Most underated assists? what are you thoughts and what are their uses.

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So lately i have struck sort of an identity crisis in the game, im bored of my team i have been using since nearly day one Mag, viper, sent, and have hit the dojo to gather and collect different characters to form a new unique team. In doing so i have discovered that there are so many unused assist whether they are overshadowed by the character's generally more practical,or prefered assist, or just have not been experimented with. However yesterday in the lab i found a great synergy between zero and R.Raccoon using R.Raccoons spitfire twice. With this assist zero is able to use his hienkyaku up to three times while the slow multi-hitting projectiles are on screen. Any ways i would love to hear your about your underused assists and what makes them good and overshadowed by the rest of the cast


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