Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread



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    I'm looking forward to playing as sweet tooth. I've played all the twisted metal games so far and it gives me a real nostalgic feeling seeing him in this game. Would love to try him out!
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    Ah well, there's going to be an open beta anyway. I just want this game to be excellent, looking forward to what Superbot can pull off.
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    sad sigh
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    As a smash player back during it's peak, i would want to know how balanced or how broken it is. Will the less popular characters be OP compared to the well known character, as it was the case in ssbm. I'm looking forward to how the gameplay is. It's another type of fighting game that we dont see very often. Many rely on health bars to determine winner and ssbm was number of stocked lives. Being able to only use supers to defeat the opponent is a mechanic i want to explore in depth.
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    The game really excites me. Having playstation stars fight each other in a similar form to ssb which is one of my favorite series of games is so epic! The difference between the two, is that all-stars is blending old characters like parappa the rapper, and sly cooper, with modern characters like Big daddy, Kratos, and drake. If I can suggest one particular character crash bandicoot would be awesome! Just saying :). Plus it looks like it can be family fun game and at the same time fill my competive fighting game thirst. I got high hopes for this game.
  • davydude365davydude365 Joined: Posts: 1
    i want to play this so bad my family has had playstation for as long as i can remember this will be a summary of my whole life i cant wait to play as spyro crash sly rachet jak cole and nathan
  • flamingarmsflamingarms Joined: Posts: 2
    Ah well, no beta key for me. Thanks for doing the contest and congrats to all those who received a code!
  • Melrose102Melrose102 it aint just the speed its the heart -seabiscuit Joined: Posts: 11
    better than mahvel baby!!!
    It aint just the speed its the heart -seabiscuit
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    I'm a gamer. Growing up with the characters that defined Nintendo, I found Smash to be an amazing concept. A free-for-all frenzy that was the embodiment of the fruits of Nintendo's labor. Those fruits were and still are amazing. It was a very unique idea and it has been very successful because of the great gameplay and historical background surrounding the franchise. Smash was not only the embodiment of Nintendo, it was the embodiment of my youthful years as a gamer.

    As I grow older I find that games are losing their appeal to me. A sad thing indeed. Alongside Nintendo, I clocked thousands of hours on the collection of PlayStation consoles. They too were symbolic for my youth and the great times spent during those years. For the first time in a while, I feel like little kid again. PlayStation All-Stars has had a huge impact on me for the same reason smash had. It is the compilation of everything that makes me love gaming in the first place.

    I want to feel the magic again and I believe Playstation All-stars will be the game with the ability to restore that feeling once more. That is why I want to play the beta, and ultimately, the game.
  • Batman77Batman77 Mr. D-Pad Man Joined: Posts: 1,170
    :lol: Can't wait to deliver massive beat downs :cool:
    check it out at
  • AceSpartanAceSpartan TIGER! Joined: Posts: 4
    I've played since the original PS came out and I'm glad Parappa is getting some recognition. I'm looking forward to beat down some fools with Chop Chop Master Onion's teaching. KICK, PUNCH! IT'S ALL IN THE MIND!
  • bobthesupmonkeybobthesupmonkey Joined: Posts: 9
    I played both melee and brawl extensively (the later trying to defeat meta knight till i tripped in the finals of a tourney making me lose at which point I quit it on the spot) and I wanna play Nathan Drake like nobodies business.
  • VothsairVothsair Joined: Posts: 174
    If I can't get a beta key elsewhere I prob won't buy the game. i hate you wizard.
  • Blunt-Trauma-Blunt-Trauma- Bombero Joined: Posts: 2
    Dayum! about a 1 in 9 chance to get one and i did not.
    I have two DUST 514 beta codes if anyone wants to trade for Battle Royale code...
    Any takers?
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    I'm looking forward to test out the combo system of the game and have fun with it.
    What I love about the game is that in order to kill your opponents you have to use supers since your opponents cant be killed the traditional way. I like that there are also no life bars in the game.

    Ah well to late :D
  • ConvictoConvicto Joined: Posts: 1
    i wait this game all my life, i want play this game now...need a beta key!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • RoGE9RoGE9 Joined: Posts: 1,693
    It better not have on disc DLC

    That is all :)
  • AereostophanesAereostophanes Joined: Posts: 2
    In PSASBR, I am most looking forward to the wealth of modes and match customization options that I know Superbot will deliver. What I love most about PSASBR is how, using numerous concepts found in other fighting games and the unique super kills system, Superbot has made a truly unique gameplay experience. I hope this game does excellent!
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    I would love to get into PS All-Star beta. The game excites me for the matter that all Playstation characters being in one place along with some 3rd party would make a game play awesome and give players different experience.

