideas, but I'm just trying to not write a book.

    I love the game, give one to me.

    Or I'll buy it anyway, but I prefer to have for free.
  • YanYan Joined: Posts: 2
    Reason I want to play this game/my favorite thing about it:

    Punch! Kick! It's all in the mind!

    Enough said.
  • Scrub SaibotScrub Saibot IT'S ME AUSTIN! Joined: Posts: 1,582
    I'm really looking forward to the possibility that I can use characters that I've loved for a long time competitively in a fighting game. With other fighting games, I sort of have to adapt or put up with what the game gives me in terms of characters, but with Battle Royale, I already know and like half the cast! I can play Kratos, Parappa, Jak/Daxter, Cole, or any number of other awesome characters. Another thing is that with so many third party characters in the game, the entire gamut of my favorite video game characters could be a potential pick.

    I also really like that the low execution barrier lets you start playing a character quickly and easily. Every character shares a universal set of input commands, so finding your character's tools s a very simple and fun task. It lets you pick up on things like "Kratos' spear is probably his best move" beforehand without a lot of searching. It's great way to pick up and play the game while getting the most out of it.
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    I think SPBR AS is a really great project cause in a sense it gives credit to the smash game and the smash community instead of bashing them. There's a lot of prejudice towards smash like games in the traditionnal FGC community and by doing SPBR AS sony show's us that this kinda game deserves its place as a legit fighting game. I am also really confident that the game will be quite competitive and i REALLY REALLY love the roster so far. Especially if the rumored characters are in.

    Anyways, having a beta pass would definitely make me the happiest fighter in the world. ;)
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    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?

    Well im most looking forward to the game itself it embodies everything you could want from a fighting, All star cast, Unique fighting system, Combos,

    All Star Cast: I mean anytime you put Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Parappa The Rappa, and Sly Cooper together your bound to get something special that everybody will love no matter what!

    Unique Fighting System: Alot of people are comparing this game to smash brothers of course thats going to happen but this game plays way different from what ive heard so far ive heard its alot more competitive which ive always wanted from smash bros but it was never really there.

    Combos: Combos are something that always interested me, like who could do the biggest combo. who's combo did the most damage, it's always a contest to see who's the best and I would like to test this game out and become the best!

    What do you love about the game so far?

    Well: I most love that this game is trying to bring all playstation generations togerther in a all out war to see who's generation is the best!
    I also love that the dev team is really listening to the people/fans and really trying to make this game the best it can be I cannot wait to try it!.
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    Fuck this game, it's plagiarism.

    Edit: and if you say that the gameplay is different, fuck you too.
  • Jet Black KiraJet Black Kira Joined: Posts: 1
    Looking forward to seeing how the characters who have combos in 3d games translate to comboing in a 2d environment - such as Heihachi and Cole. Specifically looking forward to seeing and testing the extent of the comboing ability and how they would fit into tournament play.
  • PikdumPikdum ɹǝsn pǝɹǝʇsıƃǝɹ Joined: Posts: 24
    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
    What do you love about the game so far?

    I'm looking forward to doing mad hype Parappa the Rappa combos while shouting HAYATATATATACHA! KICK! PUNCH! It's all in the mind! You just wait! I'm gonna be kicking, punching, chopping, and blocking just like I learned from Master Onion back when I was a wee lad playing PS1 on a tube television sitting indian style on my bedroom floor in my Power Rangers onesies. I'm looking forward silly broken stuff, mashing buttons so hard, and wake-up supers... wait no... this isn't SSFIV. Anyways, I look forward to my casual friends actually wanting to play this game with me because fighting games are too hard and Call of Duty is such a great game. Who am I kidding? I don't have any friends :(

    So far, I'm loving how this game is looking pretty much like a Smash Brothers Clone with health bars and a combo system. I am kind of worried about health bar over a life percentage. I feel that the sumo style knock back system of Smash is what made it such a unique experience. I think the art style and the stages look great so far. The revealed cast is shaping up to be a good one... whats up with Um Jammer Lammy!? She better make the cut. So yea, that's about it.

    I'm super stoked for this game and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    HATATATACHA! That's it for today.
  • DotDotDotDotDotDot ... Joined: Posts: 7
    I cant wait to try out the game mechanics in SPAS: BR , the game looks fun but I can't judge a fighting game off videos alone. I'm really looking forward to playing the game with my friends and trying to beat each other into submission with special moves.

    So far I would have to say I love the characters that they are putting in the game, I also really love that all the characters are fighting true to their cannon.
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    A mash-up of Playstation characters?!

    A rivalry concept?!

    4-player simultaneous play?!

    Patapon fighting Hades?!

    Lemme Google myself in yo office!
  • deadfrogdeadfrog Joined: Joined: Posts: 6,787
    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?

    I'm looking forward to Fat Princess mirror matches, where I'll finally be able to show the world that you can have your cake and beat it too.

    I am also looking forward to rapping while I play Parappa.
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