P4A PSN Matchmaking Thread



  • CantiCanti Bitter sweet Joined: Posts: 42
    PSN: Smash-Mix
    Location: New York City
    Main: Kanji,
  • drsolowdrsolow Misfit from the North Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN: dmisfit
    Location: Toronto, Cananda
    Main: akihiko... (for now)
  • SnakeofNinjutsuSnakeofNinjutsu Kallen Kouzuki FTW Joined: Posts: 325
    PSN: SnakeofNinjutsu
    Location: Florida
    Main: That Elizabeth
    P4A - Elizabeth
    IGAU - Catwoman
    Jojo - Dio/Giorno
  • FillossofherFillossofher Joined: Posts: 13
    PSN: Fillossofher
    Location: Inland Empire, Ca (Rialto)
    Main: Labrys
  • DeaDshoTsDeaDshoTs Muay Thai enthused Joined: Posts: 262
    My PSN ID: DeaDshoTs
    Location: Apple Valley, California
    Main: Not sure, I like Hero and Chie so far.

    I just got this so I'm still toying around with it. Awesome thus far.
    AE2012: Fei, Adon, Ryu
    Persona 4 Arena: Chie
    SFxTK: Hwoarang, Jin, Ryu
    PSN: DeaDshoTs
  • awkward_comboawkward_combo Joined: Posts: 56
    PSN: brawler_14
    Location: Texas
    Main: Yu
    I'm kinda bad but I'm always ready to play against all odds!!!!
    PSN: brawler_14
  • Kaiser SenpaiKaiser Senpai Can watch, but never play Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Samsara Kaiser
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Main: Akihiko, Kanji
    Ready to get bodied. LETS GO
    Also, try to say that you're from SRK, Thanks guys.
  • aisightaisight Joined: Posts: 13
    PSN: aisight
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Mains: Kanji, Yukiko
  • mr. tibbsmr. tibbs λ=11 Joined: Posts: 573
    PSN: mr_nezbit
    Boise, ID
    P4: Labrys, ~Yosuke
    BB: Lambda & Tsubaki

    I'm down to play either, but I'll be playing P4 at Salt Fest in Salt Lake City this May. I don't have any local P4 players, so I could use the practice in that game more. Cuz I suck real real bad.

    I'm gonna add some of the more recent people in here.
    CFN: mr_tibbs
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  • AlcaTraz644AlcaTraz644 Sadatay & feel OK Joined: Posts: 158
    PSN: Zypha101
    Location: New Jersey
    Main: Chie, dabble in Yu here and there
    Just looking for players to have fun with and tryna get better in the process
  • rubixgrooverubixgroove Joined: Posts: 227
    PSN - rubixgroove
    Location - Texas
    Main - Labrys (not Shadow)

    Casuals are totally fine but I am really looking for a "mentor" or two... or three... so to say. Trying to make this my main game and there is absolutely NOTHING for P4A locally. If you play in P4A tournaments, you're who l am looking for!

  • K.DoanK.Doan Joined: Posts: 23
    PSN - BloodSaint7
    Location - Vancouver, BC
    Main - Ice queen Mitsuru
    (ignore the red name, i swear its not me that rage quits but a lot of people have rage quit on me before so hence the red name)
  • EmilEmil Joined: Posts: 4,389
    PSN - BloodSaint7
    Location - Vancouver, BC
    Main - Ice queen Mitsuru
    (ignore the red name, i swear its not me that rage quits but a lot of people have rage quit on me before so hence the red name)

    Pick a different character(except kanji) and you will get less people ragequitting.
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  • K.DoanK.Doan Joined: Posts: 23
    Pick a different character(except kanji) and you will get less people ragequitting.
    naw its all good, I enjoy the hatemail and i'm too big of a persona 3 fan to drop her, sucks being a character loyalist when your favorite character is so hated. Only other character I play is yukiko because i like her from the rpg but hate zoning.
  • ScarletArcanaScarletArcana Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: MikhailLuca
    Location: The York of New
    Main: Yukiko; subbing Teddie, Naoto, and sometimes Chie.
    He must be in a state of flavor induced-bliss. :D
  • OnimochiOnimochi Henshin! I am Justice Toro! Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: CyborgHippo
    Location: California
    Main: Teddie

