Why the hatred?

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Okay. So, I was just watching part of LI Joe's stream with the entire argument between Jago, Chris G, and Triforce. It was pretty crazy to say the least. At several points during the video, I heard people saying how much they really hate UMvC3, and how it was such a bad game. I've heard so many people bash this game time and time again ever since it came out. It made me think of how backwards the community can be. If the game is really as bad as people are saying it is, and people really hate it so much, then why is there such a big community and hype for it? And at the same time, why aren't there bigger communities for games like BlazBlue, Mortal Kombat, or Skullgirls? So often I'm hearing people say how much they hate this game, yet, there are massive turnouts at tournaments for it. What the hell is all the fuss?


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    there is no a single game that is universally liked, everyone gets their share of hate, simple as that
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    there is no a single game that is universally liked, everyone gets their share of hate, simple as that
    I aint never met a nig that ain't like Tetris.
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    I aint never met a nig that ain't like Tetris.

    i don't know.. their on-cartridge DLC with the gameboy version made a lot of people angry. plus the long piece was clearly overpowered, and they never patched it
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    There is nothing wrong with liking terrible games. Once you acknowledge that UMvC3 is random trash, then the hate no longer bothers you. Quite simple, yes?
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    I don't think UMvC3 is terrible. I'll agree with the "random trash" statement, though. That's the only thing that bothers me about it. I just don't understand why so many people say they hate, then run out, and enter a tournament for it.
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    i don't know.. their on-cartridge DLC with the gameboy version made a lot of people angry. plus the long piece was clearly overpowered, and they never patched it
    I agree that long piece bodied me left and right tho the Square piece needs a buff it's to underpowered.

    On-topic tho every game is going to get hate whether it's a legit hate or not. Umvc3 is not a bad game nor is it a great game the random stuff I can see. This is just one newb's opinion
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    Who cares what people think. Too many people tied their ego in their opinions on competitive design. If you enjoy it and others want to play it shouldn't matter really. Every thing gets hated on just be happy your game is popular unlike the other titles they get shit AND no play. And no don't fall for the "well just consider it shit but fun" crap Make up your own mind.
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    Oh, my mind is made up as far as what I like. I would never play a game any less just because someone else didn't like it, but I just think it's retarded as hell to sit and complain so much about the shit, then run out and compete in a bunch tournaments for it. I like UMvC3. Hell, I love Garou: MOTW, but there isn't a big community outside of GGPO. It's just some shit that baffled me.
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    Don't try to understand a vocal sect of the community that (pretends) to hate(s) the games they play and armchairs titles they don't play.
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    People like things? What?
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    I was watching the 8WayRun stream where Chris was at but muted it before he came on so I missed a bit of it. Who called who over skype and what not?
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    win= omg this game is really fun/omg this game is good guys stop bashing it/ omg guys this game has alot of depth shut up

    lose= fuck this fucking fuck fuck shit piece of trash game fuck it/ back in my day games where such and such/ i know what good games are cause i been playing video games before you.
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    There is nothing wrong with liking terrible games. Once you acknowledge that UMvC3 is random trash, then the hate no longer bothers you. Quite simple, yes?
    I knew the moment I saw the title, someone would say the game is random.:coffee:
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    I wouldn't even go that far. I honestly hate to box all opinions on the title. In the words of a great SFxT player: "I wish everyone would just STFU and play what they like"
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    the game sucks, thats why :coffee:
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    stop liking what i don't like!
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    The game is shitty, but fun. Just accept that and move on.
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    the game sucks, thats why :coffee:

    And yet how many hours have you spent playing/watching/reading/discussing this "shitty" game?

    OP makes a good point. There are LOTS of marvel players who will bash the game any time they do poorly, then go back and play it some more later.
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    many top players play the games for other reasons besides liking the game
    like the sponsors making them or simply because they like the money that they can get from the lesser masses that actually like the game or play them because the top players do
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    ^ bullshit
  • <Insert Name Here><Insert Name Here> No wonder with people like me SRK Marvel is dead Joined: Posts: 7,940
    Even the people who hate MvC3 can't help but have fun with it sometimes.
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    first of all, jago complains A LOT. before i got this game, i was watching his youtube videos because he has like the best screen recorder in the world; however, i just couldn't take his mouth anymore -_-
    second, this game really does look stupid to a person who hasn't played it before. i used to say stuff like that before i got the game, but now it's all i play.
    it's just like how everyone in that one thread were complaining about how they hate TACs with all their life... and how people who played mortal kombat really hate blood, fatalities, and xrays. makes about as much sense as morrigan's bewbs having support.
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    If you watch high level players engaged in their matches, the game has a fair amount of depth to it.

