The League of Legends Thread: Winter is...coming?

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Welcome to the new League of Legends thread! **Newest Champion** [b]**Latest News**[/b] [b]**SRK Tags**[/b] AYO?!: AYOBueno (Support, Solo Top, rare Mid) Redbeard: Redbeard Senchou (Mid, ADC, Solo Top, Honky) Cito48: cti0 Tweleve: A Vain Vayne (I know...) (Jungle, Mid) Jamp: Stone Ocean (I don't get it either) BIG BAD MOG: Knuffles (Jungle, Support, Mid) k4polo: DarkOrchid Free: iSniperVII Pacifist: AnEmptyName PapaRhino: PapaRh1no (ADC, Support, Mid) Ken34: Ken34 spideyman: mokujon Kona Kona: ReverendBaka Lord_Raptor: Jon_Talbain Graphic: FishBoneTree Tanner: logios Fireiswet: Fireiswet FrostyAU: FrostAU (Mid, pretty much other roles) donu7: dounu7 bitbna1: WakeupSuper (Roamer) Retro: Soulking99 Umthrfkr: umthrfkr (ALL 5!) Rabbit2k7: Rabbit2G SadQuotes: Endeym qoqonuts: qoqonuts janoDX: TigerYamatoDX r00ster22: BabyGrenades (Best player ever, ALL DEM ROLES!) KowtowRobinson: KowtowRobinson (All dem roles too) 4r5: QQ China (Bot lane?, Mid) Dinoz: Dinoz1337 (ADC?) TOKiMONSTA: hoangsong (Solo Top, Support) Songo[KthX]: SeieiEnbu, (Whatever role). Dotsdfe: (Scrubtacular) RagingStormX: RagingStormX (Mid, Support, Jungle) ClxJames: CLxJames (Top, Mid, Jungle) FlameAngelIZ: Xcezz. [b]**League of Legends Resource sites**[/b] Wiki: dat MOBAfire, a somewhat helpful site for build information: Leaguecraft, the site people who hate MOBAfire enjoy: Solomid, for people who hate the other two combined. LoL Pro, good place for Guides and pro League coverage. Surrender at 20, one stop shop for LoL leaks and up to date news. LoL Zone, mostly linking for the easy to use Skin Viewer to check things before you buy them. LoLKing, I get lost on this site just checking player statistics, builds, and news bits. LoL Counter, find out who's asses your champion kicks! Here's a site to check ELO, roles, people and win rates among other things. Very clean as well. qoqonuts made an LoL Spreadsheet for SRK, go ahead and add yourself up and update if you want to keep up to date with fellow SRK'ers. [b] **Free Week Rotation**[/b] : [b] **Champion & Skin Sales**[/b]
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