~Spiderman giving me hard time with BnB! >:(

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I've been trying this spidey combo out that I saw from Xero18's youtube video called "Umvc3 Spiderman Basic Combos Revisited"
The combo I'm referring too is at 1:33

It requires you to JL JM JM JH JS then connect it with a standing Medium then proceed to S.H and then spidersting. (1:38 is the part I'm having trouble with)
I'm having trouble connecting the Standing medium after the short jump combo. I don't know If I have to delay it somehow or press buttons faster or if I'm doing something wrong that I' am not aware of.
Here is a video of me attempting the combo and as you can see I can't connect the standing M but I do at the very end at random. Can someone tell me to why this is? 1 out of 10 times it connects but I don't want to have a unreliable BnB for competitive play!


  • LayoLayo Joined: Posts: 69
    yo ezi i play umvc3 and spydey since 1 month :).i can advice you to connect st m after the jS you have to delay jS after jH and stM will connect.
    For my part i m not a fan of this combo i m using webthrow combo for my bnb
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  • phantasyphantasy Smash Journeyman Joined: Posts: 8,558
    delay jS after jH a little

    should probably learn this combo instead:
    crLMH L webswing jHS air L webswing jMMS (land) sMH H spider sting
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  • EziiEzii Joined: Posts: 6
    Thank you so much phantasy and Layo for the advice, I'm going to try it out right now
    Hey Layo what combo are you referring to?
  • LayoLayo Joined: Posts: 69
    Ezii that was my first bnb after 1 week of full training i can do it in match.
    3. My BnB - corner carry from anywhere, ends with web throw to corner

    s/c:l: c:m: c:h: xx :l: web swing j:m: j:m: j:s:, :h: xx :l:web throw, OTG zip j:s: s:m: c:h: xx :l:web swing j:m: j:m: j:s: s:h: xx :l:spider sting/bite [c:h:+assist] :s: sj:m: sj:h: sj:s:, zip whiff j:s: to corner while missiles OTG, :h:web throw to corner

    and watch all raoh s video you should take a look :).
    Fairplay doesn t kill ;)
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    Hi, Ezii! When you do the combo in the corner, aside from what Phantasy said (delaying the j:s:), try using a jump up instead of up forward.
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