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Welcome to the newer and updated home of Rochester's FGF (fighting game family).

This thread is the meeting point for all of Rochester's fighting game players. You can find updated information here regarding who we are, what we're doing, and what we're playing. If you have any questions, please post in the thread or PM any of our members!
Who we are:
We are Rochester's primary gaming scene. We primarily involve ourselves in competitive fighting games, but we do not mind getting in some side action in anything else where the term "victory" is applicable. We primarily achieve conquest by way of Team Qanba and its arcade sticks; pad warriors are welcome to join the ranks, but are subject to RAW treatment (Random Acts of Wedgies, that is).
What we are:
We are as young as it takes to buy a copy of Mortal Kombat 9 at the store and as old as it takes to get kinks in your wrist while performing Hadoukens. We don't all have cars, but we can get a ride whenever and wherever we need to from each other. We are all shapes, sizes and colors and we have no problem making fun of anyone else's shape, size or color. We are supportive, friendly, and ferociously competitive. While we are all these things, we do have room and encourage casual players who have fighting games as more of a playful hobby than the rest of us.
When we are:
We meet typically twice a week; once during the middle of the week and once during the weekend. We don't always let total strangers into our homes, but we're happy to host games once those strangers aren't totally strange. The Rochester Institute of Technology holds its chapter's meeting of the Electronic Gaming Society once a week during the school semester, as well. We have a tournament once every few months. Ranbats and danisen leagues are scheduled for once a season and regional-level tournaments are scheduled for a few times a year; all these meetings are venue dependent.
Where we are:
Rochester has traditionally bred champions for every kind of competitive aesthetic imaginable. The Rochester fighting game family seeks to extend this tradition with and through the spirit of hard work, friendship, knowledge, and sacrifice. We take some games more seriously than others. We play just about anything and we're not afraid to travel just about anywhere to play the games we want to play. We're mostly inclusive, we're kinda nerdy too, but we're outgoing and love to make merry.
Why we are:
We're here as a cohesive fighting game community because of how difficult fighting games can be to organize locally these days. FPS games, MOBAs and even hardcore MMOs have much broader player bases and more concrete organizing power. By forming a local community, we've created an environment that fosters what any player needs to reach the next level in the game(s) they want to play; even for those who are looking at fighting games with a playful hobby in mind, we provide all the resources you need to perform with a minimum efficacy in order to compete with everyone else that plays.
The games:
The Last Blade 2
The King of Fighters XIII
Guilty Gear: Accent Core+R
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012

SoulCalibur V
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited

Arcana Heart 3
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
The players: (Updated 1/6)
Player Spreadsheet (Credit to sniping_dreamer)

a.k.a. "Grifter"
Games: P4U, ST, GG:AC+R, BB:CP, VF5:FS, SFxT

a.k.a. "MixTapeCD"
Games: DoA5, TTT2U, P4U, BB:CP

a.k.a. "Minic"
Games: AE2012, P4U, BB:CSEX, TTT2U, UMvC3

a.k.a. "Umbrella Knight"
Games: UMvC3

a.k.a. "Neckpuncher", "GarbageBear"
Games: BB:CSEX, P4U, VF5:FS

a.k.a. "Steve (major)", "O.Steve", "Scumbag Steve"
Games: TTT2U

a.k.a. "Linker"
Games: BB:CP, P4U, MB:AACC

a.k.a. "NickRocks"
Games: MvC2, KOFXIII

a.k.a. "Roooster"
Games: GG:AC+R

a.k.a. "The Lau Dynasty"
Games: TTT2U

a.k.a. "Running Wild"
Games: KOFXIII, Everything SNK, more KOFXIII

a.k.a. "Sniping Dreamer"
Games: AE2012, UMvC3

a.k.a. "Rican Heat"
Games: UMvC3, P4U, KOFXIII, TTT2U, AE2012

a.k.a. "Saigoto"
Games: AE2012, P4U

a.k.a. "FrameTrap"
Games: AE2012

a.k.a. "Termites"
Games: UMvC3

a.k.a. "SixMachine"
Games: KoFXIII

a.k.a. "Goggles"
Games: UMvC3, BB:CSEX

a.k.a. "Noirforce"
Games: TTT2U

Games: VF5:FS

a.k.a. "ItsBernard"
Games: AE2012, TTT2U

a.k.a. "Sinn"
Games: TTT2U

a.k.a. "Vic2Real"
Games: TTT2U

a.k.a. "Kyte"
Games: UMvC3
a.k.a. "FightersLegend"
Games: TTT2U, Marvel

a.k.a. "Koax"
Games: AE2012

a.k.a. "Mufasa"
Games: AE2012, SFxT

a.k.a. "Zeph"
Games: BB:CP, VS:R, AH3

The details: (Updated 1/13)
Wednesday Nights, 8:00 p.m.
RIT Campus, Student Alumni Union Cafeteria
Bring your own controller **Currently postpwned due to the holiday break. Resumes mid-January 2014.

Rochester Streams [Primary event stream]

Rochester Media

Rochester Fight Blogs
The events: (Updated 2/25) Saturday Night Feast 7 (March 8 -- Erie, Pennsylvania): This tournament could use a few more games to round out its roster, I think.

Northern Battles X (March 8 -- Toronto, Ontario): Witness the march of the Red Tager Army.

Final Round XVII (March 14 -- Atlanta, Georgia): The last place on the planet to play Soulcalibur V!

Tips for newcomers: Step #1: Introduce yourself in the thread! Make sure to at least tell us your first name because Internet names are typically pretty dumb.

Step #2: Pick a game. Any game. If you don't know what to get your hands into, think of what you like to play or how you like to play and post up! We may have some suggestions for you.

Step #3: Play games. All the games. Or just the ones you want. If you have questions about meetups, where they happen and when they happen, just post up! New faces are always welcome and most of us have been defanged, so you should be alright.

Step #4: Profit. Congratulations! In this short amount of time, barring any time you may or may not have needed to cure yourself of any head-in-ass syndrome (if applicable), you've become a member of Rochester's FGF. Sit back, call someone a scrub, get bodied, and finish the night with a cold beer.

Step #5: This hidden step is required for all newcomers. Don't be a dick. Please. What we're not: - Greedy
- Theives
- Silent
- Asshats
- Scr00bs
- Intolerant
- Associated with Buffalo in any way, shape or form For posterity: Wake Up, Rochester!!
This links to the previous Rochester SRK thread.
And no...'s not a setup.
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