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Tired of getting my ass kicked by Steve

SonicGravitySonicGravity Run it back.Joined: Posts: 8
Okay so my friend has been playing Tekken 6 far longer than I have, I probably haven't even laid hands on it in like a year. His main character is Steve Fox, I heard that Bob is a good counter pick, is this true? If not, who is? And where can I start to learn how to pick apart Steve piece by annoying piece?


  • SonicGravitySonicGravity Run it back. Joined: Posts: 8
    UPDATES POST BY HIMSELF tekkenzaibatsu here ya go.

  • RECESSIONTIMERECESSIONTIME Trumpologist Joined: Posts: 1,240
    who u use?
  • RoujinRoujin OIL DAT Joined: Posts: 100
    Sorry bro but you are in for an uphill battle. Steve is up there as one of the strongest characters in T6. If your friend has a better knowledge and grip on movement, knows his safe strings + pokes and knows how to mix you up then all you can do is pick an equally strong character like Bob, or a Mishima or Law and learn how to move, learn your safe pokes, whiff punishers.

    All characters are viable in Tekken, tiers are more based around who has the safest moveset than who has the better tools. There's no Sagat vs Hakan counterpicks.

    One thing you can do is that a lot of Steve players will want to try and bulldog you hard. You could possibly try picking any character with a reversal (Wang, Nina, Dragunov, Asuka, etc) and seeing if you can catch him pressing buttons in his eagerness to force you to block. If you take away his ability to rush you down (that's a fairly big IF) it should make it easier for you as you will be left playing the basic poking, mid/low mixup, whiff punishment game.

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