    And I would be glad if you give me one to try out that expereince.
  • ImdesperateforacodeImdesperateforacode Joined: Posts: 1
    My name says it all. Im really looking forward to the combos system in this game it looks like it will add a layer of strategy to the game. Im really pumped knowing that Spikes in the game, I hope one of his supers is letting the monkeys throw its feces at their enemeys ^.^
  • AerodynOmyxAerodynOmyx PSN: nch2112 I'm insane and I like to laugh. Joined: Posts: 535
    Any updates from Sony MrWizard?
    Lemme Google myself in yo office!
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    I want to test out the game with a fight stick and I wanna give it a try it looks fun. It looks better than brawl
    Laura Main SF V. Excited to try Ibuki. Dreaming of Sean and Dekappa

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  • MrWizardMrWizard Supreme Commander Joined: Posts: 22,135 admin
    Replacement codes are here, everyone has been notified! Happy beatdowns!
  • nightofthesunnightofthesun Beast Master Joined: Posts: 130
    For the code:
    What I'm looking forward to the most, is the final boss = YLOD.
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    I LOVE the game so far. The chacraters are amazing! Always wanted a Parrapa 3 and he's finally back! Who can forget Drak's adventures in the dessert or in the snow! Hanging off the train aw man memories :) Cole McGrath! My favorite super hero... or villain. Imagine giving Drake an Ionic Vortex in the face! Who can forget the online matches of Fat Princess! Baby got back, blood guts and cake :) She'l be... interesting. I think Toro is really cute and having Heihachi... aw man having a Tekken character is sweet. Jak and Daxter are some of the best ps2 games and they're just so likable and iconic :) I LOVE Sly and it's cool he can go invisible in the game and MURRAY! (The Hippo!) will be part of one of his supers! I also love Kratos! He's so angry! Radec, who's level 3 super involves you going all killzone on your enemies (FIRST PERSON ACTION!) and Sweet Tooth, the most violent in the world "Light em up boys!" And that's only a few of them! And with stages that mix LittleBigPlanet and Buzz YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! -Love from a PlayStation fan
  • j8slimj8slim The Greatest in my house Joined: Posts: 3
    The main things I'm looking forward to are the cast of characters, and getting to do combos on a new fighting game engine. Also, I have yet to troll anyone on my ps3, and Fat-ass Princess should be able to do just that.
  • Matt DoroszMatt Dorosz Joined: Posts: 1
    Ever since ps1 i have been waiting for a game with a lot of ps3 characters that normally wouldn't be together, as the years pass and more and more great characters have been made which made me even more eager for a game like this to come. Once I heard the rumors of "title fight" (first name for it), i couldnt believe it. Everything of the game so far is perfect, the level, the characters and the super attacks. I dont know about gameplay yet since I haven't played it, which is why i really want a beta code. I love the character roster , though I wish they had crash bandicoot. I am going to be looking forward to playing all night long with buddies, killing kratos parrapa
  • Exia 00Exia 00 #deathtoanime Joined: Posts: 904
    To be honest, I'm excited to play a fighting game that appeals to my friends both casual and competitive. Memorable characters from multiple franchises will attract people that were never inclined to play a fighting game in their life, thus being a gateway into our community.

