Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread



  • JakezorsJakezors Joined: Posts: 1
    Well, since a playstation was my first console as a kid I grew up with some of these characters,I was also a hug fan of super smash bros. So this game is like a combination of both of those things from my childhood, The combo system ( like many others) Is what really impresses me and sets this game apart from other games in the fighting genre, I also look forward to sitting down with a group of my friends and brawling it out as some of our favourite and iconic characters from the sony universe. The stages look exciting and diverse and character roster is amazing. The only two fighters I would love to see show up to the battle are Spyro and Crash, as those are two that really stood out during my childhood. Rayman wouldn't be too bad either. Overall the game looks like it could be one of favourites
  • VothsairVothsair Joined: Posts: 174
    I love that's it's a bunch of awesome playstation chars battling it out like smash bros but unique. <3 big daddy.
  • Jawamo727Jawamo727 Ryu all day! Joined: Posts: 1
    I am looking forward to this game being fun to play and balanced. With the team they have behind it, the online modes should be solid. I love the idea of these characters from across Sony's lineup coming together for a single game. I was never big on Smash, but I think this game has a shot to capture my interest.
  • Orion9251Orion9251 Baby you're solid gold. Joined: Posts: 5
    I'm looking forward to playing this game and using all the wrasslin' references I know whilst playing with my friends. I will learn how to play Parappa aka John Cena and learn how to break the walls down.
  • RoxasRoxas The Key of Destiny Joined: Posts: 12
    Really want to try this, and we have to see yet if the "meter:f:special:f:kill" system will differentiate PSAS: BR of smash bros giving its own personality.
  • Thomas DreyfussThomas Dreyfuss Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to one of the greatest crossover fighting games in history. I mean sure, Kratos, Cole, and Toro have made appearances in other fighting games (Heihachi is THE staple character of Tekken) but I never thought I would live to see Parappa the Rappa, Big Daddy, and Sly Cooper smashing each other. It looks really fun and is a unique riff on the classic Smash Bros. Formula. I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • AndogarAndogar Joined: Posts: 24
    I'm really interested in how they're trying to do what Nintendo accidentally did with Melee. Make a game that can not only be fun with up to 4 people with familiar, and sometimes silly characters, but also one that can be played competitively in a way that anybody can recognize and understand. The "combo" system also really interests me, and with people such as Cl0ckwork and Seth Killian on the team I have high hopes that the system ends up feeling right. I really love the character choices so far, as I have been a Sony fan for a while. Parappa looks incredibly fun and the possibility of characters like Spike and Sir Dan make me incredibly excited for this game. I also really enjoy how they work on each stage to make it into a really interesting mash up between two Sony IP's, I thought the God of War x Patapon stage was especially entertaining and well made.
  • korlykorly #TeamTekken Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm most excited to see what a serious fighting game team can do with a Free-For-All format, and more importantly I want to see how DOMINANT Heihachi is going to be!
  • YaysianYaysian Aim of Hawkeye! Joined: Posts: 49
    I'm all about that Fat Princess. We about to be eatin' dem cakes.
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  • SkikSkik toilet salami Joined: Posts: 618
    Looking forward to the game being something my friends and I can play together now that dicking around in Brawl is wearing thin after all these years.

