A few to-the-point questions about switching from pad to stick.

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I have been in the mid - high level fighting game scene for a while, atleast around here and online, and I have always wanted to switch to stick. I'm decent on stick but the problems that limit me and make me lose always annoy me to switching to pad, just to beat the guy in the room that's beating me.

Basically, my limitations are -

Dashing.. this is a big one. I can't backdash well in SSF4, and I can't FADC well. I have to literally take my whole hand off the stick, and kinda spank it from the left two times to dash right. I do the same thing dashing left but with the back of my hand. Is that how you're supposed to do it, or am I supposed to be able to,while holding the stick the regular way, input a direction two times quickly?

I really really suck at blocking cross ups on charge characters with stick. But I know I just need to practice that.

Charge down-up reversals are hard for me to rely on with a stick.

Any tips for improvement in these areas?

I know I don't need to switch to stick, blah blah, but I do really want to.


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