P4A PSN Matchmaking Thread



  • BMsirhc1313BMsirhc1313 I'm 0ld Joined: Posts: 1,424 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Atlantic City, NJ
    No main.

    Was hoping to find someone rather new to mess around with here. If you add me put in the message that you're from SRK. I ignore most friend request online.
  • KefKef Joined: Posts: 3,170
    PSN: jpKef
    Location: Miami, FL
    Main: Akihiko
    If you wanna play some MVC2/Xrd/SFV: PSN: I-kef-I SFV ID: I-kef-I
    From Miami, if you are in the area, don't be afraid to PM me for some locals.

    "Don't be nice, it's Marvel son, the origin of hatred. The game ain't about being nice. If you want to be nice play Tea Party Adventures. They go that shit on DS I heard." - Romneto
  • StarslicerStarslicer WAKEUPULTRAS4DAYZ Joined: Posts: 530
    PSN: Starslicer
    Location: Michigan (MIDWEST FO DE SLOW.)
    Main: Akihiko

    Personal advisory: I do have a mic and I do get hype on it.

    Also, let me know if you're from SRK if you decide to add me.
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  • hostvarioushostvarious Human, Not Robot Joined: Posts: 10
    PSN: hostvarious
    Loc: Los Angeles
    Main: Liz ...too prideful to try anyone else at the moment, but Chie looks interesting

    just picked this up with KOF XIII after going to a Friday Night Sissy Fights at World 8 here in LA (anyone know it?), and excited to level up

    usually on around 8p during the week

    also trying to find where the hell my bluetube headset got to..
    PSN: hostvarious
    ~*up or don't toss it at all*~
  • Id_PigId_Pig Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: CafeID_Pig
    Location : Oakville, Ontario, Canada(near by Toronto)
    Main : Naoto, Aegis

    ADD me Plz so we can enjoy together :D
  • G0F0RBR0KEG0F0RBR0KE Shun Goku Satsu Joined: Posts: 2,710 mod
    PSN: IMashBuddenz
    Location: East Coast, Atlanta.
    Main: Unknown

    Getting the game soon.
    Shun Goku Satsu :)
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  • contrapositivecontrapositive Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN: N_o_1_R
    Location: Virgina (fuck me, right?)
    Main: Chie

    Add me, really want to play some good people. There's literally no FGC in this entire state last I checked, so good online matches are all I've got.
  • HecatomHecatom Aka Black Gorilla (・Д・)ノ Joined: Posts: 23,809
    PSN: Hecatom
    Location: Central America (:/)
    Main: Not selected yet

    I still suck monkey balls at the game, lol
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  • Bane13Bane13 Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: Bane_13
    Location: Middle Tennessee
    Main: Teddie

    Still not great at the game, but I'll put up a fight.
    PSN: Bane13
  • VinceXVinceX Two-dimensional speech pattern Joined: Posts: 61
    PSN : DarkVinceX
    Location : Quebec, Canada
    Main(s) : Kanji, Shadow Labrys, Naoto
    PSN ID : DarkVinceX
    Future SG Teams : Black Dahlia/ Cerebella / Ms.Fortune
  • CantiCanti Bitter sweet Joined: Posts: 42
    PSN: Smash-Mix
    Location: New York City
    Main: Kanji,
  • drsolowdrsolow Misfit from the North Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN: dmisfit
    Location: Toronto, Cananda
    Main: akihiko... (for now)
  • SnakeofNinjutsuSnakeofNinjutsu Kallen Kouzuki FTW Joined: Posts: 342
    PSN: SnakeofNinjutsu
    Location: Florida
    Main: That Elizabeth
    P4A - Elizabeth
    IGAU - Catwoman
    Jojo - Dio/Giorno
  • FillossofherFillossofher Joined: Posts: 13
    PSN: Fillossofher
    Location: Inland Empire, Ca (Rialto)
    Main: Labrys
  • DeaDshoTsDeaDshoTs Muay Thai enthused Joined: Posts: 262
    My PSN ID: DeaDshoTs
    Location: Apple Valley, California
    Main: Not sure, I like Hero and Chie so far.

    I just got this so I'm still toying around with it. Awesome thus far.
    AE2012: Fei, Adon, Ryu
    Persona 4 Arena: Chie
    SFxTK: Hwoarang, Jin, Ryu
    PSN: DeaDshoTs
  • awkward_comboawkward_combo Joined: Posts: 56
    PSN: brawler_14
    Location: Texas
    Main: Yu
    I'm kinda bad but I'm always ready to play against all odds!!!!
    PSN: brawler_14
  • Kaiser SenpaiKaiser Senpai Can watch, but never play Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Samsara Kaiser
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Main: Akihiko, Kanji
    Ready to get bodied. LETS GO
    Also, try to say that you're from SRK, Thanks guys.
  • aisightaisight Joined: Posts: 13
    PSN: aisight
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Mains: Kanji, Yukiko
  • mr. tibbsmr. tibbs λ=11 Joined: Posts: 573
    PSN: mr_nezbit
    Boise, ID
    P4: Labrys, ~Yosuke
    BB: Lambda & Tsubaki

    I'm down to play either, but I'll be playing P4 at Salt Fest in Salt Lake City this May. I don't have any local P4 players, so I could use the practice in that game more. Cuz I suck real real bad.