    Loving the roster of characters and mash up stages so far. Also A 60ft TALL CHOP CHOP MASTER ONION giving a karate kick TO A MECHA YEAH!
  • ecksyzecksyz Joined: Posts: 66
    I'm looking forward to a cast of sick characters that I know and love. I was skeptical when I first heard the rumors about this game, but as soon as I saw that Parappa the Rappa was going to be playable I knew that this game was headed in the right direction, and that there seem to be some very creative minds behind its development. The meter system looks really intriguing, like something that could potentially wind up being a really cool gameplay mechanic. Plus it's been a game that I've been wanting to try at different conventions but just haven't gotten the chance to yet. Super excited for it to release.
  • SubliminalreaperSubliminalreaper Joined: Posts: 2
    im extremely interested to see the level designs, how the supers will effect the gameplay stategies and how deferent the characters play from sweettooth to heihachi
  • monstermanxmonstermanx Joined: Posts: 253
    I'm really looking forward to the entire game in general. I really like how it's trying to change the stereotypical concept of a fighter by combing elements of party games with fighters. The three button layout with all the cool specials and the really varied roster of awesome Sony characters really makes it so much more appealing. Playing on those awesome stages and checking out all the different moves , supers , and items will be fun as well. Everyone looks so different and has so many different characteristics that make that one character good be it strong specials , speed , heavier characters ,etc. Good stuff all around IMO.
  • DravidianDravidian He who is CAT Joined: Posts: 702
    I'll be honest. I'm not super excited for this game. I've watched videos and it just doesnt seem like my thing. But thats it. I cant make an informed decision from just watching videos. I can catch strategies and aesthetic touches from the game but I'll never know how it feels without actually playing it. I'm played smash and loved it, and even though this game is continually compared to it, it doesnt seem smash-like to me. I want to to play this and feel it with my own two hands. If I make a decision, good or bad, about this game, then I want it to be a decision I came to myself, not just from some forums and videos.
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  • SteveMightSaySteveMightSay Joined: Posts: 1
    I love that Parappa the Rapper is in this game growing up I loved the hell out of that game
    As soon as this thread popped up with this question I thought what would Parappa the Rapper do if he wanted to win this beta code.
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  • rayplayrayplay aka solidoutlaw Joined: Posts: 2,810
    Ever since I was a child, I played video games. And some of the greatest experiences came from Sony or games on Sony platforms. From Ape Escape to Metal Gear Solid to just about any fighting game I could get my hands on. And this game looks to be a lot of fun, with some very interesting mechanics. Whether I get the code or not, I plan on buying it simply because a crossover like this only comes once on a full moon when the planets are aligned.
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  • ShiroikazeShiroikaze You wouldn't like me me when I'm angry.... Joined: Posts: 73
    I got to play the game at Evo and I thought it was crazy fun even with Big Daddy being extremely broken. They nerfed him in the second day's build/demo, but he still has the best Lvl 3 Super in the game by far and the armor he had on some of his moves was nuts. Otherwise, all the characters were really interesting, balanced, and blended into the gameplay well while still sticking with their source material. I'm most excited about trying out Jak and Daxter and some of the new levels. The J&D games were my favorite platformers on the PS2 and were the characters I wanted in the game the most. If the leaked character list was true, then it's awesome that some of the characters being added are from games not even released yet. Can't wait to try out some more.
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  • ArthurFlatsArthurFlats Joined: Posts: 1
    I always loved sony and its very inovative games and characters, this game is gonna be the greatest fighting game ever made and I will very happy to be part of it.
  • KycseKycse Just a regular Joe Joined: Posts: 13
    Hoping to see the crazy cool stages that this game has to offer. love the way your paying homage to all the old school playstation classics as well as the newest hype characters. the battle has me on edge with supers being the only way to kill but the battle system def looks intense!!
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  • KrazyEyezKilluhKrazyEyezKilluh Joined: Posts: 4
    I need a code for this game so my 5 year old son can use Parappa to beat on his scrubby dad! :D
  • gamerkim28gamerkim28 drewlynoted Joined: Posts: 296
    I used to play a lot of Smash Bros. so that part of me is very interested. I am very optimistic about this game and would love to play it.

    Seeing how all the mechanics play out in my own hands should prove to be very interesting and fun.
  • SatsugaiSatsugai Fifty Shades of Fray. Joined: Posts: 86
    Looking forward to PSASBR because I've read nothing but good things about it amidst all the 'bawww haww haw haw Sony Smash Bros' drivel. The system looks combo friendly and the stage mash ups are a really interesting twist. The 'kill' system seems interesting as well.

