Balrog, turn around punch through fireball

SFJakeSFJake Joined: Posts: 151
I'm a complete scrub when it comes to this game, plus I'm horrible at that - just saying this right away.

I've seen it once or twice on supercade, turn around punch that goes through a fireball (at the begining of the move). I don't have the replay on hand, though.

I tried it a thouasnd times, and there is no point where it ever even slightly goes through them. I can't find any reference to such a thing on the wiki or anywhere else (except about SSF4).

Did I dream this?


  • neweggnewegg MVC3? SSF4AE? Joined: Posts: 60
    my guess is that you were watching a AE match instead of ST.
    older version of balrog has invincible turn punch.
    he lost that in ST because of his awesome super and headbutt.
  • SFJakeSFJake Joined: Posts: 151
    Mmmh, of course, I might have seen it in Hyper then.
    hyper and champion edition you use turn around punch to get through fireballs. In ST you use jab or fierce raising buffalo. Different games, same character.
    Ah shit..    
  • kedawakedawa . Joined: Posts: 422 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    I think it's HF where he has projectile invincibility on TAP, not CE.
    Either that, or it's just easier to time in HF.
  • MizukiMizuki ayy lmao Joined: Posts: 3,200
    Just for clarification, CE boxer does NOT have invul with TAP. It was a change he got in HF to deal with fb chars because he got straight up merced in CE by top tier.
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