English vs Japanese voices (Explain why)



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    Shadow Labs lines are too great not to be heard in English. My personal favorites are when she lands her command throw "ahahaha! That was awesome!" and when she beats Mitsuru, "ahahaha! Ride home bitch!"
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    That reminds me of when I was watching some major earlier this year, and some guy actually backed out of UMvC3 character select and to options so that he could change Vergil's voice to Japanese. Because he wanted to have it that way, no real other reason. Fucking really?

    I remember that. What was the point of that? I honestly don't know why anyone would want to listen to the DMC characters in Japanese. They never had Japanese voices until it received an anime.
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    English, motherfucker. Because I speak it.
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  • Zane HitsurugiZane Hitsurugi X-buster, ready. Joined: Posts: 917
    I usually put mine on english because the voices usually fit the characters better. Especially Chie, her voice in japanese is so unnecessarily high pitched.
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    Actually, I'm okay with Labrys' voice. At first, it was a little annoying, but I grew to like the accent. Huh.

    What I REALLY don't like is Chie's new voice. Her old voice was so perfect in Persona 4! :'c Now she sounds like an annoying little girl. MY FAN HEART IS BROKEN.
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    Mitsuru's english coice may lead to sudden S&M domination fantasies.
    You can't ask for well-thought-out changes off day 1, week 1, or mostly even month 1 play...and that's when the game is out and everyone's in the lab.

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  • ArachnofiendArachnofiend Double Uzis and a Wink Joined: Posts: 2,058
    I generally prefer English unless the English voices are particularly bad. The only English voice that bothers me in this game is Chie and the Japanese voice actor is even worse so yeah.
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    i generally use japanese voices. They tend to sound better in games to me at least. honorable mention for rufus from sf4 though, he is far more entertaining in english. well that and ken for "and one more for good measure!"

    It's like when i played Ken's rage in english. Hundred crack fist of the north star sounds waaaaay better as hokuto hyakuretsken.
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    Tho, Lei and Zafina speak english and I dunno why. For Law it makes sense since he lives in america, but isn't Lei a chinese policemen?
    Hong Kong policeman, specifically. Both Cantonese Chinese and English are considered the official languages of the region, and members of their police force are required to know both.

    EDIT: Just realized how old the post I was responding to was...oh well, either way, there you go.
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    English, especially if a game has a "girl yelling all the fucking time" squeaky voice.

    I don't want to hear your bullshit Felicia.
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    Japanese because I learned the story watching the animation and I watched the anime in Japanese. It's weird listening to them in English now.
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    Japanese cuz i speak it
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    Japanese because I learned the story watching the animation and I watched the anime in Japanese. It's weird listening to them in English now.

    I can appreciate this. I saw Tezuka's Metropolis subtitled and I can never go back.
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    I usually use Japanese givin the option since I understand a good deal of it, but I went with English because I played Persona 4 in English. Overall I think the English cast sounds much better too especially with rise, teddy, yu, and kanji. The Japanese does have a better elizabeth though. Oh and I don't really like Teddie's new voice or anything but the Japanese one is just awful-kuma.. Damnit.
  • Ragnorok64Ragnorok64 My muscles have no memory. Joined: Posts: 4,947
    I typically have audio in Japanese but since I've played through PS3 with English voices and P4 Golden will only have English audio, Ive kept it in English. Those are the voices I know the characters to have.

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  • DonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey Part-Time Warrior/Soldier! Joined: Posts: 1,487
    Both are great (Surprisingly the Eng dub is actually quite nice) I just use the Eng Dub because I just used that playing the game and got used to it.. Also I like the whole Mitsuru's ultra saying "Out of my way!" and Chie's ultra saying "Fists of fury!!"
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  • ContinuityContinuity Haters gonna make some good points Joined: Posts: 73
    Japanese because I play Akihiko so I get to hear KAAAAIIIISAAAAAAAAR
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  • nesstor001nesstor001 luv(sic) Joined: Posts: 53
    English because of Kanji and "YA WANT SOME!?"
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  • zUkUuzUkUu Theory Pro Joined: Posts: 4,396
    Swahili, because I'm a hipster.
  • Ninja95Ninja95 Joined: Posts: 23
    English because the VA sound better.

    Depends from game to game. Some I like it in English and some I like in Japanese (*cough* Tekken characters in SF x TK)
  • Rushdown_LiamRushdown_Liam Joined: Posts: 7
    I can totally understand why people would want to play with Japanese voices, but I personally go for the English dub. My main reason for that is pretty simple, though. I'm a huge whore for Liam O'Brien, gotta love his version of Akihiko.
  • TheSurefireGamerTheSurefireGamer Grappler Specialist. Joined: Posts: 1,210
    Given that I'm not very familiar with the Persona series and I instantly recognized the Black Ranger's voice when I saw the trailer, I'm going with English.
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