    Plus it has my homeboy/basset hound Parappa in it.
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  • Max KayeMax Kaye Joined: Posts: 1
    Im one of the few who is actually looking forward to the CAMPAIN I'm this game. I love 'moving up the ladder' and making my way to the final boss. Superboy has hinted that the final boss is from the PS1 era fingers crossed for Neo Cortex!
  • dragoniotadragoniota Joined: Posts: 2
    I absolutely love Smash Bros and Fighters in general and would love the chance to give this game a try. Im very excited to see if this game can actually blend the typical fighting game engine and the game I've known and loved for years. A code would be much appreciated! :D
  • SujiSuji Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm absolutely looking to try the gameplay with the combo system! I love SSB games and Sony's IPs, so the mix seems perfect to me! I love characters in this game like Nathan Drake or Kratos (the most stylish imo), Toro (the cutest character ever), and i'm so nostalgic that i want to play Parappa ! Also, i await for new announcements (Crash Bandicooooot x( )
  • masterem243masterem243 Joined: Posts: 2
    I'm really liking what I see of this game so far. The cast is very diverse, and the mechanics are surprisingly deep. It's like a mix & match of all the popular fighters in the genre!
  • J/PJ/P Just Playin' Joined: Posts: 250
    I'm looking forward to all the characters that will be on the roster. Parappa the Rapper, Heihachi, Kratos, they're all amazing and true to their form. I'm also looking forward to finding really good and stylish combos in the game like how Desk demonstrated in this year's EVO combo video. I love the characters so far and the meter system. I just wished I had more time to figure out the mechanics of the game. I really wanna see the competitive aspect of this game and hope to show my friends why this game is worth a buy. I play so many games already but I hope to add this to my list of games to play.
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  • KennyNwasadKennyNwasad Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to how each member of All Stars will play, and I'm really digging it because it'll be a good party game like Smash Bros. that I can play with my friends who lack a Wii.
  • CorkscrewCrosserCorkscrewCrosser Joined: Posts: 2
    I actually really look forward to seeing how Cole plays, I want to see If that other character is Evil Cole, if not he can have a really interesting form switching mechanic!
    I also wanna see how the fighters differ, from movement speeds, to actual moves and resistance to attack.
    Right now I love the diverse Library of Sony characters and stage mixups, Parappa the Rapper making a comeback is amazing!
    I also want to beat up Nathan Drake with Kratos In practice mode. ^.^
  • Bit_StrifeBit_Strife Joined: Posts: 11
    There really is a lot I'm looking forward to in this game. I wanna see how they transfer certain characters into a fighting engine. What kind of cool little shout outs they give the characters pasts. How they blend two series' together for a stage collaboration. I really want to see what kind of characters they put in the game. Honestly hoping some of the leaked characters aren't real and that there are more than those if not. I'm also really looking forward to how it's balanced seeing as multiple people from the FCG are involved. It's a combination of a few of my favorite things; Sony and Fighting Games. Hopefully it'll build it's own community that'll strive. Plus I'm sure it'll be great to play around with friends if it can't make it competitively.
  • xiceman191xiceman191 Joined: Posts: 1,258
    Like a lot of people already said I've grown up on sony since the 1st PlayStation. I've never really played smash bros but at the same time wanted something like it for Sony characters. I'm interested in seeing how this game turns out i would love to add another game i can play at tournaments. Also it's different from the fighting games I'm used to playing so i definitely want to broaden my horizons in terms of games i play. With players like Seth Killian and Clockwork it's sure to not disappoint.

    Edit: What I like most about the game? I love the fact that it allows me to play characters I never thought would be possible in the game together especially in a fighting game. I never thought I would see Kratos and parappa the rapper in a fighting game. Also the possibilities that come out of the matches seeing the stage and item interaction excite me as well.

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  • KindafreshKindafresh Feel the love of the Hyper Combo! Joined: Posts: 394
    Since this in only the beta I'm looking forward to seeing Parappa,Sly and Kratos triple team the Fat Princess

    Eiffel Tower anyone :D
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  • xDarksolxxDarksolx I Am Death Incarnate. Joined: Posts: 85
    This game looks interesting bringing back some of playstions neat characters, im interested in the mechanics of this game how everything works and comes together. I hope for this game to have some potential.
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  • ImPuLsE PaRaDoXImPuLsE PaRaDoX Joined: Posts: 6
    Playstation is literally my life and blood, seeing as I have been playing Playstation since PSX. And after so many years of of falling in love with the characters, it's amazing to see them all in one big fighter. The ability to choose these characters, and the awesome interactive changing stages is a dream come true, and I absolutely can not wait to play. Also, being a huge fighting a game fan, the idea that I will be able to play my favorite play station characters in a game that is tournament worthy is so awesome I can't even begin to describe it.
  • mutespittahmutespittah Joined: Posts: 1
    Im looking forward to playing as Sony characters. I want to see the content they can pack into this game to separate it from other crossover games. I've wanted a game like this since I played SSB as a little kid. I used to think "wow if crash bandicoot or spyro were in this, i would probably enjoy it more". I was always more of a Sony fan than a nintendo one. I cant wait to play as any if these Sony characters and see how they all fit together in one game. The mechanics look solid and I would love to try it out already. The hype is overflowing. The little kid in me is coming back to life just to play this game. My hopes are high and im excited. I really love how they have put the stages mashed with other universes like they'll start off in parappa's dojo and end up in the god of war hydra battle. I love that theres going to be REAL combos. I want to see how this game will advance and all the technology they will find especially since people from the FGC are helping. This game will me like a trip down memory lane for me.
  • ken123103ken123103 You're just mad because your angry Joined: Posts: 597
    I'm looking forward to rubbing it in everybody's face when playstation all stars is better than the new super smash bros, and I'm really digging the way the stages interact with the game. For example, on the Buzz stage, I love how trivia will pop up and you have to get to the proper platform in order to survive lol. So sick
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  • ArgoniteArgonite Joined: Posts: 2
    I'm looking forward to the cast that they will included in the final version of the game. I am interested in seeing how the "no life bar" will influence game play. I looking forward to seeing how they do things differently from Smash, including the no life bars. How will they balance this game for competitive play, if it is even meant for competitive play or strictly casual play. The current visuals are a bit rough for my taste, but then again it's the beta, things will probably change. With the inclusion of Heihachi, I am looking forward to seeing ANOTHER version of him in 2D. I would like to explore how he's different than his other self in SFxT. With that being said, I also look forward to Dante. Having already seeing him in UMVC3, how will he differ as well. I like that Sony is doing something different to distinguish themselves from Smash with combos in this game, where as Smash was a lot of poking. Loving that Supers in this game will give it mass appeal with flashiness, however, long term appeal will be at the core gameplay.
  • FlameKoetsuFlameKoetsu Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm really looking forward to playing this game, so far it looks really nice as far as stages and characters go. I can't wait to see more rivalries and I hope I could give good feedback to the members of SuperBot.
  • KimuraLOXKimuraLOX Step into my zone, mad rhymes will stifle ya Joined: Posts: 4,019
    I just wanna believe with the rest of ya'll! ;_;
  • BCEBCE Why so serious ? Joined: Posts: 198
    what im looking for: For a single time, show some 1x1 combat so we can see how you guys expect this game to work in a tourneament. I really would love to see other way to land a kill, its kinda... "why would i learn a combo ? all i need to do is spam until got a super and use it"