    I'm gonna add some of the more recent people in here.
    CFN: mr_tibbs
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  • AlcaTraz644AlcaTraz644 Sadatay & feel OK Joined: Posts: 160
    PSN: Zypha101
    Location: New Jersey
    Main: Chie, dabble in Yu here and there
    Just looking for players to have fun with and tryna get better in the process
  • rubixgrooverubixgroove Joined: Posts: 227
    PSN - rubixgroove
    Location - Texas
    Main - Labrys (not Shadow)

    Casuals are totally fine but I am really looking for a "mentor" or two... or three... so to say. Trying to make this my main game and there is absolutely NOTHING for P4A locally. If you play in P4A tournaments, you're who l am looking for!

  • K.DoanK.Doan Joined: Posts: 23
    PSN - BloodSaint7
    Location - Vancouver, BC
    Main - Ice queen Mitsuru
    (ignore the red name, i swear its not me that rage quits but a lot of people have rage quit on me before so hence the red name)
  • EmilEmil Joined: Posts: 4,389
    PSN - BloodSaint7
    Location - Vancouver, BC
    Main - Ice queen Mitsuru
    (ignore the red name, i swear its not me that rage quits but a lot of people have rage quit on me before so hence the red name)

    Pick a different character(except kanji) and you will get less people ragequitting.
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  • K.DoanK.Doan Joined: Posts: 23
    Pick a different character(except kanji) and you will get less people ragequitting.
    naw its all good, I enjoy the hatemail and i'm too big of a persona 3 fan to drop her, sucks being a character loyalist when your favorite character is so hated. Only other character I play is yukiko because i like her from the rpg but hate zoning.
  • ScarletArcanaScarletArcana Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: MikhailLuca
    Location: The York of New
    Main: Yukiko; subbing Teddie, Naoto, and sometimes Chie.
    He must be in a state of flavor induced-bliss. :D
  • OnimochiOnimochi Henshin! I am Justice Toro! Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: CyborgHippo
    Location: California
    Main: Teddie

    I'm a scrub
  • Scrawt VermillionScrawt Vermillion Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: ScrawtVermillion
    Location: central America (._.)
    Main: Labrys
    Subs: Yukiko, Narukami and Liz

    Casuals are always fine but i'm looking for Teddie and Mitsuru players cause I need experience with the matchup and please if you want to add me please put that you're from SRK

    Thanks =3
  • BboycasperBboycasper Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: Bboycasper23
    Location: United States, FL
    Main: Teddy
    Just got the game about a month ago and I would really like to get serious with Teddy.
  • DragonForceDragonForce Joined: Posts: 1
    Location:United states, CT
    Still new to the game
  • EagleGeo231EagleGeo231 Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN name: EagleGeo231
    Area: Sweden
    Main: Akihiko
  • NeiburoNeiburo Lowtier Joined: Posts: 447
    PSN: Neiburo
    Area: Sweden
    New to anime games! Feel free to add me.
  • kroc333kroc333 Joined: Posts: 3
    Psn: kroc333
    Area: Baltimore, maryland
    Main: mitsuru
    You can catch me on nygamer's stream Monday's and Tuesday's
  • Ninja95Ninja95 Joined: Posts: 23
    PSN: ninja-star95 (if my list is full, message me and I'll delete someone)

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Mains: Yosuke (Brosuke), Yukiko and Yu
  • MossyMossy Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: rio0j

    Locations: California

    Main: Havnt decided, currently between Yukiko and Chie

    <noob trying to get lots of practice on both characters
  • SATISFACTION!!!!SATISFACTION!!!! Workin tha problem Joined: Posts: 389
    Main: Aigis
    -BC[crew]- Dirty Glove, A.R. Ent
    $$$$ 50/50 Desu "The terror is overwhelming, isn't it? There is no end to this nightmare!" NEET
  • noosetesternoosetester Joined: Posts: 856
    I just bought P4A on a whim and am looking for european players to body me. I've played a lot of SF before but it's the first anime fighter i've ever played so expect the highest degree of ass.
    I live in sweden and should have a pretty good connection to most of europe.

    PSN: henq
    main: chie i guess?
  • TralfamadoreCallsTralfamadoreCalls 4th Dimensional Alien Joined: Posts: 8
    edited July 2014
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall

    Main: Chie/Labrys
    I wish I could refuse to cave in, but it's so easy to pretend I'm brave when in the end I'm collapsible at best
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall
  • zetadroidzetadroid Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Zomarz9
    Location: Europe
    Main: Just bought the game but Yukiko seems ok.

    Looking for players from Europe to get started with the game.
  • SerrinSerrin Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN - Serrine
    Location - Bay Area, California
    Main - Margaret, Adachi

    I used to play the first P4 Arena with Souji/Yu as my main, but now I'd like to shake the rust off. c:
    BBCS: Lambda, Hazama
  • Snowmann98Snowmann98 Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN - xPrehistoriKx
    Location - Nova Scotia, Canada
    Main - Don't know yet

    I don't have P4A yet but I'll be receiving it in about a week through amazon, cant wait to start playing, don't have a main, but I'll post my PSN anyways if anyone wants to add for when I start playing!
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