    What i love about the game so far is what is metaphysically achieved; a fun and memorable gathering of friends, egos, and nostalgia. Everyone wants to prove they are the best, but the haste is wrapped in a fun, vibrant package.
  • ColonelRadecColonelRadec Joined: Posts: 1
    Can't wait to play as Radec and pull out my sniper and shoot Fat Princess in the face. Over and over and over again.
  • sonicfan4sonicfan4 Joined: Posts: 1
    i love the game cause it has a super smash bros feeling which i been looking for a game like that. there are some cool character that i love like the fat princess finally get to be her more than saving her in fat princess,paparapa the rapper i played that game so much, and other cool character. the level looked awesome and cool. i will be able to play with my friends so much with this game.
  • yamazaky96yamazaky96 Joined: Posts: 1
    I wanted to play with the PATAPONs warriors
    I hope they will be available in the game.
  • w@yn3w@yn3 Joined: Posts: 1
    im dying for this game!! I look at my 12 games that i have and i dont play them anymore in wait for this game.THERE IS NO GAME I WOULD RATHER PLAY. if u give me a code ill do this again but worse jumo over my 34 inch tv i need this beta please !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bruno PatricioBruno Patricio Joined: Posts: 1
    This game looks so amazing, I'm really looking forward to play online with the community, it will be a blast :D
    One of my favorite characters so far is Nathan Drake, his level 3 super is a great tribute to Uncharted 1, great stuff :)
    I'm hoping to see more from this game in the suture :D
  • Yen DiligYen Dilig Joined: Posts: 1
    PSASBR is an all in one nostalgia for all the Playstation fans out there. Epicness is about to happen. Who hasn't imagined this kind of a game to come?
  • JamF100JamF100 Joined: Posts: 1
    PS allstars is the game I have been waiting years for. Smash brothers needed direct competition and now Sony is bringing so many of my favorite characters like nathan drake, cole, and sly cooper together. Ever since I got a playstation in 2009 and bought uncharted 2 I have fallen in love with their characters. I cannot wait to play this game. Kratos vs sackboy is all I need.
  • Iceman_NightmareIceman_Nightmare Joined: Posts: 1
    I have been playing PlayStation games for all my life, and now hearing the announcement of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is like a dream come true. I have been waiting and wishing for a PlayStation characters crossover game or a long time, than when I saw that awesome PlayStation "Micheal" commercial I knew they were making it, and they were hinting it. I really want to try out the beta, and get it so I can show my Super Smash Bros friends that it is indeed better.
  • Sora-kunSora-kun Graphic Engineering Joined: Posts: 1
    First, I Want say to superbot, Congratulations for having created so much joy and satisfaction on "Playstation All-stars Battle Royale" at E3 and Comic-con.

    Many people say the game is copied from Super Smash Bros...
    I'm sure the games will be better with more moves are possible,
    and fun.
    I feel that internships are very enjoyable, I'd really like to play this beta, to be sure.
    Finally, thank you to offer us the opportunity to obtain beta code =)
    Edit: Of course I participate, I would of all my heart get a beta code ^_^
  • PterodactylPterodactyl The time has come and so have I Joined: Posts: 7,188
    I'm not going to bullshit with some over hyper fanboy stuff.

    I want a code because I want to see if this game is any good or not, plain and simple.

    If its good and fun i'll buy it, if it isn't, fuck it.
  • swafflong64swafflong64 Joined: Posts: 1
    It looks like an amazing game all together. I'm a huge fan of smash bros, so that's one thing to look forward to. I'm also looking forward to playing as sly cooper and ratchet, love both of the series. And, it's not huge, but the stages look amazing, and i'm looking forward to playing on them. But all stars looks like a very promising game and it's one to keep an eye on.
  • simon_simon_ Joined: Posts: 336
    I never really understood the closed beta thing

    its like saying to the company "hey, I'm interested in your game and would like to try it. I'll even help you find bugs & glitches" and they answer "nah bro, you're not VIP enough"
  • KahmosKahmos Joined: Posts: 724
    How i Sk8board
  • BecasicanBecasican Joined: Posts: 2
    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
    What do you love about the game so far?
    I'm looking forward to trying out all the different characters and hopefully become a master lol. Wat I love about the game so far is that they added parappa the rapper to the ljst(: he is my favorite. I played him when it first came out.
  • BecasicanBecasican Joined: Posts: 2
    I'm looking forward to play all the characters especially my childhood game character PaRappa(: I love everything about the game! Wat is not to like? Oh maybe the ppl that hate this game lol
  • verde212verde212 Joined: Posts: 1
    What am I looking forward to about this game? Basically, the FUN. I really enjoy free for all types of games. Chaos everywhere in the screen. The RANDOMNESS... Anything can happen..Everything is really great about these kinds of games.. The type of game you would be playing for the next couple of years with your family and friends. PLUS, it never ends with the gameplay; the game has the nostalgic characters from our PS1 to PS3. How great is that? Many of us grew up with the playstation console. It's really nice to see you're favorite childhood game heroes/villains go face to face. Personally, I don't have a specific answer to the second question: What do you love about the game.. But if i had to choose, it would be the comboes. Not all free for all games like this support comboes. Not to mention this is the first free for all game that had 3 levels of super. (well, that i know..And i was like wow.. The moment I saw the title of this game, I was already sold. Kudoes to this game.
  • Violent RyoViolent Ryo Mistuurrr KaraTEH! Joined: Posts: 382
    This game actually looks good, i was already stole with Kratos in a 2D style game but damn...Ryu Hayabusa?!?! PLZ YES!

    Now where is Klonoa? waHOO

    PS: would love to play the BETA!!
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  • Rabbit2k7Rabbit2k7 bad idiot Joined: Posts: 4,821
    Having a blast with this so far. Here is some info from my play time.

