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Two questions:

Anyone identified all the effects to every single dipswitch?
Is there a possibility there is more alternate character versions (e.s. WW, CE, HF) ?


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    1. No, in fact, T.Akiba's page (that NKI's page at http://nki.combovideos.com/dc.html was translated from) has a few more unknowns now after further testing over the years.
    2. Almost certainly not. That's not a dipswitch option and is very unlikely to have been hidden all the way until today.
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    Nki site is down. I used to frequent there at his combo videos.
    I don't see him post here in this forum. Where is he these days?
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    You can find the page on Google cache or the Internet Archive for the time being. It's odd that NKI's site isn't up even though his host ComboVideos.com seems to be fine. Also, you may want to consider Google translate on T.Akiba's page: http://games.t-akiba.net/sf2/dc.html

    As for NKI, he's still doing fine in Tokyo but he has professional responsibilities that have carried him away from ST.
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