Any veteran Nina players out there?

Miguel RossingtonMiguel Rossington Dedicated Nina Williams PlayerJoined: Posts: 290
If so i'm looking to discuss alot about Nina. I feel shes a little under used/underestimated. Am I the only one?
At the cost of 1 bar she has a guarunteed 200 damage IMO thats Phenominal for a round ender or to tag safely.(Among other things obviously) Also if anyone wants to spar/play a few games message me on PSN(Xx_Martin279_xX). Maybe we can pick up a few Strats/Setups or combos even. The Nina player population Is scarce so we need to band together and break EVERYONE ELSES arms
SFxT Main: Nina x Heihachi(Learning other females, Heihachi is enough "Man" for me)
Persona 4 Arena: Mitsuru


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