    Each directional input, other than the direction your character isn't facing, is a different move. So you have 9 attacks per character, maybe more. I'm not sure if aerial moves are different under certain circumstances.

    I have been using Radec of Killzone fame. I think he could be classified as a zoner? A lot of his moves involve a projectile of sorts be it a gun, or thrown shock grenade. He has a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, flame thrower, a shock grenade, a standard grenade, and a knife. Most of his gunshots will knock the enemy player back at varying distances. Mostly seem like combo enders as some of the moves have a short range. I think only his sniper shot travels full screen.

    Shock grenade is pretty cool. Useful for traps and anti airs. You toss it out and it stays in the air for a moment. If an enemy player touches it, they are electrocuted and locked in place for a second, giving you time to jump in and slap their shit around. However, I don't know any combos because I don't know how I'm doing moves half the time. However I usually just shock, fire a burst from the machine gun, and shotgun/pistol them across the screen away from me. Set up traps with the shock nade as they come back in.

    Down+Square makes Radec drop a grenade, and teleport back a couple of feet. Useful to dodge and set a trap at the same time. Jump forward, and teleport back throws people off. The blast doesn't knock them too far off, so you can hit them with a gun shot on the way down from your teleport.

    Kratos is an asshole and has stupid good range. Everybody is using Kratos.

    I need to get off work and go play more of this!!!
  • Master_ChibiMaster_Chibi .: Dynamites! :. Joined: Posts: 15,055 mod
    Actually Circle (sticky grenade) is also full screen and wonderfully annoying.

    ~*Hai! Back to Japan!
  • Musashi the MasterMusashi the Master Master of the Samurai Blade Joined: Posts: 3
    @SaitoKojima After hearing the negative respones about this game from Gamefaqs, I say it's a bad ripoff of Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros will always be better than this Smash Bros clone...
  • IKARI263IKARI263 Joined: Posts: 51
    Hello ALL,

    I am IKARI263 one of the beta code receivers for the game and I'd like to offer some advice/changes that I feel would benefit the game. IF you have a beta key as well feel free to chime in on your input. Due to my work schedule i can only review about 1 character per day so bear with me on that. But lets jump right in.

    About the Game in General:
    +Text is Very Readable
    +Music is Fitting and Well Done
    +Stage Hazards dont really hurt you (the exception being the BUZZ! stage)
    +No ring outs
    +Combo System has lots of potential
    +Each Button has 3 different move options (up+A1, left+A1, down+A1, etc)
    +No character feels even remotely close to another, great variety
    +Very User Friendly UI

    -Hits dont sound hard enough (yes I am aware that this is being addressed)
    -Camera seems to zoom out a bit too far at times, reducing the size of characters which causes misplacement at times
    -Currently, scoring feels random. It Seems like the 4 characters on screen just beat the shit out of each other and then a winner is picked as opposed to being able to tell who is currently in the lead
    -No way to accurately determine score IN BATTLE

    At Some point tomorrow I will begin reviewing characters: Strength/Weaknesses/What should be buffed/nerfed
    I'll start with Parappa.
    If you don't like a good fighting game, chance are you suck at it or its SF4.
  • IKARI263IKARI263 Joined: Posts: 51
    Hey Guys I'm back to offer some insight on PaRappa the rapper.

    Ive played a few matches and parappa has a few things going for him. His Rushdown is just insane i mean the priority and the meter gained from attacks with him is ridiculous. Not only that but PaRappa has a move which allows him to basically generate free meter without having to hit an opponent. Not to Mention his level 2 is controllable AND invincible.

    PaRappa the Rapper:
    +Insane Rushdown Game
    +Meter Generating move (fightless meter gain)
    +His 1000 Kicks, and BackHand moves generate a TON of meter very fast
    +His Throws allow for more meter gaining shenanigans and positional advantage
    +Level 3 in unblockable and covers the entire screen

    -This Dood has 0 range, you practically have to french kiss the opponent to do damage
    -Level 1 Super is laughable at best
    -A Bit on the Floaty side which allows for some PaRappa only combos
    -Easy Bait for characters with even the SLIGHTEST bit of rang i.e. Kratos/Radec

    #Trade some meter gain for range seriously, Slow down the meter gain from his rapid attacks and add some range to his other normals
    #Make his level 3 only affect a certain area
    #Give him some sort of ranged move that allows him to approach
    Thats it for PaRappa.

    If you don't like a good fighting game, chance are you suck at it or its SF4.
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