The "What Are We Doing While Waiting For The Patch" Thread

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Alright guys, since the patch thread is getting a liiiiitle out of control, I've created this topic to distract everyone.


Instead of constantly asking for updates on what Reverge is doing and whether or not the patch is going out when when and for what reason, let's just talk to each other about what we are doing in the meantime. That way Reverge can get their work done and we won't drive them insane.

I'll start. I've been playing P4A recently, but I'm getting a bit annoyed at the matchups. I play Kanji because grapplers feel like hand sex, but there is very little he can do against Yukiko and Elizabeth, and that's more than a little frustrating. I also, strangely enough, picked up Resonance of Fate... Never played and I heard it was a good RPG



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