    I'm a scrub
  • Scrawt VermillionScrawt Vermillion Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: ScrawtVermillion
    Location: central America (._.)
    Main: Labrys
    Subs: Yukiko, Narukami and Liz

    Casuals are always fine but i'm looking for Teddie and Mitsuru players cause I need experience with the matchup and please if you want to add me please put that you're from SRK

    Thanks =3
  • BboycasperBboycasper Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: Bboycasper23
    Location: United States, FL
    Main: Teddy
    Just got the game about a month ago and I would really like to get serious with Teddy.
  • DragonForceDragonForce Joined: Posts: 1
    Location:United states, CT
    Still new to the game
  • EagleGeo231EagleGeo231 Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN name: EagleGeo231
    Area: Sweden
    Main: Akihiko
  • NeiburoNeiburo Lowtier Joined: Posts: 447
    PSN: Neiburo
    Area: Sweden
    New to anime games! Feel free to add me.
  • kroc333kroc333 Joined: Posts: 3
    Psn: kroc333
    Area: Baltimore, maryland
    Main: mitsuru
    You can catch me on nygamer's stream Monday's and Tuesday's
  • Ninja95Ninja95 Joined: Posts: 23
    PSN: ninja-star95 (if my list is full, message me and I'll delete someone)

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Mains: Yosuke (Brosuke), Yukiko and Yu
  • MossyMossy Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: rio0j

    Locations: California

    Main: Havnt decided, currently between Yukiko and Chie

    <noob trying to get lots of practice on both characters
  • SATISFACTION!!!!SATISFACTION!!!! Workin tha problem Joined: Posts: 389
    Main: Aigis
    -BC[crew]- Dirty Glove, A.R. Ent
    $$$$ 50/50 Desu "The terror is overwhelming, isn't it? There is no end to this nightmare!" NEET
  • noosetesternoosetester Joined: Posts: 856
    I just bought P4A on a whim and am looking for european players to body me. I've played a lot of SF before but it's the first anime fighter i've ever played so expect the highest degree of ass.
    I live in sweden and should have a pretty good connection to most of europe.

    PSN: henq
    main: chie i guess?
  • TralfamadoreCallsTralfamadoreCalls 4th Dimensional Alien Joined: Posts: 8
    edited July 2014
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall

    Main: Chie/Labrys
    I wish I could refuse to cave in, but it's so easy to pretend I'm brave when in the end I'm collapsible at best
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall
  • zetadroidzetadroid Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Zomarz9
    Location: Europe
    Main: Just bought the game but Yukiko seems ok.

    Looking for players from Europe to get started with the game.
  • SerrinSerrin Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN - Serrine
    Location - Bay Area, California
    Main - Margaret, Adachi

    I used to play the first P4 Arena with Souji/Yu as my main, but now I'd like to shake the rust off. c:
    BBCS: Lambda, Hazama
  • Snowmann98Snowmann98 Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN - xPrehistoriKx
    Location - Nova Scotia, Canada
    Main - Don't know yet

    I don't have P4A yet but I'll be receiving it in about a week through amazon, cant wait to start playing, don't have a main, but I'll post my PSN anyways if anyone wants to add for when I start playing!
  • TheWigglyTheWiggly Forever Free Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: TheWiggly
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Main: Kanji and Junpei

    The Beefcake and Da Man. The best combo of characters
    XBL and PSN: TheWiggly
    P4AU: Kanji, Junpei
    GGXRD: Sol
    BBCP: Azrael
    USF4: Decapre, Hugo
  • KingNarukamiKingNarukami Joined: Posts: 2
    edited July 2015
    My username is blueblood1905 and I'm from the EU. Add me if you want to play P4AU :)
    Main: Yu Narukami
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