    Does the game have problems? Yes.
    If they fixed some of these problems (too much damage, xf, tacs, etc) would it be better? Yes.

    Americans don't like Soccer but the love Football. Why? Because, to them, Soccer is boring and Football is a fast paced frenzy. This is someone analogous to SF4 vs Marvel.

    It's flawed, but it's extremely fun and very addictive.
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    [naked ho]
    lol ew. that looks like kim kardashian's little sister.
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    I loved the game and wish it was better but....by gawd is it BROKEN!

    MVC2 has nothing on this *sigh*

    Whatever, i'll still play it consistently anyway and hope the garbage is one day fixed.
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    eh i cant really see the marvel 3 hate tbh..it seems to be in the minority more than anything. Most stream chats are bunch of morons just saying "Where's mahvel" when another game is on..so yeah.
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    It's because hating a game is a great option select for losing. Works in 100% of situations.

    Really though, every game has its detractors (especially those who will continue to play it regardless). If it's fun, play it. The rest of this would-be post has been covered already.
    Ultimate is dat fun.
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    Edit: Book inc, read if you want, idc.

    Honestly I think people play the game because of the fact that minus a couple things it actually is a really good game. Most notibly x-factor, I mean by now we have gotten used to it but you can't argue that it is probably THE most broken and bullshit mechanic ever to be put into a fighting game in the history of fighting games. I'd say level 1 is the ONLY level I agree with. But I mean whatever the game has been out for awhile now that if I lose to a full lvl 3 xfactored character it barely bothers me anymore. I don't look at it as a "great" comeback but rather a whatever. Lets just get to the next match. I also have a view on it that people that rely on lvl 3 to win suck.

    I didn't listen to the whole rant they had but I did look for the archive and listened to a little bit of Jago talking. Maybe I missed the "heated" words they had but other than that you could barely understand what Jago was saying. He was in his own little world where he looks at himself as being above everyone hence him saying "oh i'm goin to college in august and all of this doesn't matter anymore". Good for him, I have a masters and a bachelor's degree but I still play games and marvel 3. The difference is I still don't think I'm better than anyone. I have a couple slips of paper stating I went to college and sat thru courses. His attitude is that of a jackass.

    The overall problem right now is people are tired of SF4. It's been out 4+ years now. Marvel has only been out about a year and a half. And who knows if it's done with updates. I don't believe Capcom at all. I think there will be a 3rd final version, I could care not if they deny it. The game is fun to play and to watch which is why so many play it not to mention there is no other new fighter out there yet that has the same audience. I'm sorry you anime lovers but those games don't pick up much in america at all. BB was never that big here even though it has it's fanbase and Skullgirls for example totally flopped. Persona 4 isn't gonna overtake marvel, not by a longshot. So what's next? Tekken Tag 2? I'll admit that game looks good and I'll give it a shot but a 3D fighter has yet to become the top game around. Look at SCV for example, there was alot of hype for that and I think it sold rather well and it does still have a playerbase but it kinda died off rather quick to the larger audience. I'll admit I bought it and I enjoyed it but for whatever reason I stopped playing it about a month or 2 after I got it. Not because I didn't like it but it didn't hold me and I went back to playing marvel because I have fun playing it. So agin what is next? Playstation Battle Royale... hard to say I dunno, it might have a fan base the size of smash. I'm willin to give the game a shot as I have been a playstation player since PS1 but I don't see this game being the top game like say at a EVO. So what's next... Injustice League? Possibly, I'm not an MK hater but if the game comes out and it has the stiffness of MK it's gonna turn alot of people away. I think that is MK's biggest flaw is the stiffness. People just don't like it, which I can understand, I can get around it since I know that is how MK is and has been since MK1 but this new generation of gamers hate it with a passion and can't look past it.