    what i love so far: the desire to make this game really work. the cast so far is really interesting and i would love to see some crossovers like Sonic the Hedgehog and any Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts char.
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  • KanoleonKanoleon I'll show why the angels scream and the Devil crys Joined: Posts: 355
    I'm interested because
    A) Clockwork
    B) S-Kill
    C) I want to explore the games mechanics and make a combo video
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  • RisingDeadRisingDead Joined: Posts: 1
    The fact that it has a super meter really makes me want to try it out and see if it is tournament viable. Also, I really want to see how the psvita and ps3 crossplay function works because it would be awesome playing my friends on my vita on the train ride home ride from work with Sweet Tooth lol
  • ScoopsScoops too many demons Joined: Posts: 442
    I don't always get curley mustaches, but when I do, its while playing Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale
  • KurogaijinKurogaijin Joined: Posts: 5
    I'm looking forward for more of my favorite playstation characters to be added to the roaster, I'm already happy with Parappa. I remember the days when I played Parappa the rapper and I would freestyle when I reached "cool". But I like the fact that this game is not a complete smash bros clone and the combos look INSANE, the stages are unique, and overall the game looks smooth in general. I don't see anything wrong with it, but I would really have to try it myself. GAME STILL LOOKS AWESOME, BUT PLEASE! I WANT MY CRASH BANDICOOT :(
  • thevuvuthevuvu Joined: Posts: 10
    Seth Killian is on the job. I played it at Evo and it was pretty fun. I'd rather play it than Smash Bros. at a party, and I'll actually buy this one too! Plus there's some small but sick combos you can do. At least I'll know what I'm doing. Finally, the cast is amazing. Big Daddy and Parappa the Rapper or bust. The fact that meter is a big part of strategy is great to hear.
  • SonicGravitySonicGravity Run it back. Joined: Posts: 8
    I love the amount of potential fan service there is in this game and I hope that Sony abuses it to its fullest. That way I can throw all my Gil at the screen!
  • PironekoPironeko In the ring, the tie and the gloves come off Joined: Posts: 27
    What I look forward to the most is really cracking open Sly Cooper and seeing if he has any neat combos, and what that freaking dynamite barrel is useful for, if at all. I got to play a ton of this game at EVO and I can't wait to play more. I'm sure there's more to Sly than what I was able to figure out.

    Loving how fun the game is so far, I'm really, really looking forward to seeing what they can do to improve upon it.
  • christian barneschristian barnes Joined: Posts: 1
    I am definetly looking forward to take on some 2v2 battles with my friend online. Nathan drake and big daddy vs anyone online. The dreamscape is by far my favourite thing so far about the game. Ill play that level forever and am dying to play it please hook me up!
  • DarthgundamDarthgundam Joined: Posts: 1
    So far what i'm really enjoying about the game is the fan involvement, the way you guys are approaching feedback and implementing it is really impressive to me, it seems to me that you guys are really catering the project to fans instead of just putting out a game with big names. I'm a big fan of Seth, and he was the one that broke the news that the game would be compatible with arcade sticks, which is what pushed me to pre-order the game that same day. Leaks and speculation aside, from the information we've been given, I just love the overall aesthetic of the game, the stark variations between art styles, taking PaRappa and Nathan Drake for example is something that I truly appreciate.
  • OneSanitariumOneSanitarium BASARA Joined: Posts: 1,485
    I'm looking forward to seeing any possible reference to other games, and how the sony characters/stages work together. I love that the game seems to have a focus on true combos and that what I've seen so far seem to be pretty cool.
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