X-MANIA XIII 3on3 teams 2012/8/26 2PM Sunday (Tokyo time)



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    wow mikado didn't record any of the matches and archive them. I don't think it's worth the trouble to release a dvd and try to sell it. there's just not enough people buying it to worth their while.

    some of us should have recorded it -_-

    Damn I missed this
    Yeah,I missed it, too. In fact, I hadno access to a computer when it happened.

    I will get the DVD if it comes out. Guarantee it.
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    As far as I heard they are actually trying to sell this as a DVD!
    Some exhibtion matches might get uploaded to NicoNico.

    I hope someone recorded it - really wanna rewatch some of the amazing exhibition matches! (especially Mattsun's matches! Such a pleasure to watch!)
    yeah now that you told me it's good knowing that i probably won't ever be able to watch it :P
    Yeah,I missed it, too. In fact, I hadno access to a computer when it happened.

    I will get the DVD if it comes out. Guarantee it.

    dont get me wrong i like this game and all and i support them and not trying to take stuff away for free but at this age and time producing dvd and selling/distributing them is a complete waste of people's time and effort.

    they could have shown some $8.95 ad while waiting for a match instead of the title screen or just ask for a donation.

    i would gladly donate but buying a dvd is not my thing. my dvd player broke ages ago and many laptops nowadays dont even have a dvd drive.
    not to mention it's so inconvenient to skip through content with a dvd.

    and you lost the instant gratification of watching it NOW. people want to watch it while it's still hot. can you imagine paying $20 and another $10 for shipping and have to wait weeks for it to arrive?

    and i dont have space for yet ANOTHER dvd to cluster up my shelf i have already dumped hundreds of them.

    sorry for the long rant i normally dont do this but even netflex is trying to get out of the dvd business. sometimes i don't really get japan with this SBO silly thing and you can't even pay NicoNico with a foreign credit card without google translate side by side or follow some obscure instructions written by another poor soul who had to run through it once.

    i'm going to have a nice meal and read a good book in this relaxing afternoon now
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    they always put them on dvd and i prefer it

    sasori and sashishi are really strong right now, not sure why someone would've thought MAO would win..?
    They are all really really good. In Japanese tournaments, it's literally anyone's game. Like someone mentioned above, who would have thought that BabyNine would ocv kurahashi's entire team. That's bananas.

    I thought Mao would win because 2 claws and DeeJay. Claw is the best character in the game. Who knew that they would both be taken out by a DeeJay player and a Blanka player. Especially Blanka, I think claw has serious advantage over Blanka in the tiers list.
    Ah shit..    
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    Ha, I knew it was going to be one of the other. Too bad Yuu/AFO couldn't take it, but the winning team is great too. Also happy to see MAO's team out so fast, and babynine beasting with Honda.
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    Retsu go Nuki Chun Li !!
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    These guys are just absurdly good. We just gotta hand it to them. Just check the first match:
    1. Tasaka (Cammy) beats Nasushimu (Dhalsim)
    2. Tasaka (Cammy) beats Abebin (E. Honda)
    3. Nakamura (Cammy) beats Oonishi (Dictator)
    Abebin e Oonishi were both SBO 2nd place in 2010. Taken out by a 3-Cammy team!
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    Cammy beating a Honda in tournament has got to be the greatest achievement for a Cammy player.
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    X-MANIA XIII exhibition matches are up!

    Yuuvega ( ST Dictator ) vs. Mattsun ( ST Ken )

    Komoda Blanka ( ST Blanka ) vs. Kusumondo ( ST E.Honda):

    Taira ( ST Dictator ) vs. Muteki ( ST Guile ):

    Sashishi ( ST Ryu ) vs. Muteki ( ST Guile ):

    Tontanki ( ST Hawk ) vs. Mattsun ( ST Ken ):

    ...and many more (http://www.youtube.com/user/mnemosyne32/videos?view=0)
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