DLC characters not coming?

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From SRK front page:

"Hopefully this means that the team will have more developmental freedom, however, Mike also said that, for now, the team has no plans for Skullgirl’s future beyond the patch and the soon to be released color packs. Everything else is still up in the air. We will have to wait and hope that Reverge will eventually get the resources they need to make the many Skullgirls DLC characters they have designs for a reality."

Does this mean we might not see Umbrella and Squiggly?


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    What Mike actually said on the stream was that the current future of SG is the patch being released. I think he meant all the focus is on getting this patch out before moving on to the DLC characters. Worry about it after the patch drops. Check the Patch thread for an exact quote on what Mike said.

    Here's the quote.
    46.55 - So after this patch comes out I can't speak for anything. Somebody asked if after this patch comes out there will be anything else before DLC. The nice way to say it is "the current existing future is this patch."
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    at least let the patch actually come out before making threads like this. i know im planning on buying the colour packs when they drop.
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    I understand situation in this way: up until now publishers (or whoever invest money in SG) weren't paying RL so team wasn't able to work on DLC and stuff. BUT that doesn't exactly mean that funding won't be renewed. So my advice would be to keep calm and expect official message on this case.
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    My advice is... show up to Salty Cupcakes and tournaments and blow Skullgirls up.
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