    Capcom has not announced any new fighter they are developing even though they keep sayin Darkstalkers is not dead. Nothin officially has been announced yet. So I'm thinkin the next couple years is gonna be interesting. People are gonna have to either jump into marvel even if they hate it or devote themselves to another fighter that's not as popular and try to get good in whatever they choose. Nothing big seems to be on the horizon and who knows when a SF5 will come. I sure as hell am not waiting on that for all I know it won't come till 2015, pretty sure they want some breathing room between SF4 and SF5. Maybe they have some concept art but I'm sure that's it. So maybe Jago does have a positive outlook on what to do next and that is go to college, his egocentric attitude is still ass though. He's no alpha male, he's an alpha fraud. But I will give him props because he does have a name people know and he's probably one of the few "top players" that see's a degree as a way to better himself than having a "gaming career" which quite honestly is a joke unless your justin wong I guess but from what I hear he has a real job too. Anyway that's enough outta me, I don't even know why I responded to this thread while eating my breakfast and drinking my protein before getin ready to go to they gym to better myself unlike all you outta shape frauds!!! =p
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    I love this game! There were some things I didn't like about the game i.e. PS3 online and spiral swords, but i've learned to deal with them (Xbox live and block).

    I don't know, I guess 'hate' is people's way to deal with their problems with the game.
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    Although Triforce is an idiot, he had a point. No one finds Marvel to be a "balanced" game in the slightest. It's one of the only games on the market that turns scrubs godlike and can punish you for playing smart.

    The reason why Marvel is unbalanced and considered a "bad" game by many.
    -Game IS and will turn into a guessing game. TAC's have always been stupid, but now that there's infinites for them, the game will turn into a "guess-correct" and you win form of game. Even if you look at EVO, F.Champ went for TAC"s nearly every match and most of the time if he got them, the meter gain was ridiculous and gave him momentum with Dormammu.

    -Marvel is Random. Random Crossups with many hypers can more or less cost you the match.

    -Xfactor can punish you for killing your opponent's characters. Yes, you can xfactor as well, but that doesn't help you much when your being mixed up and in serious blockstun.

    -Large imbalance and gap in the tiers. There is literally no reason to play Arthur over Hawkeye, the closest thing to a reason being arthur's assist, but that's not much in itself. There are characters who can literally keep you in blockstun for 5 marvel seconds, and you can't do anything about it. The gaame isn't close to even being balanced.

    Marvel being a "bad" game doesn't mean it isn't fun though!
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    eh i cant really see the marvel 3 hate tbh..it seems to be in the minority more than anything. Most stream chats are bunch of morons just saying "Where's mahvel" when another game is on..so yeah.

    Yeah this is more like one guy complaining that a few top players don't like the game than really what the general public thinks. It was the most streamed game at Evo basically and had only 200 or 300 less people enter it than SFIV. There are those that don't like it but you can assume a lot of the people that entered the tourney at Evo genuinely like the game.

    If you don't mind a game where dying in one hit and not having a lot of funny restrictions against your pressure is a regular thing...then you'll like Marvel. I just come from playing games where you have to create things to counter things rather than the game just shoehorning in a bunch of mechanics to balance it for you. It allows you to be a lot more creative with your options and forces you to be aware of a lot more situations.

    People generally get fed up with how the only way to be consistent in Marvel is to be aware of a ton of things and create a team that allows you to manage all of those things or at least stop them before they start. I generally feel the game is pretty balanced in the sense that every character is a legitimate threat and can all be put on a team that will and can kill you pretty fast. There's almost no character that you can't find a way to put on a team and make them respectable against any other team (whether it's for point, support, assist abilities etc.).

    As the game goes on it'll be hard to simply play one team because the team make ups will create a lot of matchup specific issues that may require more than one team to overcome consistently. Some people just won't have the time to grind their team enough to overcome those issues and may need more than one team just to ease things.

    Other than that I like the game enough for what it is which is a game where you're forced to create the restrictions rather than the game doing it for you. Which is pretty much how most kusoge style games work any way.

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    I aint never met a nig that ain't like Tetris.

    This is really funny because my best friend HATES Tetris
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    This is really funny because my best friend HATES Tetris

    I never really cared for it either.

    Ain't nothin, Capcom's ruthless still producin.  Cut em a check or find yoself toothless.  Keep it shill with no confusin.  Niggas say I'm shill...they ain't hard I can prove it YEEEAH

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    I have always loved this game. Most haters hate because they get beat and take it all personally.
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    I suck at Marvel but I like it; I'm always striving to get a bit better.
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    I try to play it and usually I enjoy it, but too many things just make me say "wtf just happened?" I mean, that could be due to lack of experience in the game, though.
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    There are no perfect games. Stop trying to play good games. Play fun games instead.

    On the subject of TriForce:

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    people only hate this game when they're losing....

    Everytime I get a loss im pissed as fuck and call this game random gay trash that requires no skill

    But thats how I am with every game. A games perfect when you dont lose in it
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