What People Message You After You Beat Them - TTT2 Edition



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    Maaaan... I love Tekken Revolution... I play that game like a jack ass to get hate mail.
    Strat 1- Only use 1,2
    Rules to Strat 1: Only use 1,2 > You can only use 1,2 as a punisher... GO!
    "You're such a faggot you only know how to do jabs"
    'What the fuck... I was holding back and I couldn't block. I'm reporting you for hacking"

    Strat 2-
    Rules to Strat 2: Only damage is from punishing with d/f+2 SSR iWS1x7 f+1+2
    "This isn't Tekken Tag 2... stop juggling"
    "It's a good thing Harada is my friend on facebook cause I'm going to have him remove that"
    "you are no skill that uppercut is the only move you know how to do"

    Strat 3-
    Rules to Strat 3: Only deal the damage you have to and win with time outs... If you can't time them out you can't kill them
    "I'm reporting you because I can't hit you."
    "UR A BITCH if you actually faught you would lose"

    Strat 4-
    Rules to Strat 4: Only deal damage with dick punches and after every win ask if their dick has fallen off
    "You're a childing fag... I hope you never reproduce"
    "If you send me that message one more fucking time I'm going to hack PSN get your IP and actually punch off your dick"
    "Learn a new move noob"

    Strat 5-
    Rules to Strat 5: Only deal damage with Nina's d/b+4 and get up kicks... try hard to time them out but if not just the get up kick mixup
    "I bet you lay down like that IRL as your daddy rapes you"

    Strat 6-
    Rules to Strat 6: only damage is from Launchers... However, instead of juggling you just Ki Charge or run away
    "UR a bitch... learn to play the game."
    "your a fucking scrub... if you really knew how to play you would do juggles"

    I get a LOT of the you're a "try hard" and nonsense like that when I play normal, but nothing is as good as that stuff up there. I also don't play with any enhancements and I get my rocks off from smashing on people that have them. I went to Byakko with a 120W - 2L and got a FUCK load of hatemail in those 122 matches. I'd say about once every 4 or 5 wins and both my losses got me hate mail. It was pretty funny cause I was sitting at Genbu with 116 wins on my screen. I got called everything from a boosting faggot to a puller to scrub to a hacker.... I think out of all those matches I only got ONE message that said GGs.

    Ohh well if anyone wants to play some actual matches on TR or TTT2 hit me up.
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    Simply amazing.
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    A bit opposite of the thread title, but....

    Why do people feel the need to talk shit after they win a match of online tekken, I mean the simple fact its online play should be enough, but noooo you hit someone with a juggle and they beat you apparently your a spamming scrub.

    Online champions ftw
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    So I added some power to my Nina and I thought the hatemail was bad before...

    Deal no damage until you are in rage... and do death combos.

    My favorite is the simple: "Try Hard Faggot"
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    I never got mail ever before Tekken Revolution. Now it's a mix of "Good shit" and "gg you cunt"
  • |Galen||Galen| In iWS1 I trust! Joined: Posts: 230
    Neither of those are hate mail... I have always fished for hate mail though.

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    Subjective where are you playing from??
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    I send ggs to most good fights cause i try to foster a good relationship with good tekrev bros, however if you use Alisa/Lars/Law you wont hear a peep from me lol.

    Ok ill admit it I send hatemail to most Alisa players, even if i win, cant stand that bitch >:[
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    |Galen| wrote: »
    Subjective where are you playing from??
    Toronto. There's a great scene here for most games.
  • |Galen||Galen| In iWS1 I trust! Joined: Posts: 230
    Subjective wrote: »
    |Galen| wrote: »
    Subjective where are you playing from??
    Toronto. There's a great scene here for most games.

    Yeah, I've heard that. What's your PSN or XBL? Maybe we can get in some games.

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    This dood named "Nick-Basher" beat me barely and sent me three messages

    Message #1: douchebag ; )

    Message #2: "Funny thats what I said to ur mom"

    Message #3: "If I wanted my cum back id wipe it off ur lip"

    Message I sent him with my Vita
    "Not only are you immature but you have homosexual tendencies as well. Hmm..."

    He stopped replying after that
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