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Why official forum don't open yet?

shamash.phishamash.phi Waler MasterJoined: Posts: 73

Why "Comming Soon"? I wait a lot of month and nothing D=
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  • DeepEndDeepEnd Joined: Posts: 121
    Because SRK is good enough
  • DravidianDravidian He who is CAT Joined: Posts: 702

    Why "Comming Soon"? I wait a lot of month and nothing D=
    Relax, we know Mike, Ahad, and Reverge are working on some goodies. For all we know they may be integrating the forum directly into the game.
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  • ZidianeZidiane KPB team member, SRK writer Joined: Posts: 1,225
    I've been wondering that for a while too.
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  • DaRabidDuckieDaRabidDuckie Happiest. Duck. Ever. Joined: Posts: 9,870 mod
    I guess they got busy working on more important things like the patch, dlc characters, the pc port, and the like.
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  • girlystylegirlystyle Only plays Fugazi Joined: Posts: 1,804
    yeah! I have no where to talk to people about skull girls!

    oh wait.
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