Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PSN): GGs, Matchmaking & Discussion

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Yeah it's that time again to prove your fighting skills against the best in the world in THE IRON-FIST FIGHTING TOURNAMENT. With just hours away from it's official game release, hope we make this the official thread for GGs, matchmaking and Discussion for this game.

:nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck: LET THE IRON-FIST TOURNAMENT BEGIN :nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:
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    Do we have any serious ttt2 players or anyone looking to get serious?

    I'll be glad to help.

    Galen-SDT is my psn
    Galen SDT is my XBL tag.
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    PSN - JohnnyMastah

    My list is already nearly full with MvC2 players, so I probably won't be able to add 'too' many, but I'm always down for games when I'm on.
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    I'm desperate to find my game that I seemed to have lost between Tekken 6 and this one.
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